Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring's Enchantment.

Topshop, Urban Outfitters, YSL, Chloe.

Hi Lovelies! Just wanted to share with you what I'm excited to see for Spring coming up.  Yes, as you may have noticed, I'm trying to stray away from winter's cold and get reacquainted with the beauty (and not to mention warmth) of Spring as seen from wearing less jackets, scarves, etc. in spite of it still being cold outside.

So, one thing I haven't shared with you yet is a favorite designer of mine.  I am in love firstly with Erin Fetherston's designs, but also am at the moment craving anything ChloĆ©.  The designs are whimsically romantic and beautiful and I see the Spring 2011 Collection my ideal vision for Spring.  Here are a few pieces I love.
Firstly the color combinations are sweet and delicate -- light and neutral shades of brown, pinks, whites.  Another interesting color I'm loving for Spring is teal or mint green and of course, I love dusty rose :).

In addition, here are just a few more other photos I've been adoring for Spring coming and have posted on my Tumblr.

Hope your weekends went well! And enjoy the week ahead, let me know of anything exciting coming your way too!  Speaking of exciting, I'm crossing my fingers I get into BARE Magazine, a student-run fashion magazine at UCB.  Ooh and I didn't get a chance to tell you about the BARE general meeting last week!  I got a chance to meet my fellow Berkeley fashion bloggers: Anisa of The Laugh Slut, Deanna of A California Dreamer, and Sherrie of Closet Hound.  They're oh so pretty and sweet in-person :).  Fashion blogger meet-up should be in the works soon! ;).
Have a fantabulous week lovelies!  And thank you again for the support on my Youtube Channel :).

<3, Kathleen.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thrifted Loves: Vlog Post #2.

Tan Goodwill crochet & scallop design top, Black Forever 21 leather shorts, Tawny Goodwill saddle bag, Tan Forever 21 suede wedges.

Hi there lovelies!  Soo I've been working extra hard to try and finish another vlog post for all of you :), and I juuust finished it as of right now haha, really though -- I give major props to those who regularly do youtube videos, it's a lot of hard work.  But, all the hard work is all worth it because it's for you, my readers :).  I put together a vlog post showing you pieces that currently are my faavorite finds from thrifting, and also am sharing with you my top three favorite thrift stores I visit regularly.

I hope you enjoy this vlog post, out of many more to come! :)  And I hope your week went well and your weekend-to-come will be relaxing, and of course fun :).  This weekend, I'm planning on buying eyeglasses (which I lost recently & now really need btw, because I can barely see the board from the back of the classroom haha), I'm thinking of buying cheap ones from Costco, as I've heard it's the best deal :).  Ooh, and not to mention, I'll eat up all their food samples walking down the aisles forsure :).

Also!  I wanted to share with you a wonderful upcoming online fashion clothing store,, which offers trendy and high quality items for great discounts.  Some pieces I love are the Sweetheart Lace Top Urban Behavior and Mini Cross Bag Flying Tomato. They've recently contacted me, and I'd love to share with you my readers a great offer -- 20% off on any purchase from now until Feb. 3 at 11:59pm CST.  Simply enter: 20grand at checkout!  Happy shopping again girls! :)

And until next time lovelies, keep inspiring with you beeautiful looks/outfits I've been admiring while browsing daily your blogs :).
<3, Kathleen.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pre-V Day: Clothing Review

Rich cream/black eShakti heart cutout mock two piece dress, Navy thrifted belt, Black GoJane lace-up boots.

This is Inspirafashion's first clothing review!  Upon receiving an email from, a unique online women's apparel store, to review one of their items, I was very excited especially after browsing through their beautiful selection of clothing.  Arriving at the site, the first line of words that stood out and stuck to me was "One size does not fit all and all sizes are not created equal. For too long women have been forced to conform to standard sizing that too often doesn’t fit properly."  That exactly is what eShakti stands for -- creating clothing for women of every shape and size who then can freely express their love for fashion.  
I was able to pick out any item off their online apparel store to review, and the first item that caught my eye was the Heart cutout mock two piece dress.  It's even perfect for Valentine's Day coming up! :).  Their description of the item was very detailed, which really helped to know what kind of fabric, length, size, and even the way it was made.  
What drew me to the dress was the sweet cutout heart on top and the full length skirt on the bottom -- with the lovely ribbon details surrounding the edges.  Even more so, it's beauty factor jumped another level with the polka dots on the top part of the dress.  
Another detail I adored were the on-seam pockets!  Always a bonus for dresses -- where when you're out, you can simply place your little necessities, like a wallet or keys, in the very pockets of your dress.

