Saturday, November 27, 2010

A coat's winter warmth.

Camel Merona coat, Brown H&M wool shorts, Pink H&M floral top, Tan Bakers clog boots.

My whole outfit is practically everything I bought yesterday from Black Friday shopping!  I had a blast, if you were to ask me my most favorite sport, hm I'd probably say - Shopping! haha. Brought along my boyfriend, we ended up staying at the mall five whole hours, but sadly I got Black Friday left overs due to having work yesterday til 5pm.  Oh well, I was content :). I bought this coat actually from Target! It was an amazing price for a Zara-like coat - 60$, I loove thrifty finds.  And visited H&M, got me new high-waisted wool shorts - perfect material for winter cold days.  The floral shirt I got from H&M a long time ago, it is one of my go-to shirts.

And lastly, the clog boots! I've on a serious hunt, looking all over online, and finally found the perfect ones actually in Bakers!  And omg, guess what, they were on sale! Haha, excuse my excitement. It was 30$ and used to be 100$. I bought it immediately, especially when they still had my size.  

Wanted to give a shout out to the amazingly stylish Monica from Freesia blog who passed along the "Stylish Blogger Award." Thank you so much girly, I really appreciate it. And now, onto passing the style torch ;), aand the rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award - Thank you again Monica! :).

2. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
#1 - I am a obsessed with red velvet. I am truly addicted ever since I tried red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. :)
#2 - I used to have a Chihuahua puppy and named her "Berkeley," after my favorite city of course haha.
#3 - I am the fastest walker ever, well that's what my Dad said, he said he has to jog next to me when we walk lol.
#4 - I am the oldest with three younger brothers I love dearly. They are getting taller each year, stop growing! lol
#5 - I am a complete movie buff. My favorite genre is romantic comedies. My #1 romantic comedy movie would have to be "50 First Dates," I love Drew and Adam together, so cute.
#6 - My dream one day, hopefully in two years for study abroad, is to travel to Paris and practice my french I've learned in high school all four years but forgot haha.
#7 - My boyfriend and mine's last names rhyme - "Murillo & Carillo," and I plan to hyphenate my last name once I get married...I'd probably laugh (in my head) when someone addresses me by my last name lol.

3. Pay it forward to 7 bloggers you adore and contact them to let them know they've been chosen.

Lastly want to say, thank you so much for all new followers and visitors of my blog - you all are truly so sweet and I'm so thankful for all your support.  Keep inspiring beautifuls.

<3, Kathleen.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shearling & knit.

Black H&M shearling boots, Tan F21 Knit cardigan, Black H&M hat, Blue F21 skirt, Black Urban Outfitters socks, Navy blue thrifted belt.

Traveled to the city yesterday despite the drab cold weather, and found these loovely shearling boots at H&M.  They were the last size 7! So happy especially for the price.  Sadly anything Lanvin disappeared.  But just happy I got to see all the red and green around SF -- it's always beautiful when Christmas is coming.  Also, wearing my knit F21 cardigan, it's my fav especially for these colder days.

Visited Zara too yesterday, tried on the camel cape coat and sadly it was unflattering :(.  I need to find one that is shorter and smaller.  I'm going on a hunt to desperately search for one that suits me well. :p.

And to everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving! :)  Eat up, have some laughs with family, and steal that last slice of pumpkin pie ;).

Also, as an update, was contacted by the lovely and stylish girls from ProjectINVOGUE Blog, an internship program for an online vintage store, and did a mini-interview with them.  Def check out their blog, it's super cute :).

<3, Kathleen Carla (KC).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Full skirts.

Teal American Apparel skirt, Black vintage blazer, Black F21 oxford boots, Navy thrifted belt.

As you can tell, I tend to wear a lot of skirts - high-waisted, but I'm loving how much diversity there is with skirts - they can be long, super short, short, full, get the idea haha.  But I found this skirt at Crossroads for such a good deal, esp for American Apparel.  

