Sunday, October 31, 2010

Minnie Halloween.

Red F21 polka dot top, Red DIY Minnie Mouse headband, Black H&M skirt, Black F21 ankle boots, Red Heart sunglasses.

Happy halloween everyone!!! Hope you will have a fun night :) filled with lots of candy, haunted houses maybe, and everything scaary! :p.  Tonight, me and the boyfriend are just staying in and watching a bunch of scary movies while eating our own bag of candy :p.  On the list is "Rose Mary's Baby," never seen it before, but def heard it is super scary.  

Also, just wanted to update you all that I am extending the giveaway! It will be until next Sunday (November 7) at 12am PST.  So please please enter, because it is in appreciation for all of you! :)  Click here to go to the giveaway and enter! 
In addition, the heart glasses I'm wearing here are in the giveaway as well! :)

So onto the halloween outfit! :), I really just put this together myself, no going out and buying anything for this costume.  I had a red and white polka dot shirt already I bought a long time ago.  Along with this, my black H&M skirt.  To make the halloween outfit more wearable, decided to wear my comfy F21 ankle boots.  And to top it all off, I actually made this Minnie Mouse headband this morning! took me only an hour..i just colored the ears and bow from a hard piece of paper and glue-gunned them on to a headband i never use. 

ALSO, among many updates.. I recently had a mini photoshoot with the lovely & talented Brittany of Work It, Berk blog, and was part of her Work It, Bloggers series.  Her blog is aaamazing, it features fashion bloggers from around the bay area. Definitely recommend visiting her blog!  Thank you once again Brittany for the opportunity to work with you :).

Alrighty lovelies, I will def keep up with posting, sorry for the absence :(, due to juggling school and work aand commuting.  But don't worry I will definitely return all of your comments! Again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! <3

Love, KC.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Autumn sun.

Camel Vintage turtleneck top, Gray F21 skirt, Brown thrifted belt, Black F21 oxford boots.

Was such a beautiful autumn day today, wasn’t too cold, but juust right :). I love the weather right now, despite that it rained quite a lot this past weekend. Wore a vintage turtleneck long-sleeve top, and my faav color right now for fall-wear! — camel! Also bought this past weekend a pair of F21 oxford boots! And they’re my faav! ah, i think i’m going to wear these a lot, they’re so lovely. I seriously always gravitate toward high-waisted things — whether it’s skirts or pants, i just always love them high up haha. And also who could forget a signature belt. Voila, an autumn outfit for a perfect fall day :).

Thank you once again to everyone for your sweet comments. I promise I will get back to them soon! Keep inspiring and being so creatively lovely in all your looks :).

AND also, don't forget to join my giveaway in celebration of 100+ followers! Want to really show my appreciation for you all :), so feel free to join! :). Click here to go to the giveaway OR just scroll down to the previous post.

ALSO, wanted to give a shoutout to the lovely Monica of Freesia Blog, for making me my own personalized twitter bird widget (on the left sidebar)! ah it's just SO cute! it has the furry hat i wore and the JC pumps, loove it. :). def check out her other illustrations, she's soo talented :).

Love, KC.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Suede goodness.

Gray suede Jeffrey Campbell platforms high heels, Black F21 maxi skirt, Gray Charlotte Russe Parka, Silver Nine West bag.

Hi Lovelies! I've missed you all so! Ah, first off, I really want to say sorry for the delay of the giveaway, and not updating as much.  It's just there's a lot more going on now, with my new job, as a commuter, I have to wake up every morning 5am! It's craazy, but oh wells, have to learn how to juggle a lot of things.

But onto my day, I actually took an outfit picture at night (bad time of day to take pics), but it's due to just coming back from shopping! successful shopping btw.  Bought clothes for work specifically and a few items just because :). Got two maxi skirts, one pair of slacks, and a parka (for cold weather ahead).  And off the side, got a nice knit cardi, rings, and boots. :). I'm content and happy with my purchases.

So onto the outfit, am wearing my new parka (20$ sale from Charlotte Russe, such a steal) aand my new lovely maxi skirt from F21. I love how it is figure-flattering.  And of course, my NEW JC's!! So, after asking you all your lovely opinions, I decided I really wanted to get the Foxy's. They're just so gorgeous, altho I love the Mary Roks, I felt I needed to get something other than a wedge from JC. So got my very first JC platform high heels, and to make it even lovelier, they're suede! :).

