Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shoe fever.

May I say, deep down inside, I really am a shoe-aholic. I've been craving over these shoes lately! These are probably the most must-haves on my list, mainly JC shoes :), ever since my Backstage wedges, I'm a loyal fan.

#1, The Topshop Wisteria2 Diamante Wedges.
they are beyond amazing, the wedge for comfort and the beautiful ballerina-esque chiffon to tie up. Pure bliss. <3.

#2, The Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platform from Nasty Gal Vintage.
They are probably the highest heels i've heard of so far, or am willing to buy..5.5''!! Wow, means i will be 5.9 1/2 inches tall. Heard though these are so comfy in spite of their height. Would look lovely with tights/socks. :)

#3, The JC Lita from Sole Struck.
I've always wanted lace up combat-like boots, and these are an amazing find just for that. Loove the JC platforms so much.

#4, The Jessica Simpson Tito wedge.
Another 5 inch heel, just noticed I really want 5 inch heels, I hope I don't fall in them haha, I'll practice with my current JC's (only 4.75 inches). This is a lovely wedge from Jessica Simpson, and it's a pretty good price, although expensive of course, but its too lovely for words. Love how it wraps around and is leather. 

So, as you can tell, I'm into a lot of neutral and dark colors for shoes, if you saw my starting shoe collection it is just that very color base combo.  One day I will be brave and buy a bright blue or bright red shoe, but until then, I'll be safe and feel confident in these shoes. 
How bout you lovelies? What kind of shoes are you craving for? ;).
Love, KC.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

But darlin, you are the only exception.

Green teal American Apparel skirt, Gray American Apparel V-Neck t-shirt, Brown Forever 21 crochet-detailed boots.
After watching Glee last night, this song (altho have already heard it b4) has been on major repeat. I adored watching Brittany S. Pierce and the montage/tribute to the Queen of Pop. So this is what I wore today, although not as hot as yesterday, wanted to wear something flowy and comfy for the semi-hot weather we've been having. I found this skirt at the thrift store in Berkeley, Crossroads, and it was an amazing find for the price! I adore how it isn’t too long or too short, juust right :). Feel classy in it. Paired it w/ my crochet detailed boots from F21 (MY FAVORITE boots ever.) And ran out the house bc was late for class. 

Sigh, i’ve been having so far days of not feeling really great about myself i guess academically and physically :(, I know its not good for me to feel like this, but sometimes I have these days where I feel less confident. Dont worry, I’ll pick myself back up, not giving up.

Until then may I be so inspired by all of your beauty and amazing confidence that it’ll help bring me back up again to where I want to be. :)

Love, KC.

<3 Brittany S. Pierce. Altho my all-time fav glee member is Rachel :).

ALSO! an update. Just saw (sorry super late) :(, but better late than never right? haha, THAT, stylish & lovely blogger Terri awarded me "The Versatile Blogger" award! thank you so much girl, means a lot to be recognized for this blog :), I really appreciate it <3. And again, thank you for everyone for the amaazing support.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A tribute to a darling beauty.

So I thought over and over again about who in particular would be the first person I would post on my blog who ideally is my number one style icon and tres inspiring (to start off my theme of inspira-fashion).  I know, so many have found her to be just that, but I've been following her ever since her debut in "Almost Famous," quite a while back.  I've always been intrigued by her beauty and vintage flowy romantic beautiful style.

Yes, it is the breathtakingly stunning Zooey Deschanel.
Credit to Berto Martinez, a professional artist, for the beautiful artistic rendition of Zooey. Please check out his other artwork - truly amazing & beyond inspiring.

Here is a feature on one of my most favorite themes from her personal style, along with an everyday wearable outfit you can put together yourself to resemble her amazing ensembles ;).

Pretty and Romantic Neutral Princess.

Zooey tends to wear girly and romantic pieces that radiate beauty and sweetness, with chiffon, tulle skirts, flower headbands, and hearts. Light pinks, nudes, and whites are many colors surrounding her signature style.  One of many reasons why I find her personal fashion so inspiring. <3.

The gorgeous pink lace dress is from Topshop which was my starting point for the inspiration.  To convey her white dress, brought on the UO off-white bag.  To add a more romantic feel, added the suede pink high heels from Topshop as well.  For the floral accessories, the earrings from F21 and the headband from ASOS.  Lastly, to finish off the look, there's the knit cardigan, resembling the crochet patterned dress she wore above.
I will be making more posts, along the lines of this, in the future :), just starting out, hope I'm doing fine? :p. And just wanted to add, thank you so much for all who are supporting me on this blog, it really means a lot to me. You all are amazingly stylish, beautiful, & inspirational fashionistas. Until then, au revoir lovelies :).
<3, KC.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shoe candy.

Finally, wearing an outfit w/ my NEW JC's! 

Black/beige Jeffrey Campbell backstage wedges, White vintage lace dress, Brown thrifted belt, Black ASOS sheer heart tights.

Hello Lovelies!! So, this is my entry for the Chictopia Nine West Stylish Sole contest.  To me, what makes a person a "stylish sole" is someone who firstly can be open to new things and be inspired by many in order to enhance or develop their own personal style. A stylish sole also conveys a beautiful confidence in whatever outfit they choose to strut in.

I truly feel my own style is eclectic, but this outfit has things I tend to gravitate to -- vintage/thrifted with the belt and dress, girly & romantic with the lace, pearls, and heart tights yet edgy & urban with the wedges and rocker-esque accessories.

In all realness, being a part of the Chictopia community has helped me in amazing ways to develop a style I feel confident and inspired in.  
Inspiration and confidence, a stylish sole.