Just heard on the radio station, this week will be the coldest ever for Bay Area weather.  Def need to wear an outfit with multiple layers, time to bring out my trusty jeans.  I'm really loving this site - Anarchy Street - found it from one of my go-to fashion blogs :), Aimee of Song of Style.  This online fashion store has such great pieces!  Not to mention for reasonable prices :).  I'm just so sad tho that most of them are sold out :(.  These slashed black skinny jeans, along with these shearling lace ankle boots are to die for.  Please get restocked! :p

Image of Slashed Black Skinny Image of Shearling Lace Up Ankle Boots in Tan
And will leave you with what I saw going down the freeway - a beautiful sunset.  I tend to always take pictures of scenery esp when I think it's a beautiful sight, sunsets, sunrises, and much more - I feel like I should capture it before it goes away.

Until then, keep warm, stay stylish and keep inspiring. <3

Love, KC.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cozy sweaters and fur.

Gray H&M Sweater, Tan American Apparel skirt, Black Urban Outfitters knee-high socks, White Crossroads faux fur bag, Black Jeffrey Campbell oxford wedges.

Hello again lovelies!  Today is a super cold day, clearly showing that winter is upon us.  Wearing my new H&M sweater, oddly enough, I used to own no sweaters!  I love my UO socks, they keep me warm and are perfect for winter!  And of course, had to share with you my new find from the Divas at the Diva event!  Found this beautiful faux fur bag, it was so cute - it even has a little locket key chain with a little key!

Also, I'm currently selling these Jeffrey Campbell wedges (US Size 6), if anyone is interested, please let me know, am still looking for a lucky buyer ;). Email me at:  We can negotiate prices forsure :).  Right now, selling it at 60$ + shipping for international, and 70$ + shipping for domestic.

Wanted to give a shout out to my fellow lovely fashion blogger Monica from Freesia blog - she's doing an amazing contest and will do a custom widget or header for you!  She did my twitter widget, so cute with a faux fur hat plus JC shoes :).  Def check it out!

And from your gracious fashionable opinions ;), I'm really thinking of investing in the Zara Check Print Cape! Can't wait for Christmas money now! haha.
Alrighty, off to doing my last two papers and then THANKSGIVING food! and then finals :(, but to end it with a happy note, Winter break is coming soon :).

Love, KC.

PS. Went to the Big Game yesterday, sadly Cal lost :(, but oh wells, I have faith in the bears next year against StanfUrd :p.  Memorial stadium was bleeding blue and gold, beautiful sight.
Yay for gameday spirit!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Studious fashion.

White thrifted floral top, Tan American Apparel pants, Gray F21 Cardigan, Black F21 Boots.

My kind of break I've been craving for a while now -- sipping on soy white mocha while reading my favorite magazines.  In particular, I was so excited to read the UK Elle magazine with Alexa Chung on it, she's such a style inspiration.  Today, ate out with the boyfriend after work at California Pizza Kitchen in Emeryville and enjoyed our nice Barnes and Noble visit.  Happy Friday lovelies!  Tomorrow, onto sitting in the rain watching the Big Game: Cal vs. Stanfurd :p, go Bears! :)

Love, KC.

PS. Also am really loving lately how cape coats look lovely on everyone.  Hope I can find the right one that suits me well.  Am on a hunt! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Divas at the Diva.

The items from the goody bags! :)

Delicious aand cute appetizers.

Tons of amazing clothes on a lot of racks - all great deals.

My best friend and I, she's so sweet for coming with me :).

Glimpse of my outfit that night, wearing my faav wedges :).

After we decided to visit the Aldo shoe store haha.

Soo promised you pictures from the event I went to in SF hosted by Chictopia and Crossroads! "Divas at the Diva" :). When we arrived at the Diva Hotel and entered a private room, received goody bags filled with a Crossroads calendar, reusable shopping bag, jewelry, and candy.  There were so many good appetizers!  Wish I ate some of the cookies they had haha, but we ate a lot of Lindt chocolate lol and sipped on strawberry lemonade,  yum.  To the left was like 5 racks of clothes!  And there was such great deals! I found this nice almost tweed-like dress, a big leather bag (good for school!), and the most gorgeous fur purse! (haha, yes my love for fur continues :p).  I wish I got to meet you all -- i'm super bad with faces :(, I didn't recognize anyone really (or I may have been slow), but everyone looked stylish last night!  Ooh, but I did see Liz from Late Afternoon!  Yes, I was starstruck so I didn't have the courage to say "Hi" haha.  Also, apologize for some blurry pictures, didn't want to turn on my flash and scare everyone haha.

