Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty bruise.

Purple thrifted dress, Black H&M hat, Black unknown cardigan, Black papaya belt, Black Wet Seal wedges.

Color combination of purple and black, always reminds me of a bruise, but I guess in this case, I'll call my look a beautiful bruise. :). Gives off a bohemian vibe and flare, along with being truly inspired by Nicole Richie's boho style. I'm seriously loving pairing long flowy skirts or dresses with long cardigans. I always feel so much taller with all the "longness" of each clothing item. The shoes are what I really am loving, I bought them this past summer in Wet Seal and they were only TEN DOLLARS, I know I was extremely yet happily surprised and they actually had my size! which tends to run out quickly if on sale, size 6.

I also found out I now have a Wikifashion page! created by the super sweet Lola, thank you so much girl, seriously made me so happy :). Visit this site if you haven't yet, very inspiring :). And also have been seriously addicted to Polyvore, once I make a "set" I'll post the link to my profile. Ah it really sparks and develops my interest in styling, something I kind of thinking of possibly getting into as a past-time job/hobby in the future.
<3 KC.


Anonymous said...

you've given me an idea...

Rebecca Maureen said...

Really great and I just love your hair!!

Kathleen said...

@Terri, ooh happy to inspire hehe.
@Rebecca, aw thanks so much! youre too sweet <3