Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shoe candy.

Finally, wearing an outfit w/ my NEW JC's! 

Black/beige Jeffrey Campbell backstage wedges, White vintage lace dress, Brown thrifted belt, Black ASOS sheer heart tights.

Hello Lovelies!! So, this is my entry for the Chictopia Nine West Stylish Sole contest.  To me, what makes a person a "stylish sole" is someone who firstly can be open to new things and be inspired by many in order to enhance or develop their own personal style. A stylish sole also conveys a beautiful confidence in whatever outfit they choose to strut in.

I truly feel my own style is eclectic, but this outfit has things I tend to gravitate to -- vintage/thrifted with the belt and dress, girly & romantic with the lace, pearls, and heart tights yet edgy & urban with the wedges and rocker-esque accessories.

In all realness, being a part of the Chictopia community has helped me in amazing ways to develop a style I feel confident and inspired in.  
Inspiration and confidence, a stylish sole.

<3, KC.


Analisa said...

Your outfit is sooo beautiful! I want to steal that lace dress haha

Anonymous said...

What fantastic shoes! Your tease yesterday...brought me back.

Oh, I have awarded you a "blogger" award. Might look like small potatoes next to some of the attention you've been getting lately, but if you're interested you might want to check out my Sunday blog.

Rebecca Maureen said...

This isn't just shoes candy (beautiful by the way), it's dress candy, accessories candy and tights candy!! Love it and waiting excitedly for what the Forrest Gump outfit will be!

Kathleen said...

@Ann, aw thank you girl! haha it was such a great vintage find :).
@Terri, omg thank you!! aw and of course it isnt small, ANY recognition is amazing in my book. Really appreciate it Terri, thanks :).
@Rebecca, Aww thanks girly! hehe, i love comparing fashion to food ;), esp the sweets lol.

Claudia Ayuso said...

i loove it!

Kathleen said...

Thank you girly!! :)

Claudia Ayuso said...

thank you so much :)

Dylana Suarez said...

You look amazing! I love your dress!

Just came across your blog!

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

i like your shoes! your page is amazing=)

Jess ♡ said...

Oh my god. Can I steal this entire outfit from you? Holy cow this is basically all sorts of awesome. You indeed are a stylish sole <3 :) xo

Becky Jean said...

Thanks for your comment :) Tights are so cute, I have been after a pair for a while! ASOS... RIGHT ill have to get some :)
I absolutely agree with your definition of style. Best of luck xo

Jennifer Romero said...

I really love this outfit!!
Firstly, the garter-simulation tights are awesome!
Secondly, I love the lace dress!!
Thirdly, those shoes are amazing!!!

Unknown said...

Yes! Thank you, that made me so happy, and i was so flattered seeing how your SO pretty!

Thats exciting you have a blog, i had no idea! And i feel lucky since i can tell your easily going to be a famous blogger. <3 haha I'm so happy to follow, i love all of the outtfits so much!

Kathleen said...

@Dylana, aw thank you so much! will check out your blog ;).
@Dear girl, youre super sweet! checking your blog too lovely.
@Jess, aw thx again, always enjoy reading ur lovely comments hehe.
@Becky Jean, always happy to help out my fashionable friends ;).
@Jennifer, aw you're soo nice, have more blogs to check out esp urs! <3
@Aubrey, aww thanks! im so flattered now hehe. thx! im going to try and update as much as i can :).

xxyy said...

that`s such a beautiful dress dear and the shoes are amazing. Good luck on your contest!xx