The cotton fabric material of the dress is definitely of great quality.  The way the dress was made, was a perfect fit!  I went through the process of getting it custom-made on their website and it was really easy to complete.  All I had to do was click on the custom-size button and choose on the drop-down menus of my body measurements in inches, such as "shoulder, bust, chest, etc." 

When I had trouble figuring out what they meant by each body measurement, they had a "How to Measure?" button conveniently on the side which showed, with measuring tape, how to measure each body part.

Along with custom-sizing, they also have the option of custom-styling!  I actually really loved how the dress was put together to-begin-with on their site, but if you wanted to, you can custom-style your clothing item to add sleeves or even to lengthen or shorten the length of the dress.

Overall, I really recommend you lovelies to visit eShakti and try it out for yourself!  Click here to visit eShakti!  They have a deal where the first time you buy an item, you can have free custom-fitting/styling!  In addition, for custom-fitting/styling, it only takes 3 business days to ship and 7-8 business days to deliver, which is amazing for something intricately made just for you.  Happy shopping lovelies! And hope you're having an amazing week so far. :)

<3, Kathleen.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Basically minimal.

Gray DIY cropped top, Navy American Apparel skirt, Brown thrifted belt, Tawny Jeffrey Campbell Snick Wedges <3.

I've toyed with the concept of minimalism for a while now, in my mind, but now, I've made it my fashion reality.  This look basically, no pun intended lol, sums up what I feel minimalism means to me.  I of course thought of American Apparel, their basics and key pieces are so versatile that just the shape, form, and beautiful colors can create a lovely silhouette for any outfit.  I'm wearing my DIY cropped shirt and AA blue skirt.  And in addition, the point of creating this outfit as minimalistic as possible, was so that I could show you my wonderful thrift-find!!  

I found them at Crossroads in Berkeley :).  And I haven't told you lovelies yet about the Impress For Less Contest by Crossroads/Chictopia..I was one of the winners! The style-profile will be up soon on their website :).  I've kept it a secret/on the hush-side for a while now haha, but I guess I should share the great news! :)  Soo, I've used about half of my $100 gift certificate towards these epic gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell Snick Wedges.  They said "Size 8" when I saw them from afar on the shelves, but I decided to just try my luck & try them on.  Luckily, they fit!  Just like a Size 7 & I couldn't be any more happy :).

Onto more exciting news!  Found out just yesterday, I was featured on Forever 21 The Skinny Blog on a fashion face-off alongside the beautiful Dylana of Nana in Wonderland, so far I believe she's winning the round, but I don't mind, at least I'm lucky to be compared to her :p.  Check it out here!

Ooh and today, visited what's known on our campus as "Calapalooza," where you can find out about the hundreds (ok maybe i'm over exaggerating that number lol) of student organizations on campus by visiting their tables and such.  A friend and I visited the BARE magazine specifically, I can't wait to join!!  I'm going to the general meeting next week, and will def tell you all about it :), ooh and maybe take pics too! 

Also, an update -- Meeting with the Trendy Rose Team this weekend to start the planning process of the Spring Lookbook Photoshoot I'll be styling/modeling in!  Among other projects I'll help with.  I can't wait! :) & Def recommend following this website, it will keep you up-to-date on anything fashion-forward <3.

And I just want to say a big thank you to all the past and new followers, friends, and readers of Inspirafashion.  Your support is unbelievably amazing, and I'm so proud to say I get to know you a bit more each day by supporting and browsing your lovely blogs.

<3, Kathleen.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dusty Rose.

Dusty Rose H&M blazer, Gray Forever 21 basic top, Light gray Urban Outfitters shorts, Navy thrifted belt, Gray thrifted bow flats.

Whoever came up with the color-name of Dusty Rose -- I praise is exactly what I picture whenever I see this color.  A dusty rose, I think of browns mixed with pinks.  Definitely has to be one of my favorite colors I'm anticipating for Spring!  Along with that, of course, all the soft romantic colors I'm gravitating towards.  I guess you can say, this post is a lot about how I looove love (as much as I love textures in fashion) COLOR.

And onto my day, sadly school started :(.  I have all my classes late in the day, which is great because I get to sleep in, BUT unfortunately they are right after lunch when I have a big food coma, as in I get super super sleepy/tired during lecture.  Baad decision on my part lol.  If you ever take morning classes, see it as being lucky :).