<3, KC.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Walk walk fashion baby.

Green H&M Cardigan, Black H&M floral denim skirt, Black Urban Outfitters Oxfords.

First off, extremely exciting news! Found out that I am today's featured article on Wikifashion!! Ah I'm so speechless! Seriously, this is truly amazing for having this fashion recognition :). I really appreciate also especially all of you tres chic & fab girlies/guys who have been supporting me on Chictopia and now on here :). I'm always so grateful. <3.

In addition to such an eventful and exciting day, JUST GOT PAID (insert Nsync's just got paid song lol). Soo went on a successful, as in sometimes when I go shopping I end up buying something and not actually wearing it in the future. But today, these items were a great find! I have other items, i'll soon share! but these two are my faaavs. love the skirt, it can go with everything in my wardrobe! gotta love AA. :)

Love, KC.

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A packaged excitement.

Lookie what I got in the mail today!! ahh i'm too excited for words, I will post a whole outfit post based on this, once I figure out what outfit to wear with them.

This is my very first purchase of the lovely JC's. Cannot believe how comfy they are, such an awesome buy. :) & it'll be a surprise of which ones i got <3.

And to make me even happier (& of course excited) got more stuff in the mail! 

From left to right: Etsy feather earrings, ASOS sheer heart scallop tights, and an issue of Teen Vogue.

The etsy feather earrings (first purchase from etsy btw!) were of course inspired by the beautiful Aria of Pretty Little Liars. It's handmade and crafted SO well by paigiewaggie. Her work is AMAZING, please check it out if you have the time. The ones from PLL are actually super expensive and I got this for half the price, love bargains for great quality.

ASOS tights, inspired by Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage, had to buy them, they're SOO adorbs and chic.

& Teen Vogue issue, recently bought 2 years worth of this mag, its my all-time fav. I usually just look at mags in the store, specifically Barnes & Noble, BUT just love this mag so much. And restarting my lost collection of fashion mags from moving. Oo, thinking of suscribing to Vogue mag too! :)

Cannot wait to style all of these things according to my own personal style. Coming soon! :)
Alrighty lovelies, off to do homework now, like a good student should do :p.

<3 KC.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty bruise.

Purple thrifted dress, Black H&M hat, Black unknown cardigan, Black papaya belt, Black Wet Seal wedges.

Color combination of purple and black, always reminds me of a bruise, but I guess in this case, I'll call my look a beautiful bruise. :). Gives off a bohemian vibe and flare, along with being truly inspired by Nicole Richie's boho style. I'm seriously loving pairing long flowy skirts or dresses with long cardigans. I always feel so much taller with all the "longness" of each clothing item. The shoes are what I really am loving, I bought them this past summer in Wet Seal and they were only TEN DOLLARS, I know I was extremely yet happily surprised and they actually had my size! which tends to run out quickly if on sale, size 6.

I also found out I now have a Wikifashion page! created by the super sweet Lola, thank you so much girl, seriously made me so happy :). Visit this site if you haven't yet, very inspiring :). And also have been seriously addicted to Polyvore, once I make a "set" I'll post the link to my profile. Ah it really sparks and develops my interest in styling, something I kind of thinking of possibly getting into as a past-time job/hobby in the future.
<3 KC.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cozy knit hearts.

Gray H&M knit sweater cardigan, Pink/purple F21 scarf, Black F21 skirt, Black F21 sheer heart tights, Gray Payless suede booties.

Hello lovelies!
This outfit is the fashionable epitome of a pretty cold and gloomy day in the bay area. The H&M knit sweater cardi keeps me extremely warm and actually I feel is better suited for a winter day, but due to the lack of cold weather in the past few months, it felt almost like winter today.  I'm in love with my f21 scarf I received from my best friend a year ago as a bday present - the design is so unique and vintage-looking. Wearing tights to keep the legs warm - my new f21 heart sheet tights I ordered online! Not only super cute, but very convenient for a cold day.

Am really getting into wearing crochet/knit clothing items, i know they could sometimes give off a "grandma" vibe, but grandma fashions can be stylish too! hehe. Recently got the H&M magazine, seriously that has to be my favorite fashion mag, not only is it FREE but it's also amazingly inspiring! Pick one up if you havent yet!  Also got my teen vogue mag in the mail, super happy about that too.

Since moving a lot the last couple of years, lost all my fashion mags, need to start over, so it'll be quite fun collecting them all over again. My parents bought me a new ikea wardrobe, i'm going to cover the door panels with a whole collage of inspiring fashion mag pics! will definitely post a picture of that once it actually happens haha.

With lots of cozy knit hearts, KC.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Inspirafashion, inspiration and fashion. Two words when combined can create a beautiful, chic, and classy ensemble or maybe an edgy, rocker, boho look by simply being inspired.  Inspiration. Fashion. Inspirafashion. Welcome to my newly and very first established fashion blog, enjoy. :)

My name is Kathleen, but most people call me KC, whichever name works, could also go by - Kath, Kat, Kathy, Kase, etc. :) This is my first ever fashion blog and am super excited to start this because I've always wanted a place to not only share my style and outfits but also to add inspirations from magazines, fashion blogs, websites, celebrities, and any lovely girl or guy who makes a lasting impression from their own ensembles.  So enjoy many blog posts to come, because I really am excited to share with you my passion for fashion <3.

Thrifted over-sized F21 top, F21 jeans, Gray suede thrifted shoes, & H&M hat.

And also wanted to say thank you to all the Chictopians who voted for my last look! which made it into the style gallery :). screen shot <3

With truly lots of love, KC.

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