Friday, June 24, 2011

Ripped distressed tie-dyed candy.

Bronze thrifted Goodwill crochet top, Brown thrifted belt, Dark red thrifted Wasteland tie-dye distressed shorts, Ivory vintage Chanel purse, Thrifted rings/necklaces/DIY bracelet, gifted LUXLA bracelet, Tawny thrifted Crossroads Aldo booties.

The last photo looks as if I'm in a wild jungle with all the leaves behind me...but then I see that cement reminding me I'm actually in the suburbs. lol. Anyways, I really was so excited to share with you my latest thrift find!!  I found these amazing and super unique distressed Levis at Wasteland this past week thrifting with my high school girlfriends on Haight st.  Was such a steal too, only $30!  Soo happy I bought them :).
In a way this outfit reminds me of Pocahantas lol, with the feather earrings, reds/browns, and with all the leaves in the background.  Hey maybe it'll be inspiration to be Pocahantas for halloween this year? lol jk. I wanna try my hand at being, as what the Glee Principal said: Key-Dollar Sign-Ha, Ke$ha ;).

I have my suitcase all ready waiting to be filled with all my clothes for my LA trip next week.  Really excited!  Planning to visit just about everywhere I can w/ my roomie and shop for our apartment next year at cool flea markets.  Also of course blogger meet-ups!  Will pack my trusty Nikon D60 along for the ride.  Lots of pictures to come!! (& possibly video too!) :).

I hope you all will have a great weekend ahead!! Now I'm off to get lots of inspiration from your amazing blogs.  Good night Beautifuls! 

♥, Kathleen.
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Afternoon in Emeryville.

Although the blog post title doesn't sound as luxurious as the title of the movie we saw today, "A Midnight in Paris," it was in fact a very fun and relaxing day out with the boyfriend.  We ate out at the Emeryville public marketplace -- it has all kinds of different cuisines available, very great for those picky-eaters like myself (being a Pescetarian, no meat but seafood, it's necessary).

We watched Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams, and I really did enjoy the movie -- although there was tons of philosophical jargon going on, it was a feel-good movie.  It also managed to increase my level of eagerness to one day visit the beautiful city of Paris.  And because of this movie, I too want to experience Paris walking in the rain without an umbrella.
Ended the day enjoying a red velvet whoopie pie, I am completely addicted and will forever buy these cute finger-foods along with my usual soy white mocha.  Also visited our favorite place ever, Barnes & Noble.  If we could, we'd live in this store.
Enjoy these photos.  They were taken with my camera phone, so excuse the graininess, but it's really good with close-ups! :p (ie. the food) lol.
Ivory DKNY silk top, Brown thrifted belt, Ivory vintage Chanel purse, Silver DIY chain bracelet/ring, thrifted turquoise ring, and LUXLA bracelet, Blue Urban Outfitters bdg leggings, Tan Sam Edelman Valin wedges.

I hope you all are having a lovely week so far.  It's almost Friday!!! TGIF soon!  And just wanted to say once more how happy I am to have all your support on my blog, twitter, facebook, Chictopia, etc.  It really always makes my day reading all your sweetest comments and messages.  There will be more exciting things happening for my blog, collaborating right now with a lot of companies and brands.  Youtube video coming soon with a company I'm teaming up with for a product review.

Have a lovely Friday tomorrow and weekend!  
PS. I am super excited, it's less than a week away til I travel to LA!!!  I have a few blogger meet-ups planned, but if you're in the LA area, def lemme kno so we can meet up!! :)
PSx2. Also check out my recent feature on a spanish online magazine The Unlimited Edition!
♥, Kathleen.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beauty behind simplicity and minimalism.

All of the above is what minimalism is to me, playing with different textures in fabrics, unique structure and shapes, along with a soft neutral color palette.  The designers and brands I listed are just about some that I feel really exhibit this type of minimalistic beauty in fashion.  It's such unbelievably beautiful eye candy to me, you can catch me staring at these sweet basics in awe..while coveting each.

