Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crochet and Lace.

Black Free People lace dress/top c/o Chelsea of Zipped, Blue Forever 21 skirt, Cream Buffalo Exchange crochet vest, Black H&M shearling wedge boots, Black H&M satchel.

As you can tell, two materials of fabric I'm slightly obsessed with or just loving at the moment are crochet and lace.  I believe presently my wardrobe is getting filled with crochet and lace tops, shorts, shirts, etc. lol.  Once I'm hooked to something, I get quite hooked -- as with last year, I had a baad shoe obsession, where every week my mom and dad would see me strolling in with just a shopping bag and they'd say, without even knowing what's inside it, "More shoes huh?"

But anyways enough of my bad habits haha, onto what I'm wearing.  The beautiful Chelsea of Zipped and I came up with this brilliant idea not too long ago about clothes swapping/borrowing!  We recently put together a few surprise items from our closets and shipped them off to each other so we could have a chance to exchange and wear each other's clothes.  She sent me aamazing clothes -- she knows exactly what I love -- lace, cropped shirts, silk blouses, and skirts.  And so, I'm wearing her Free People lace top/dress and I LOVE it :).  Paired it with my buffalo exchange crochet vest and H&M shearling wedge boots.

Also, really really exciting news lovelies!  I just found out yesterday that I got accepted into the Creative Team for BARE Magazine!  They're in charge of all the photoshoots.  I'm sooo excited, definitely because I want to get into fashion styling - this will be a great avenue for me.
AND, next Wednesday I'm going to attend a Crossroads blogger panel for one of their manager meetings!  I'm very excited yet super scared (as I'm accompanied by really established & not to mention tres chic bloggers), I will keep you posted on all the details forsure.

In addition, stay tuned for a beautiful Valentine's Day Giveaway this week!!  & excitement, almost to 400 followers, you all are so amazing <3.
I hope you lovelies are doing well and you're starting off your week on the right foot.  Alrighty, I'm off to go pick up my new eyeglasses I recently ordered :).  Until then, good night lovelies and keep inspiring beautifuls!

<3, Kathleen.
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Elle said...

Oh wow CONGRATULATIONS! best of luck. Love this outfit- you are so gorgeous- and I love the smile. and as always <33333 your shoes!!! and I LOVE crochet and lace too.

when BABI speaks said...

great pictures! btw, congrats for being in the creative team! :-)
i'm a new follower of your lovely blog!


Chyrel Gomez said...

Haha! Oh, I had a little hunch that you are cause you really looked like one. That's so awesome!

Can't wait for you to blog about your upcoming endeavors! Love the lace trend but can't wear em these days cause of the storm.

Unknown said...

oh my, lovely lace!
and oh, i was so surprised to know that youre 100% Pinoy!

Isabel Hendrix said...

I love your vest!
also congrats!!


Anisa said...

THIS OUTFIT IS LITERALLY PERFECT, LITERALLY. I'm suchh a big fan of lace and crochet, but I can never find the right finds, help me! ahahha AND YAY! Congrats on getting the creative team, so I guess we will be working together after all :) See you tomorrow at the meeting!


The Fancy Teacup said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you. Those are such great opportunities. I love crochet and lace too, that's so funny how your parents were about your shoe obsession. Very cute.

much love.

Natalie Suarez said...

cute! love it :)


belle said...

in love with that vest! and i love the idea of clothes swapping.

really nice that you're getting so many amazing opportunities. i'm sure you'll do amazingly.

Beverley said...

oh my god! how exciting!! BARE magazine?! so cool :) keep us updated with all these exciting things going on in your life, and congrats on it all!


Unknown said...

love this kathleen! it is SO weird to see my clothes somewhere else, through the blogosphere no less ;)


Katherine said...

Congrats! Knew you'd get it :) Great outfit as always, the black and white lace and white crochet mix!

"coy" colleen said...

first off, such a cute outfit i love all the crocheted pieces. and it's totally normal to have it fill your entire wardrobe in the spring!
second, congrats on the magazine! sounds like an amazing opportunity :)

Unknown said...

congrats on BARE! I got in too. see you at the next meeting!

Anonymous said...

Aw Kathleen, I adore this look! I love the layers of crochet and lace so genius! Yes of course you can call me Christy haha thats cute! Hope you're doing well :):)

Emma said...

i adore crochet and lace, sometimes im at a loss of how to wear it! you've gone all out and I love it, so fashion forward :)
Scrapbook de la Emma

Brittany said...

Congrats on the followers my friend! Ahh I love this, so clever how you styled your outfit. Umm can I have those shoes, thanks ;). So so cute. So excited for all your adventures!

Alex said...

I adore this outfit it looks great!

Gertrude said...

CONGRATULATIONS hun for all these good things! The outfit is really cute.. love the dress and the shoes :) x

Nettie S. said...

