Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fringe and platforms.

Black vintage floral fringe shawl, Light blue Urban Outfitters denim shorts, Rust Urban Outfitters floppy hat, Brown gifted Blowfish Garren heels.

This will probably be my typical outfit for the Summertime, but just wanted to wear it out on this pretty Spring day.  Excuse the photos I take near these purple flowers all the time, I just can't help how cute and pretty they are! lol.  I am in love with fringe right now (as you can tell :p), but I found this beautiful floral fringe shawl at the Alameda Vintage Faire I went to a few weeks ago -- instantly fell in love with it!  The little shop that sold this also sold a gorgeous pair of sunglasses originally from Paris!  Except sadly, they were $85 :(.  One day, I will visit Paris myself and get an even prettier pair for a very a reasonable price.
I love how this floppy hat is perfect for sunny days, definitely protects against the blinding sun.  And lastly, these Blowfish shoes I received in the mail a few days ago -- I AM IN LOVE.  They give me that extra height I love, but most importantly, they are ridiculously comfortable -- am preparing to sometime wear these on the hilly Berkeley campus ;P.
Right now, it is the last week of school, or last week of my junior year!  Time flies..sigh, I still remember high school graduation!  Wth, now just one more year I'll graduate.  And then pretty soon it'll be my high school reunion, and then I'll really realize how fast time has flown by right before my eyes.  
Aanyways, thought I'd share with you some interior design pics I've been collecting for some major inspiration to go all out (in a classy way lol) for me and my roomie's new apartment next year!  SO excited and caan't wait! :)
Also, exciting thing happening this week!  There's the BARE Magazine Launch Party of Issue 9!  Super excited to see the issue and everyone's hard work on all their photoshoots/writing/everything!  Will def try and take lots of pics ;).
I hope you lovelies are having an amazing week so far!  And thank you so so much beautifuls for all your blogger love!  Going to spread it back 'atcha by visiting your bloggies :).  Good Night lovelies!

<3, Kathleen.
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

In the spring sun.

Light green/pink/yellow gifted SuperTrash Dittany Dress & mint green bracelet, Tan thrifted straw boater hat, Brown thrifted belt, Silver ebay & Crossroads accessories, Light grey Jeffrey Cambell suede Foxy heels.

Hi Beautifuls!  Decided to do a mini-photoshoot this weekendwith my "photographer-made" boyfriend (he's super sweet to always take my outfit photos) :).  It was so bright and sunny aand beautiful outside, couldn't resist visiting our local beach and just lounging around in the wind and warm sun.  I frolicked around in the Spring sun in the seriously most beautiful dress I own, the Dittany dress from their spring collection, a contemporary line called SuperTrash.  I fell in love with the gorgeous watercolor-like design and the soft ruffles cascading down the dress.  Excuse me as I live in this dress for the rest of Spring :).
Decided to pair it off with my straw boater hat (reminiscent of the 50s) and various turquiose/silver accessories, along with my comfy (yes comfy for 5 inch heels lol) JC Foxys :), and belted it at the waist (my usual go-to accessory).

This weekend was pretty eventful as I attended a SF Bay Area blogger meetup on Saturday and met up with so many lovely bloggers!  Pictures of the event, links to their amazing blogs, and details to come on what happened that day :).  Afterwards, attended my boyfriend's cousin's baby shower, it was cute seeing all pink everywhere.  The desserts were delish and the games were pretty funny aand fun! :)
So, my new job as a Merchandiser at Chloe + Isabel is just starting and I wanted to ask my readers from the Bay Area (I wish I could ask everyone this who were international/out-of-state too!)....
Would anyone be interested in hosting a Trunk Show anytime soon? (it would be a little get-together to socialize/shop with your girlfriends, acquaintances, anyone who LOVES jewelry), and in the process of hosting one, you'll being able to get FREE JEWELRY!
Definitely let me know if you're interested in booking a trunk show via email (kcmurillo1990@gmail.com) and I'll be the one helping you organize, plan, and make it happen! And of course, I'd meet you for the first time!  I'm planning to dedicate a blog post (w/ lots of pics) of the trunk show you'd run with us too! :)
To see a sneak peek preview of the jewelry line, visit (and hopefully like?) :) their facebook page!
I hope you lovelies are doing well! and you had a happy easter!!  Definitely thank you so much again for all your comments and to past and newest followers and friends in the blogosphere!  I hope you all will have an amazing week ahead and keep inspiring with your gorgeous looks!
PS. Look out for a long-awaited Youtube vid coming soon this week! :)

<3, Kathleen.
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photo overload.

haha this was an outtake, but thought it was funny how sometimes it's so hard for my bf to catch a pic of me walking :p.
 Tan H&M crochet sweater, Brown thrifted belt, Navy blue asymmetrical Sway skirt, Brown H&M fringe bag, Silver/turquoise Crossroads and Forever 21 rings, Dark brown Qupid wedge boots.