Thought I'd start something a bit different too on these inspiration posts frequently posted now on my blog.  Inspired not only by fashion photos, but also by bloggers all around me of course.  Will post photos of bloggers I feel best suit the inspiration theme I'm writing about.  Enjoy! :)

Also, in the moodboards I put together, at the bottom of each I'll be adding links to the items with the cheapest options of that item for you, and if I can't find it, I'll include similar items with a link too noted as "similar choice."  Just a way to help you find an item you may want to purchase and save with thrifty options! :).  A fellow shopper (or shopaholic lol) helping another <3.
Bianca and Dani from Kastor & Pollux

PS. I also wanted to let you know about a really rewarding and amazing campaign going on at the moment. It's called Wardrobe for Opportunity (WFO), a nonprofit that supports low-income individuals in the Bay Area and they are running a Trendsetter Campaign from June 14th - June 30th. Definitely check out the awesome 'virtual boutique' they created for the campaign! You can set a trend by donating $15, signing up to volunteer, or telling your friends. For more info, visit
Spread the  through fashion and join :).
♥, Kathleen.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pleated sheer.

Pink H&M floral top, Brown thrifted belt, Black thrifted sheer pleated skirt from Wasteland, Tan thrifted Goodwill bag, Brown H&M round sunnies, Gold F21 rings and gifted LUXLA bracelet, Dark brown Qupid wedges.

Today was 90 degrees and definitely decided to wear something flowy and sheer.  Finally got to wear out this sheer skirt casually, as in I've worn it plenty of times at dressy classy events ie. my brother's girlfriend's cotillion and a fashion event before.  I definitely love this skirt thrifted from Wasteland -- I changed it up a bit tho and cut the black skirt underneath so that you can peek through and see my legs lol (sounded creeperish lol). Newhoo, you get the idea ;p and it was only $15!  Such a steal.  I'm craving to thrift again!
These H&M round sunnies do not leave my face everytime I go out, they're my fave.  Along with my LUXLA bracelet, which btw, has inspired me to go out and make my own friendship bracelets.  DIY project coming up soon!! :)  Will visit my nearest Michael's craft store :p.
And have been wearing my hair up so much lately cause of the heat.  And bought myself recently lots of scrunchies, throwback to the 90's when I was little lol.

Also, these past few days I've felt so much love with my recent feature on Refinery 29!  You all are THEE sweetest ever.  Thank you so much for leaving amazing comments and messages.  <3
I hope you all are having a lovely week so far.  Tomorrow I'm going to thrift and vintage shop with my high school friends, makes me feel older saying that haha.  Going to venture around Haight St. again :).
Now off to return all your comments and be super inspired by all your amazing blogs!

♥, Kathleen.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ombre and studs.

Tan H&M crochet sweater, Brown thrifted belt, Blue ombre Runway Dreamz stud high-waisted shorts, Ivory H&M bracelet, Gold F21 rings, Tan Sam Edelman Valin wedges.

Say hello to my newest prized addition to my wardrobe..ombre high-waisted jean shorts from Runway Dreamz.  Splurged and bought it for myself after stressing, cramming, and working hard on finals..gave myself a little present afterwards :P.  They are aamazing and will be on me this entire summer :).
Along with that, I also have new additions to my jewelry collection..these two gold rings I got from Forever 21.  I am looving them, mainly because they remind me oh so much of the YSL rings.  I try to feed my craving for the real one with near look-alikes..that is, until I get my own someday!  #1 on my Birthday wishlist lol.
Sorry for the repetitiveness with these Valins..I'm doing a good job in breaking them in.  They seriously are THEE comfiest 5 inch heels I've ever worn.  I can walk around in them shopping, on Berkeley's steep hills.
This past week was able to meet up with more of my fave Bay Area blogger girls!  Cindy of Design3rd and Chanda of PancakeSTACKER.  Loved how I got to meet them finally!  These girls are super sweet and we def enjoyed lots of laughs eating out at Blue Barn Gourmet in SF, walking around diff shops, and having a mini photoshoot (even risking our lives taking photos in the middle of the street, among other things lol).  Love these girls! <3
And lastly, just wanna express how much I'm so happy to have you as my readers.  This past weekend Inspirafashion hit 1,000 followers.  I started this blog last September 2010, just thinking it'd be a creative outlet away from school..but it's grown to be so much more.  I now am thinking of pursuing a career in fashion as a stylist, although I know how tough it is to break into, I'm determined to make, yes as corny as it sounds, my dreams happen.  And with you all here along for the ride, makes me infinity times more confident in myself.  Thank you so much lovelies for all your support since Day 1 or since whenever you started to read my blog.  It means a whole lot to have you all here. Sending lots of love and hugs through the blogosphere. 
Have an aamazing weekend ahead, enjoy the sun, and hope you have a lovely Father's Day! :)

♥, Kathleen.
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