Anyways, had a wonderful time, never knew one could mix food and clothes together haha -- such a great idea! Def coming again next year :).  Officially my first fashion blogger event in the books! I seriously cannot wait to go to more! :). 

Onto more updates!  Just received an email few days ago about being featured in MTV Style: Top Style Blogger Looks Of The Week!  I was so speechless, thank you so much Emily! the wonderful producer of MTV Style :).

And really want to thank you all once again for the support and love everyday.  I really cherish and am grateful for it.  Keep inspiring and looking amazingly stylish.  Good night lovelies!

Love, KC.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Forever fur.

Brown faux fur hat, Light brown Crossroads Top, Black thrifted vest, Black thrifted pants, Target oxford shoes, Brown H&M bag.

Hello lovelies.

Quick outfit post. Wanted to show you my new faux fur hat I bought yesterday! It has knit details all around then fur on front. Can’t wait to sport it more when winter comes! :)  Anyways, am going to the "Divas at the Diva" event hosted by Chictopia and Crossroads today at SF! Can't wait! And will def take pictures for a memory keepsake :).

Until next time, Good morning beautifuls! :)
Love, KC.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My favorite trend.

Gray F21 Maxi skirt, Silver Vintage blouse, Navy blue thrifted belt, Tan F21 boots, Brown thrifted bag.

Maxi long length skirts -- my favorite trend to date.  Not only do they keep you warm, they also make me feel and look taller, esp when paired with high heels.  Got this maxi skirt from F21 and it fit me like a glove when I tried it on - it was the right length! which is rare for maxi skirts.  Along with this, bought new vintage-like boots from f21! I was in need of some brown in my shoe collection, finally got to add some from the color wheel :). Then paired everything with the infamous belt, and a vintage blouse. Wore a blazer with this earlier, but of course being unpredictable Cali weather, it got warmer!  

As you can tell if you've visited Berkeley, am in front of what is called the "Asian Ghetto," to most Cal students, but really now lets call it by its REAL name -- "Durant Food Court." lol. Surprisingly first time eating at Gypsy's, an Italian restaurant, with the boyfriend today.  It was good! Def coming back to try the Salmon Alfredo! yumm :).

Finally am done with ALL my midterms, NOW onto two papers due in two weeks, and then FINALS!! and then CHRISTMAS BREAK! Sorry for the over-use of capital letters, but only way to show my mix of emotions right now lol.

Also! Wanted to share with you, this week I am attending an event hosted by Chictopia and Crossroads!! It's called "Divas at the Diva," and it will be held in San Francisco Union Square on Wednesday, 6-8:30PM @ the Hotel Diva on Geary St.  If you are in the area, definitely recommend going!! There will be exclusive merchandise from Crossroads aand even appetizers/cocktails while you shop!  Hope you lovelies can make it to this :), would really loove to meet you all in person :).

black crossroads accessories
Also, I'm currently selling my Jeffrey Campbell Oxford wedges!  Talked about them in the previous post (under this one) with pictures too :).  If you're interested def feel free to leave a comment or email me via

Until next time lovelies, keep inspiring with your super stylish and gorgeous looks.
Love, KC.

PS. UCB Campus looked SO beautiful tonight -- Campanile was lit blue and Sather Gate was covered in blue/gold lights! Made me all sentimental about Christmas coming! can't wait :).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

These boots are made for walkin'.

From top - left to right:  Jeffrey Campbell Solvang, Threadsence Military Boot, Threadsence Distressed Camel boots, Sam Edelman Zoyla.
Jeffrey Campbell: Areas, Brisbane, XIT, Tick, & NYLA Sully.

As you can tell, I'm really craving a new pair of shoes once again.  Having this shoe obsession is keeping me up right now lol.  I really need to invest in a good pair of boots!  Hence the boots galore up there and my ultra love for JC's!  Time to save up my money once again for filling this void of eagerness for the infamous boot.

Until next time lovelies.
Love, KC.

PS. Speaking of shoes!  Am currently selling my Jeffrey Campbell Oxford Wedges (Size US 6) - and am giving you lovelies first dibs! Let me know if you're interested & want more details leave a comment or email: :)

They are from the previous post "Shoe Candy":
white vintage dress - black Jeffrey Campbell shoes - black asos tights - brown t

white vintage dress - black Jeffrey Campbell shoes - black asos tights - brown t