Friday, October 8, 2010


Red high waist American Apparel skirt, Gray DIY cropped t-shirt, Black GoJane lace-up combat boots, Silver F21 & courtesy of mom accessories.

Hi Lovelies! So today I actually entered the "Foundation of Style" contest by Purple Lab NYC in Chictopia.  Thought I'd share with you pieces I feel really are the foundation of my style. Here ya go ;):

My Foundation of Style has to definitely be the red lips I flaunt almost every day no matter what outfit I wear. I tend to wear not bright red lipstick, but a burgundy dark red. I feel it gives my whole look an edgy feel. And also, I don’t know if hair could be an accessory (lol), but I feel like my black hair and full bangs, is another part of my foundation of style. Along with that, I mostly wear belts to give my outfit a “fitted” and put-together look. And lastly for my Foundation, it would be my beloved rings — my hands always feel naked without them. I’m currently obsessed with rings haha. So overall, my personal style, although still developing, would be edgy meets girly, sophisticated, and eclectic.

A Purple Lab NYC item I would incorporate into my Foundation of Style is the “Huge Lips Skinny Hips” lip gloss plumper in “Red Sole,” because it not only complements my already signature style of wearing red lipstick, but also could add a new dimension by plumping my lips and creating a pretty & glam shine on top.

Also, on another note, today I actually did some shopping! Ah, so happy with my purchases! I visited the American Apparel in Berkeley, and bought two items: 

First, the same style of socks I got before (ruffles on top) but this time in black and nude.  And second, a new skirt! The chiffon waist skirt in tan -- the material is amazing. That's what I always love about AA, is that you can find amazing fabrics in all their clothing, that you could freely mix and match to make classy and chic looks.  Can't wait to share with you my new purchases :).

Thank you again lovelies for all your sweet comments! And also thank you soo much for all my new and past followers, I seriously appreciate you all so much, and once I hit 100 followers, I'm definitely going to do a giveaway!  :). Hope all your weekends are going well btw! Now I'm off to visit your wonderful blogs and be inspired by your tres chic outfits ;).

Love, KC.

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PS. I really need some opinions on my next purchase of oxfords, and was hoping to hear from you fashionable lovelies. So which ones do you think I should get or in your opinion looks better,
The black or gray?


Marie said...

Oh my gosh, I like your red skirt!!!:D

Happy to be following your blog and have a wonderful weekend!:D

***** Marie *****

kelsea said...

you are so beautiful. your blog is well on its way to success!

Rebecca Maureen said...

OK, I was so excited when I saw your comment but I have been so behind on blog reading I didn't get to reply right away even though when I saw it I was like "AHhh!". I am BEYOND excited that you are going to see Lauren Conrad. "LC Style" is pretty darn good so far. She's not my absolute favorite but I do like her a lot even if I didn't watch the Hills. And if you don't get a picture with her it will still be awesome to see her, but if you do get a picture (YEAH!!!!!). Can't wait for all the details KC!!!

Janise said...

Thanks for following back! I love your style and youre gorgeous!:D

Jess said...

the way you paired the crop top, belt and skirt is really cool

Whitney said...

we love your outfit! cute red skirt!

and we go to berkeley..seems like we go to the same school :)

Jennet said...

Ahh, love the outfit! Especially the boots ;D

Unknown said...

Really nice. The red skirt is lovely. x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous outfit love the red skirt with the crop top!!

KANI said...

perfect outfit! love the boots, always have a thing for laces

Margaret said...

you are stunning! i love the red especially
and definitely grey oxfords :)
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Hen said...

Love the outfit!
Grey oxfords in my opinion :)

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

I love your red skirt!! you look gorgeous in it! ;)

Grey :)
Check out our fashion illustrations at ! = )


Anonymous said...

KathleenCarla--I think I already commented on the gorgeous red skirt at Chictopia! Good luck with your contest entry.

I like the grey oxfords, I think.

BrooklynBlonde said...

Absolutely love your skirt and your lipstick! And i vote for black oxfords!

Amanda said...

you're gorgeous! such a great style!



SaffronHaze said...

I love the grey oxfords, but they're both lovely! =)

firefly in the summer noon said...

i love the black oxford coz' it looks so classy^^

Lil said...

i love your blog! you are one stylish girl
definitely following, want to trade links?

Anonymous said...

Grey and red is the best combo ever!!

Times Like Mine

Maddalena said...

Wauw, amazing outfit :D

augustalolita said...

wonderful outfit!! i love the crop top withe red skirt <3 and love your hair!!