Congrats in gaining 400 followers. You totally deserve it. You look lovely btw :)


Hi!! I really love that combination! I have just discovered your blog and I'm following you!Also I have family in California!! Kisses from Barcelona, Spain! :)

ATW said...

aw i'm happy that you got into the creative team for that magazine!! i keep my fingers crossed that everything works out as you expect it to be!! :)
lovely outfit again!

Shevah said...

I love the combination of fabrics here! It looks so great on you. I'm so happy for you and all of your blogging success. You deserve it! Woop woop!


TrophyBoutique said...

Yes, I love these textures together, and the shape of the vest looks great with the skirt. AND black and navy together. My favorite!

Ramona said...

CONGRATULATIONS! These are great news!! I'm truly happy for You!

You look so lovely and I think lace with crochet works absolutely amazing!

xo Ra

Princess and the pea x said...

Hi chick, just to say thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. Very kind. Thank you for being a follower :-) Your blog is fab and i am going to follow you too.


Wise Rabbit Says said...

love the mix of crochet and lace !
i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

This Charming Style said...

Wow, congrats on getting into the creative team! Thats amazing, I think you will be so good at it :). This outfit is gorgeous, your style seems to get better and better (even though i didnt think it was possible!)

I received the necklace today, thank you sooo much! I will post next week because that's when i should be able to get some good photos :).

You look fab Kathleen!

Love Harriet xx

Anonymous said...

Love your new fashion obsession ! The combo of lace and crochet is great !


Cindy said...

Love the lace dress with the crochet vest. genius idea, and looks really cute and vintage!
Congrats on your exciting new job as well!

I just started a blog, and I'm trying to get it off the ground. Would really appreciate it if you checked it out! Thanks :)


Jessy said...

I adore your style, girl. Really liking the lace!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Anonymous said...

Love your crochet top and lace. So gorgeous. And that clothing swap idea is so clever!

I got into the BARE Creative team, too! As well as PR. I guess I'll see you at the meaning tonight! I'll be coming straight from my class at the gym, too, so I'll probably look awful. And sweaty. I apologize ahead of time.

xo Sherrie

Madeline Veenstra said...

You look so good in this outfit! Loving the lace :) Congrats on your new styling role :)

Doganiam Motyle said...


CrochetBlogger said...

Love the combo of lace and crochet. Great look!

Unknown said...

thanks so much!!

your photos and style are so great!!

can you link me to the scalloped shorts your thinking about... and I can definitely give you some tips on how to make them! :)

following! :)


Laura Hunter-Thomas said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am hosting a giveaway at my blog Obsessive Coolness, including Chanel, MAC & jewellery prizes, to celebrate 100 followers. In case you're interested, here's the link: http://theblogofobsessivecoolness.blogspot.com/2011/01/reader-giveaway-chanel-anyone.html.
All the best!

Angie Aquarius said...

Fabulous look! I love how you paired that lace dress/shirt with the west! Amazing!

*From Munich With Love*

Shamime said...

These are great!
Thanks for your wonderful comment on Dylana's Post about me! I have started a new blog! Follow it and let me know if you want to cross blog and be featured discussing your style and hopefully we can work something out!!!

Kate said...

Okay so coming from our position of 18 followers 400 odd is obviously a lot but whenever I read your blog I always kinda assume you're one of the people with like over 1000 just because, i dunno, i guess I just feel you SHOULD have that many followers! haha!
And lovely outfit as well btw I'm also loving crochet items at the minute xx

Nicoletta said...

I've never thought that crochet + lace could be such an amazing combination!

Cylia said...

I like this little outfit:) especially love your hair.

Ashleigh said...

i just came across your blog, you are darling. following you now :)

I have that free people tunic, i really like the way you mixed different materials with it and put a vest over it. i hadn't thought of doing that.

i also have that bag from H&M, but the brown version.

Zhcsyra hp said...

i love all the thing's so damn cool gurl <3 <3 <3


Out Of Runway said...

OMG !!!
i love your outftit!!
check my blog ;)
you can follow me if you want :)

LifestyleBohemia said...

Gorgeous look - I love the black lace! And the satchel is really cute too.
So glad I came across your lovely blog - following you now!
Looking forward to reading more. Have a lovely weekend!

Chris said...

Wow you look so nice, you put those pieces together really well! Well done! =D

Whoop it up! said...

cool post! love the look!

xx, tany and nati <33


Angelica Ng said...

Who knew crochet could look so great?? I always loved lace, but maybe I'll start considering crochet... Love the idea of sharing/swapping. It's like shopping, only cheaper! Love the wedge boots. And I can see you going into fashion styling. A HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats!


Unknown said...

I want the bag!!! So beautiful. :)