I'm sorry lovelies for the brief absence, but just want to tell you that since I'll be coming home late often from class, I have to rush and take photos so quickly haha.  BUT there is hope, once day light savings time hits, there will finally be more light! :)  I love how ever since I've created a blog, I'm now paying more attention to weather and where the sunlight is.  Makes me aware of the wonders of nature.

Until then, I hope you lovelies are doing good.  Everyday my kind of break is to sit down and browse through all your amazing inspiring blogs.

<3, Kathleen.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Video Blog Post! & Giveaway Winners!

Just a note: Since I couldn't change the default play-back settings, If you have a slow connection, I suggest changing the resolution to 360p for no lag :).
I hope you enjoyed my first ever video blog post, it was truthfully really nerve-wracking putting it together as throughout it all, you, my readers, were in the back of my mind most of the time I was filming.  I really hope you like it!  To me, as I bet with so many others, my voice sounds so strange when I hear myself talking.
Anyways :), would love to also hear your feedback if you like it, if I should continue doing these (of course in addition to my outfit posts), and any other ideas you have about future videos for me to do. :)

Onto the Shop Inspirafashion's Closet Giveaway Winners!!  The beautiful Harriet of City of Bugs won the red and silver bird chain necklace!  And the lovely Kileen of Cute & Little won the pink quilted purse!  They're on there way to both of you right now, congrats lovelies!! :)

I hope you all had an amazing weekend so far.  Sadly my one-month long winter break is coming to an end :( and school will be back in session for me next Tuesday.  Mainly that was the reason why I wanted to put up this first vlog post, since I didn't think I'd have that much time to do one during the first week of school.  

Anyways, onto happier things, I'm taking my boyfriend out to the Supernatural TV Show Convention in San Francisco tomorrow!  Which was his Christmas present from me :).  It's his all-time fave TV show, as well as mine (he got me into it lol), and so bringing him there!  I can't wait to see the stars of the show, did I mention they're really really cute? haha.

Have a wonderful night lovelies. And thank you once again for everything, if I could, I'd take all of you out for a full day of shopping and starbucks at the end :).  Until then, I'll continue to support you here on the blogosphere :), keep inspiring beautifuls :).

<3, Kathleen.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dreamy sheer.

Black Anarchy Street sheer blouse cape, Navy blue Forever 21 pencil skirt, Tan Forever 21 suede wedges, Black H&M satchel.

Chiffon and sheer gooodness.  This blouse cape from Anarchy Street, yet adding another one to my collection, has to be the most amazing piece I have in my wardrobe.  Of first sight of it, I just neeeded or more of yearned to buy it.  It is short in the front and long in the back, with a feminine sweet touch to the back -- lace detail reminiscent of my H&M one, except with openings on the sides.  Sorry beautifuls, I fell in love with this piece, and so you now hear me rambling on about how pretty it is :).

I'm happy you liked my previous post on the photography spread I found browsing for inspiration, isn't it amazing?  I always love those kind of shots, really though, if I had a heaven, I would definitely want it to look like that.  
I've also asked in the previous post about a future video blog post, please leave a comment with any ideas/thoughts you want me to cover :), or even any questions you may have for me! :)  Truthfully, like every new blogger to video posting, I'm scared of your reactions to my small voice lol.  Seriously though, I sound like a little girl still haha. Aaanyways, let me know what you want to see :).

And onto exciting things!  I've recently been tagged to do this brilliant-of-an-idea project! - Pay It Forward 2011 by the stylish Nnenna of Star-Crossed Smile. See below for details.
So excited to get back into art again (haven't been doing so much ever since college started). So I'm thinking of doing something artsy for the first five loovely readers who comment on this post :).  If you want to participate, just leave a comment with your email address in which I will contact you shortly thereafter.  Also, to of course pay it forward, you need to re-blog this project as well :).

Keep inspiring beautifuls, I'm in the process of returning all your sweetest comments, and thank you to all past and new followers of my blog!

PS. Feel free to follow me on my new tumblr!

<3, Kathleen.

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Just in: UPDATE on the Pay It Forward 2011 project!
The 5 oh so lovely Readers receiving a handmade art project from me :)..
1) Deanna of A California Dreamer
2) Sriya of Lipgloss and Leopard Print
3) Natalie of Natalie Off Duty
4) Tiffany of Little Blonde Muse
5) And a tie, because I wasn't too sure of the rules if the person who paid it forward to me, can also be a part of the pay it forward project again? haha. It's okay though, the more the merrier! :)
5a) Nenna of Star Crossed Smile
5b) Brittany of Itty Bitty Bomb