Monday, February 28, 2011

For the love of Ikea.

Gold H&M crochet sweater, Burgundy American Apparel corduroy skirt, Brown thrifted belt, Black thrifted hat, White Goodwill vinyl bag, Tawny Crossroads Aldo ankle-boots, Forever 21 rings.

During my thrift shopping, I found this burgundy American Apparel corduroy skirt at Crossroads, and looved it!  It seems whenever I go thrifting and I find an AA item, I immediately buy it lol, or at least consider it.  In addition, at Crossroads, I found these pretty Aldo buckle ankle boots!  Definitely two items I loved to add to my wardrobe.  Paired these off with my fave H&M crochet sweater & new Goodwill addition - a structured white vinyl bag with gold details in the front.
If I could name something I really love next to fashion, it would be anything interior design.  Before, I used to always tune in to HGTV network and start watching the interior design shows like Design on a Dime or on TLC, Trading Spaces.  Occasionally, I'd love to watch on ABC, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
But as you get my point, I LOVE to think up of ways on how to design a space and make it look not only amazing but useful and organized.  If you have not been yet, Ikea is THE place to shop for functionality and beauty for any type of piece you want to add to your living space.  Yes. As you can tell, Ikea holds a special place in my heart lol.  
Soo, I haven't been to Ikea in a while, decided this past weekend to go with the boyfriend and window-shop for some interior design inspirations and also pick up a few key items for my room.  There was one piece in particular that really caught my eye, I loved this lamp!  It was really quirky yet pretty and intriguing -- had lots of flower-like shapes made of paper material all around the light bulb.  
I even came across this one room that seriously stole my heart.  It had a huge wardrobe with sliding doors and inside had every kind of organization I would need for my clothes, accessories, and shoes.  K, random question, do any of you just love going through model-homes and admiring all the beautiful hard work that went into the interior design?  Someday when I get my future house, I hope it will look like a model home :).
In addition to this post, would like to announce the winner of the High Gloss Fashion Giveaway!  Big congrats to Emily of Redesign That, hope you enjoy your Urban Behavior sweater girl! :)
Also onto more news, I just did a whole new makeover of my blog shop where it's now moved to Tumblr. Def check it out!  I've added new items :).

Alrighty lovelies, hope you enjoyed my Ikea post!  Just thought I'd share with you something other than fashion I am passionate about.  Hope you all had an amazing weekend and your weeks are off to a great start!  PS. The vlog post is in progress, and will most likely be up instead by next weekend, sorry lovelies! (Had to do some HW and had a family party to attend).
Until then, keep inspiring beautifuls with your aamazing blogs!! :)

<3, Kathleen.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fringe Friday.

Gray Ambiance knit fringe poncho cardi, Light blue lace Crossroads top, Brown thrifted belt, Light blue Levis Wasteland shorts, Gray Jeffrey Campbell suede foxy platforms.

Excuse the semi-corny title of this post, I just thought it went soo well together! lol. I just haad to share with you lovelies my new FAAVE find while shopping at Haight!  I am just soo in love with this big fringe knit poncho cardigan!  I got it from a cute & stylish boutique in sf on Haight called Ambiance. I definitely recommend going there, as they had a big sale going on when I went!  I got this for such a steal, it was $40 with an extra 10% off!  I love how it has fringe too and it's oversized.  I'm currently loving everything bohemian, I feel like that is what I'm really excited about for Spring..along with all denim high-waisted shorts!  I've lately also been trying to find the PERFECT lace-up boot wedges..currently am eyeing these from Solestruck, the Friis Tjana, I just need to be $160 richer! lol.

So onto great news excited to announce my very FIRST sponsor for Inspirafashion!  It's Hard Couture Boutique!  I'm super happy too because I just fell in love with every item from their shop and it fits in with my style so much too!  Definitely check out Hard Couture as their pieces are amazing, currently am in love with the vintage kimono floral wrap dress and desert fox white lace shorts :).  In addition, more is coming for my blog..I'm super excited to tell you, but it'll be finalized in a few weeks, so I'll definitely tell you then! :)
Just wanted to say again, how much you my readers all mean to me..a personal giveaway will be coming sooon!  I am going to actually buy something this time for you all!  So excited..I'm thinking of going on a thrift-hunt for the besstt clothing/accessory item for my giveaway!  Until then, hope you lovelies had a great week and will have an amazing weekend!  Now off to browse all your beautiful blogs ;). 
PS. Look out for a new vlog post this weekend! :) PSS. Are any of you Supernatural fans? I'm so excited for the episode tonight, gaah Misha Collins will always be GORGEOUS.

<3, Kathleen.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Clash of the patterns.

