Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cozy knit hearts.

Gray H&M knit sweater cardigan, Pink/purple F21 scarf, Black F21 skirt, Black F21 sheer heart tights, Gray Payless suede booties.

Hello lovelies!
This outfit is the fashionable epitome of a pretty cold and gloomy day in the bay area. The H&M knit sweater cardi keeps me extremely warm and actually I feel is better suited for a winter day, but due to the lack of cold weather in the past few months, it felt almost like winter today.  I'm in love with my f21 scarf I received from my best friend a year ago as a bday present - the design is so unique and vintage-looking. Wearing tights to keep the legs warm - my new f21 heart sheet tights I ordered online! Not only super cute, but very convenient for a cold day.

Am really getting into wearing crochet/knit clothing items, i know they could sometimes give off a "grandma" vibe, but grandma fashions can be stylish too! hehe. Recently got the H&M magazine, seriously that has to be my favorite fashion mag, not only is it FREE but it's also amazingly inspiring! Pick one up if you havent yet!  Also got my teen vogue mag in the mail, super happy about that too.

Since moving a lot the last couple of years, lost all my fashion mags, need to start over, so it'll be quite fun collecting them all over again. My parents bought me a new ikea wardrobe, i'm going to cover the door panels with a whole collage of inspiring fashion mag pics! will definitely post a picture of that once it actually happens haha.

With lots of cozy knit hearts, KC.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful look! Is this the same cardigan you were wearing for that photo that made the Style Gallery?

Kathleen said...

aw thanks! nope its a different one, its a sweater knit from H&M. and the style gallery one is from f21. i love gray cardis, they go with pretty much anything :).