Soo onto the giveaway of celebration of 100+ followers! I wanted to put together a cluster of things to give away, and why not accessories aand my signature lipstick I always use :)! Btw, I'm going to buy the lipstick this week, so the one in the picture is just my lipstick case.  But the one i'll giveaway of course will be new hehe :p.  So here are the items I'm planning to give away to a lucky follower on here and/or a fan or friend from Chictopia :). Accessories AND my sig. lipstick just for you all :), because I seriously appreciate and am so grateful for your following and aamazing support.

From left to right: Heart Sunglasses, My signature lipstick :), aand Forever 21 flower earrings (never-used).

All you have to do is write a comment with your:
1) Name 
2) Email
3) If you are a follower on here (Google connect, Blog Lovin', or even Twitter) OR a fan or friend on Chictopia ..if haven't yet, u're welcome to follow and support on any of those to join this giveaway :).
4) Since my site is called "Inspirafashion," meaning inspiration and fashion together -- Who is the one person in your life who inspires you for fashion? Or who is your fashion idol? 
I really wanna hear what you all have to say :) bc it's always important to look back to or remind yourself of that one person or idol that truly inspires you in creating your amazing everyday outfits and looks :).

Giveaway ends a week from today..Sunday, October 31st (Halloween! haha), Midnight (12AM) PST.

Definitely feel free to spread around the word on this giveaway :).
Alrighty, and this will actually be a random winner, but hey, it's always fun to write and reminisce on who your fashion idol is :).  Kk, love you all and hope your weekends were good! aand your week to come will not be stressful, but FUN! <3.

Love, KC.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

CF Reader Spotlight and Chictopia Contest!

Lovelies! Just randomly was on Bloglovin' and scrolled down to the College Fashion fashion blog dedicated to students, and saw that I was their featured CF Reader Spotlight!  I was aware of this in an email before, but didn't know it'd be up so quick! I'm really flattered and so thankful for being acknowledged for my love and passion for fashion (no means of rhyming lol). They even did an "inspired look." Ah, really made my stressful day so much better. I'm smiling from ear to ear. <3.
And just a big shout out and thank you to the lovely Karissa for sending me an interview :).

If you'd like to see the feature, you can follow this link :).
Also, happy to be reppin' UCB on there too! GO BEARS!! (which btw, can't wait to style a game-day outfit for the "Big Game"! Cal vs. Stanford). gonna go all out on the blue and gold! <3.

Additionally, another update i finally figured out how to get the link to the direct post i made on the Chictopia facebook page for entering the Jeffrey Campbell boots contest.  & I would super appreciate if you could "like" my post :).

And just click "Like"! :)

Would be so grateful if you could, I have until this Friday (10/22/10)! until 11:59PM (PST).  And if you need help on any contests, I will forsure return the favor :).  I need about 40 more likes to "out-like" another person who's in the lead.

And also, due to doing an "all-nighter" yesterday to study for my midterm today..i'm just trying to catch up with returning all your comments :) and looking at your lovely and inspiring blogs. So with that, I'm actually going to do the giveaway sometime this weekend :).  Love you all <3.

Love, KC.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Classic Cargo.

Off white Target coat, Green Urban Outfitters Cargo Pants, Black unknown sparkly top, Brown thrifted belt, White thrifted bag, Brown Target oxfords.

Decided to take out my new skinny cargo jeans from Urban Outfitters, they were on sale for 20$! Such a good deal.  It was really gloomy this morning, so also wore my coat I got from Target a loong time ago.  I thought the black sparkly top added a nice touch too :).

I've just been away too long (i know, not that long, but for an outfit post it has lol), I wanted to make a post :).  Soo, just saw today that I have now 100 followers! So amaazing, I seriously appreciate all of the love and support.  So, I promise, pinky swear, that I will create a giveaway post this Thursday, in celebration of 100 followers on Inspirafashion AND also in celebration of finishing my midterm (lol, not really).  Anyways, soo, so much has happened just this past week.

I have a new job!  It's a temp job, but it's a great way to connect with professionals and such, although it's not mainly the field I want to get in to, I am thinking of possibly doing Fashion Merchandise for grad school, we'll see :).  But my new job is Project Coordinator at Kaiser in the Finance department.  I'm working closely with the CFO, and I was so surprised when I received my own cubicle! So legit and official haha.  So, to record this memory..(like a tourist ahaha) took a picture of my cubicle :), hopefully I'll get my name-tag soon.

And also, among other updates, I entered a contest on the facebook Chictopia page to win a pair of Jeffrey Campbell booties by this friday (10/22/10). 
Could you pretty please help me win? :).
I would be foreverr grateful if you "like" my post on their facebook page :). 
Just CLICK HERE to like my post. You can scroll down if you don't see it.
It's under "Kathleen Carla Murillo," and my entry says ""My 3 must have accessories: Faux fur jacket/coat, camel or black/gold satchel, and platform wedges ♥." 