Brown Ralph Lauren thrifted at Crossroads, White thrifted Jones New York polka dot scarf, Blue Urban Outfitters jeggings, Tan Forever 21 suede wedges, Tawny thrifted bag.
I wore this, this past weekend and it is definitely my go-to comfy outfit.  I fell in LOVE with this thrift-find I got at Crossroads--a Ralph Lauren blouse!  The pattern is beautiful, and I decided to challenge myself by mixing patterns with my Jones New York polka dot scarf.  Paired this off with my fave and comfy UO jeggings & F21 wedges.
Now onto my President's Day was great, but President's Day was even GREATER.  I got to spend the whole day with these beautiful fellow fashion blogger ladies, Sherrie of Closet Hound & Anisa of The Laugh Slut.  We traveled to Haight St. in SF, which I mentioned on here before, but it is a bigger version of Telegraph in Berkeley or in other words, it has a lot of thrift stores and ma-and-pa shops all around.  Really a down-to-earth place to chill and hang out.  I loooved each piece I bought!  I seriously cannot wait to share with you girls all my finds!  Many outfit posts are to come with all of my thrift-find treasures!
To name a few, I found a big cardigan poncho with fringe, a sheer pleated maxi skirt, a couple of American Apparel items, and a white vinyl structured bag.  I've been saving up this whole week to splurge today, and I'm so content with all my purchases :) -- I'm a happy girl.
I looved laughing too with Sherrie & Anisa all day, those girlies are so sweet, too many memories with them. ROUND TWO please girls? :)
Aand, didn't get to let you lovelies know, in addition to this blogger-meet-up, I had a few other ones too :).  At the blogger panel for Crossroads, got to meet the two beautiful bloggers, Jennie of Going West and Avalonne of Avalonne Hall, they were soo lovely in person and not to mention super sweet, can't wait to hang with you girlies in SF! And also I got to meet up with fellow Berkeley blogger, Deanna of A California Dreamer, looved chilling with her at Memorial Glade on campus while eating lunch & style-watching for BARE Magazine's Cal Street Style.
If you haven't yet, I highly suggest meeting up with fellow fashion bloggers in your is seriously so different meeting them in-person, a good different! :) I can't wait to meet up with more bloggers to come! :hint hint: Chelsea of Zipped, Chandamheer of PancakeSTACKER, and Megan of DonatilaRose! & if you're in the area definitely let me know, I'll be down to chill & show you around the bay area! :)

Also, thank you so much lovelies for your sweetest comments & to the new and past followers, it really means a lot to me for your support.  It still amazes me that my blog has now reached over 500 followers..I'm sending a HUUUGE HUG to you over the blogosphere RIGHT now. Thank you again beautifuls, and keep inspiring <3.
Alsoo, if you haven't yet, check out my interview with Michelle of Mod Fox, she's so sweet, thanks so much lovely for the feature!! :)

<3, Kathleen.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

High Gloss Fashion Giveaway!

Grey Urban Behavior holey off shoulder sweater c/o High Gloss Fashion, Navy thrifted belt, Gold thrifted pleated skirt, Gray suede Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platform.

Hi Lovelies! First off, want to apologize for the absence this week, it was mainly due to the hectic rainy weather we've been having over here & school meetings/work, but luckily it isn't raining as hard today! :)  I can't wait for the warm Spring weather to come again. Just wanted to also say thank you so much to all new & past followers!!  You really always make my day, sending over a HUGE hug through the blogosphere to you all! :)

Soo, onto exciting news!  I'm hosting another Giveaway..this time with High Gloss Fashion, an upcoming Clothing, Shoe, and Accessory Boutique that offers trendy and high quality items that won't break the bank.
High Gloss Fashion is giving my readers a chance to win this comfy and chic Grey Urban Behavior Holey Off Shoulder Sweater!  
The loose and holey detail is perfect for the hot weather Spring/Summer will bring.  And I love how it's slouchy and even long where you can wear it as a sweater with a belt if you want, or you can tuck it in a skirt (like I did here) for a form-fitting look.  It's super versatile :).

Here's how to enter:
1) Leave a comment with your email.
2) Follow High Gloss Fashion on Twitter.
3) Like High Gloss Fashion on Facebook.
Get an extra entry by tweeting this:  "I just entered @Highglossfash Giveaway at @Kathleencarla 's blog! Enter to also win an Urban Behavior Sweater!"

This giveaway will run for one week until next Saturday, February 26 at 11:59pm PST.  The winner will be announced on here, twitter and on High Gloss Fashion's Blog!

<3, Kathleen.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Post-Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration Vlog #4.

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Hi lovelies!  Fiinnaally got this Valentine's Day Vlog Post done for you :).  Whew, I got kinda stressed with my technological difficulties, but got through it haha.  Anyways, I decided to name it appropriately, since this Valentine's Day is coming to an end in about 2 hours :/, BUT hopefully you can still get some outfit inspirations from this video for any fancy or casual outing or date you may go to.  You may have noticed, these outfits were previous posts from my past Valentine's Day weekend :).  And maybe, since the holiday is on a strange day this year (a Monday), you're still going to celebrate a post-valentine's day later this week? :p.

Hope you enjoy my 4th Vlog Post so far :).  And also, as said before, I'm making sure I will make this my personal homework assignment to return all your amazing comments! Thanks so much girls for all your support, I really appreciate it :).  In addition, wanted to share with you more exciting news -- I made my first Cal Street Style Post on BARE Magazine Blog!  Definitely check it out :), it was fun approaching stylish girls to ask if I could ask them about their outfit, and give a legit reason to ask lol (don't you girls tend to style-watch too when walking around? :p).  
Also!  Among other news, look out for another giveaway I'm having at my blog soon!  Def will keep you updated :).
PS. Here a pretty romantic photo found while tumbling (I'm addicted to tumblr now :p), thought I'd share it with you for some Valentine's Day inspiration :).
I hope you girls had an amazing & memorable Valentine's Day!  Good night! and keep inspiring beautifuls! :)

<3, Kathleen.
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