Monday, October 4, 2010

Free Falling.

Brown thrifted lace top, Blue DIY denim shorts, Brown Payless clogs, White thrifted bag, Forever 21 accessories.

This really is an outfit suitable for the fall season, I practically can live in the leaves falling from the trees. haha, so I found this thrifted top which is amazing bc it not only has diff shades of brown but also is brown lace for that matter. Always love the jean shorts + tights trend, its always so comfy for me, altho in a way kind of dressed up. These clogs I got from Payless are seriously so comfy, a must-by if you find them def bc of the price and quality. I’m in love with this new bag i found (also thrifted), it fits EVERYTHING i need to bring to school, my books/notebooks/netbook, all books per se. :p.

So today is my boyfriend and I’s month-sary haha, we always celebrate each month, i know corny :p. Our 39 months today and counting. And last but not least, and most importantly, I just really want to thank everyone here and on Chictopia for all the support and love that spreads like wildfire. Its amazing how I find so many fashionable people here that are so inspiring. A BIG thank you to everyone following my newly made fashion blog. Wouldn’t have made it without all my fellow fashion bloggers out there :).

And onto another note and more updates! I am now a part of the Nasty Gal Vintage affiliate program! helping spread the word about an amazing online clothing store for vintage and new items. I personally have been following them for soo long, and have specifically chose to be an affiliate bc i seriously admire and recommend their store. Check out their online store by clicking on the ad to the left, they have great selection of JC's btw! :)

Also, want to give a shoutout to an amazing blogger, Aubrey from Girl Meets World, I've met via not on here, but of all places, facebook! haha, she's super sweet and so pretty w/ her amazing red hair. I super appreciate her featuring me on her "blogger list." Please give her blog a visit, its tres lovely: 

And to end this blog post, want to post some things I'm anxiously waiting to arrive in the mail!! Haha, sorry I get so excited over packages in general that come to my doorstep :).

1st, as I think you may or may not know, I am a huge ring fanatic, have recently just started my ring collection (plan to somehow grab a hold of those ring holders you find in jewelry stores soon :p).
And now am waiting for this bracelet/ring set, (i dont like the name btw) called a "slave bracelet," but its also called "hand flower," which is really the name i prefer lol.
If interested, you can find this via here.

2nd, finally a pair of combat boots, except with a chunky heel for added height and comfort! :) so excited.
From, it's on sale!! for only $24.00.

And will end this post with a beautiful scene I saw when walking home on University Ave. from a meeting today. Beautiful sunset in the city of Berkeley, how I love this city so. <3.

Love, KC.

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Anonymous said...

You're so sweet! Thanks for the comment.

Kathleen said...

@Alyse, aw no problem girl! seriously love&admire your artistic skills ;).

Rebecca Maureen said...

Gorgeous chicness!!

Monika said...

Love that lace top pretty lady! I miss Berkeley :(

Anonymous said...

Love this look and those are super cute clogs! Yay for Nasty Gal- I've bought a number of vintage and new pieces from them!

original seed said...

you look so cool its untrue

Whitney said...

chic look! i love your shoes and congrats on your 39th month with your bf :)


Rebecca Maureen said...

How was I not following!?! Am now :) Posted the award and your link!!

Dylana Suarez said...

You have amazing style!

Love your blog!

Hope you can enter the giveaway at my blog!