Thank you so much again, (wish I could say it in infinity different ways hehe).  Until then, stay chic and keep inspiring. :)

Love, KC.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Shoe heaven.

LOOKIE what I got in the mail today!!! Ahh, they are so breath-takingly beeautiful. Right away, I had to put these beauties on my feet. And they're oh so comfy and again another successful JC buy. So excited to show you my new JC's in a later post. They're going to be a surprise! for which one I chose ;). And thank you once again for your feedback and fashionable opinions in the last post to help me decide on my next purchase.  Really helped me out in my decision. Btw, strange enough I just love the smell of new shoes lol.

I'm in serious shoe heaven right about now. :)

Haha excuse the Ikea girly sheets, got them so long ago. But I <3 Ikea! :)

And just want to thank and give a big shout out to all of my newest followers and past followers. Ah, you have no idea, I'm so blessed and appreciative of all your support.  There's almost 100!! Soo exciting :). And in celebration of this and my love and appreciation for all of you, I am definitely going to do a giveaway! :).  Can't wait.  Until then, I gotta hit the books and study for my upcoming midterm this Thursday.  After that, I'm coming back with a new outfit post w/ my lovely Jeffrey Campbells :).

PS. to not be even more of a shoe fanatic that I already am..I got two pairs of Forever 21 shoes last week as well. I really decided I needed more browns in my shoe collection. So bought these two :). can't wait for them to come as well.

Now all I need are nude/light pink/beige colors. Hmm, I'm really thinking of getting these :) : Topshop wedges <3.

Love, KC.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Floral fur.

Gray Ross faux fur hat, Black vintage floral blouse, Blue Urban Outfitters jeggings, Dark blue F21 polka dot mary-janes.

This is a kind of transitional outfit from summer to fall/winter.  Finally the heat died down and the cold fall air came through today.  The vintage blouse with floral in dark colors, really conveys how fall/winter is coming.  Added my favorite silver leaf belt from H&M. Found this fur hat at Ross! Was in search of a good one, and I love how it has the subtle fur around it. Definitely keeps my head warm.  Have yet to wear my UO jeggings because of the weather, but finally can.  Strange and intriguing really how the weather and seasons have such a powerful influence on fashion.

I've really been inspired by all of you -- faux fur is such a great way to bring a luxurious feel to an outfit. Another definite upcoming trend I love is faux leather. Yes everything faux, I'm a vegetarian so I love animals lol. Leather, fur, knits, platform wedges, socks (ankle, knee, thigh high). So in love with current fashion right now, and even more, amazed and admire your looks involving them and more :).

Thank you again to all my newest and past followers!  And I really in appreciation am going to do a definite giveaway soon, once I hit 100 :). You all are tres chic and lovely. Keep creating beautiful looks and ultimately keep inspiring. <3

PS. I just submitted an entry for the Seventeen Style Council 2011. Ah, I hope I get in. Crossing fingers.

Also! I'm entering a giveaway by clyde's rebirth .. i'm so excited for it! 100$ store credit giveaway for vintage apparel.  Been looking through the fall 2010 lookbook, amaazing. My fav so far is the jewelry! loves it.


Love, KC.

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What listening to now: "La Valse à Mille Temps" by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Warning, you'll go head over heels for him singing in French lol.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashion confessions.

Black H&M Hat, Gray Urban Outfitters shorts, Black Jeffrey Campbell oxford wedges shoes, Beige F21 socks, Navy blue thrifted belt, White thrifted bag.

Looved these shorts I found at Urban Outfitters, they have a design on them and they're light gray, on of my favorite colors :). Simple casual outfit for everyday, with a play on the color palette of black, grays, and whites.  Couldn't decide if I wanted the hat on or off, as you can tell, I'm really indecisive lol.

So the beautiful Monica from freesia blog tagged me to confess seven fashion and style secrets. Looved her blog post about it, definitely visit her lovely blog, she's so stylish ;). So onto the fun!
1) I am the messiest person ever when it comes to all my clothes. I feel bad for them sometimes, because I don't  treat them so nicely (lol i know, odd I refer to them almost as pets lol!). I have a HUGE pile of clothes in my room that accumulates as the week goes on -- it's mainly because I have no time whatsoever to even hang them nicely or maybe it's just because I'm so lazy. I vow when I get my first official place, I will have a room dedicated to my clothes, accessories, and shoes. :)

2) Right before I decide on what outfit I wear, I usually go onto various fashion blogs (yes all of your lovely blogs! <3) and Chictopia and diff fashion magazines -- to try and get a sense of what I'm loving at the moment or what stands out to me. Always love to get inspiration from a variety of places for new looks and outfits.