Morning Beautifuls!!  Since I haven't updated a lot this week, prepare for a big post of picturesss! :)  My outfit above just wearing everything I feel comfortable in, my essential belt, crochet sweater, comfy wedge boots, and of course, my go-to fringe bag, and to add something diff my high/low hem skirt.

Enjoy the photos below of my past weekend(s)! :)

Paul Mitchell Fashion Fantasy Show - 04/17
For last weekend, I was a model for the Paul Mitchell Fashion Show, the stylist students there had a theme of "Fashion Fantasy," where they had to interpret it their own way.  One of the students allowed me to come up with my own idea and style my own look (which I was SO excited for!).  So I chose something I've always wanted to do -- An Ice Princess theme.  I LOOVE glitterr and sparkly things! haha
Loraine Laurente, a counselor and part-time student there, did my beyond aamazing makeup.  The wildest I've ever had but the most detailed and pretty work on my eyes!
My hair was also done by another student, Claire Mayo, who is such a sweetheart.  She poofed up my hair and made is soft/wavy yet big and fierce :).
The middle one is when I was practicing a run-through for walking down the runway with my regular clothes.  First and last ones, of course were during the fashion show in my own DIY dress!! (I bought the dress from Goodwill, but glued on all the little crystals all over the bodice and flowed it down to the bottom of the skirt).  Paired the look with a vintage fur coat and grey suede Jeffrey Campbells.
And then after the show we all got to take photos with family and friends.  My boyfriend's to the left and my beautiful mommy is to the right.
Loraine Laurente for makeup! :)
Her other model was dressed as a peacock theme, Alyssa and then the lovely hairstylist to the right, Claire.
Alameda Vintage Faire - 04/16
Last Saturday, I also went out w/ one of my good girlfriends, Kaitlin (she is such a stylish girl forreals tho! check out her tumblr !) ;).  And we found aamazing pieces in that faire for such great deals, she found a vintage fur coat for only THIRTY dollars!!  Afterwards we ate our fave Cheeseboard in Berkeley :).
Blogger Meet-Up in SF - 04/23
Just yesterday, hung out with the beautiful and super sweet Nat of La Vagabond Dame.  Shopped at H&M, Sephora, Zara then ate at a local cute diner.  Was so funny and cute tho that we both, being true bloggers out in the city, had our huge cameras on hand with us.  Lets hang out around where you live girly, love ya Nat! <3

And now I'm off to a blogger meet up in SF (with lots from the bay area!).  I hope you lovelies are starting off to a wonderful weekend!!  Thank you so much again beautifuls for all your support on my blog, really now, your comments just make my day!  Tonight will be off to browse all your lovely blogs! <3
PS. I really really am going to make it a point to update my Youtube with a video this weekend!!  Stay tuned loves, including more exciting posts!!! :)
<3, Kathleen.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cape studs.

Brown Ralph Lauren blouse, Light grey gifted Volcom cape cardigan, Brown thrifted belt, Black Topshop stud shorts, Black thrifted straw boater hat, Light brown Forever 21 suede wedges.

Hi Beautifuls!  I firstly just want to really apologize for my long absence :(, it was mainly due to a busy weekend with my little brother's girlfriend's cotillion Saturday and my Paul Mitchell Fashion Show on Sunday.  But I hope you lovelies are doing well!  Definitely have a lot to catch up on aand omg very excited for what is to come for my blog and to share with you through future blog posts!! :)
Wearing here my new gifted Volcom cape cardigan, I seriously love the soft feel of the fabric (as odd as it may sound, yes sometimes I do pet the fabrics of my clothes, lol -- esp fur coats!!)  I love also how draped it is along with how it perfectly falls in all the right places around my arms, eek I LOVE it, cardigans are a must in my closet.  Decided to style it proportionally -- having a long cardigan, wanted to wear something short underneath, so paired it with one of my unique and fave stud shorts from Topshop.  This Ralph Lauren blouse is def a designer piece I'm most proud of thrifting :).

Along with many other things going on in my life..there is only ONE month left of my Junior year at Cal!; my little brother (well not so little he really is like 5'8 almost 5'9, towers over me), he will be graduating from high school in June; my boyfriend will be graduating from Cal in May! (so close!); I'm starting out my new job with chloe + isabel officially this month after my job training in SF; andd I'm getting an apartment with my future roomie next year in Berk! (which I am so excited to start decorating with pretty Ikea furniture) ;).
Whew, sorry that was a mouth-full.  But a lot of new steps in my "adult" life are happening at the moment :p.
Can't wait to catch up on all your amazing blogs lovelies!!  Definitely have missed them, and hope you all have a lovely week to come! Thank you sooo much again for all the support for my blog.
PS. Paul Mitchell Fashion Show photos are to come soon! :)
And also, sooo beyond excited of being the giveaway winner at Diana Kang's blog for her Chanel vintage purse!! :)

<3, Kathleen.
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