3) For make up, I have the exact and same routine every single day (i know boring lol). But what I do is put on my Bare Escentuals concealer, Elf gel eyeliner, MAC lipliner, and Bare Escentuals lipgloss. Pretty basic. But the funny and ironic thing is I own SO many eyeshadows, yet don't really use them.

4) I aalways always usually use belts whenever I create an outfit. I know we all have our favorite part of the body to accentuate, well for me, that is my waist. I feel belts always tie an outfit together.

5) So I have to confess, when I'm just walking around town or in school, I always "style watch." Sometimes I wish I was part of a fashion magazine and stop girls who I feel are so stylish, just to take their picture and ask them about their personal style.  But I would never do that just out of nowhere, stalkerish? lol. Yep, so my hobby I guess could be called "style watching" or "staring" or "admiring" as people walk by.

6) I am a true shoe and ring fanatic. The first things I look at whenever I see a person's outfit are their shoes! Lol.  I am just starting my shoe collection, but I tend to gravitate toward colors that are neutral.  I really don't own any fun bright colored shoes. The color palette of my shoe collection would be grays, blacks, browns. But I love to play with different textures for my shoes -- leather, suede, even crochet!

7) My last fashion/style secret would be I always find the best accessory to be hair! Haha, i know odd. But, I feel it could make or break an outfit.  I'm really into messy (but not frizzy), long, olsen-like hair. Wish mine were like that sometimes, but yes -- two things I look at mostly first in an outfit would be hair and shoes! Weird combo huh?

Would love to pass on and tag these inspiring and super gorgeous bloggers:
Alrighty lovelies. Hope you will have a lovely weekend! And am super jealous if you're having fall weather right now! :p Can't wait to let my fall wardrobe out for air. & Thank you so so much to my newest and past followers! I really appreciate you all. <3

Love, KC.

PS. I came across this designer, Kelsey Genna somewhere while browsing diff fashion blogs/sites (forgot). But her designs are SO adorable, ah I just wish I could relive my senior or junior prom again! I would've so bought one of her lovely dresses. Take a look!
Here's one I loove.
Rosette Dress, Pink

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoe crisis.

Hi lovelies! I have a shoe crisis or dilemma, and i really need your help on deciding because I trust your fashionable opinion & judgment. I'm happily purchasing my next JC's! But I really need help in deciding. I really want a gray pair, BUT I am caught in between two lovely JC pairs. Sigh, I wish I could  buy both. Please help.
Sincerely and love,
PS. this post will definitely be updated once I'm done with studying (& when i have another break hehe). Love you all so. & want a shout out to my newest followers, thank you so much, appreciate it! am also now following you <3

Okay, so here are the two I can't make up my mind with..

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Wood


Jeffrey Campbell Mary Roks

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October summer.

Light pink H&M boyfriend shirt, Blue unknown thrifted denim shorts, Black target belt, Beige target bow flats, Gray thrifted and f21 accessories.

Thought I'd try something new with my hair, I tend to always wear it down, but due to the hot weather decided to put it up :). This is the first boyfriend shirt I own, which is odd because I could easily grab any shirt from my boyfriend's closet, but I just bought one from H&M instead lol. I love it so much, it's comfy and loose (especially for a 90 degree day like today) aand it's light pink! Decided to pair it with shorts and a belt, very casual tuesday. Also because it was hot today! So weird, October is the new summer.

On to good news! The lovely editor Lucie of "I Love Fashion News," a fast growing free online Fashion Magazine from the Netherlands, in the beginning of this week sent me an email saying they wanted to feature me as their "Fashionista of the Week"! I was so honored and happy to hear that even all the way around the world I'm acknowledged for my love of fashion. Thank you so much I Love Fashion News :). Just wanted to share with you lovelies the news :), here's the link to the page if you want to check it out <3.

So have to get to studying now -- I've got so much due next week..a paper on monday, a group assignment on thursday, AND a midterm on thursday. That's the life of a college student haha. Stressful, but you & your wonderful fashion blogs will always be my de-stresser :). Hope you're all doing well in this start of the week! Oohh and for those of you who are Gleeks (like myself haha) aren't you excited for the Glee episode tonight?? :)

Love, KC.

What i'm listening to now: "I want to hold your hand" from Glee, Kurt.

Give some lovin' :).
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