Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October summer.

Light pink H&M boyfriend shirt, Blue unknown thrifted denim shorts, Black target belt, Beige target bow flats, Gray thrifted and f21 accessories.

Thought I'd try something new with my hair, I tend to always wear it down, but due to the hot weather decided to put it up :). This is the first boyfriend shirt I own, which is odd because I could easily grab any shirt from my boyfriend's closet, but I just bought one from H&M instead lol. I love it so much, it's comfy and loose (especially for a 90 degree day like today) aand it's light pink! Decided to pair it with shorts and a belt, very casual tuesday. Also because it was hot today! So weird, October is the new summer.

On to good news! The lovely editor Lucie of "I Love Fashion News," a fast growing free online Fashion Magazine from the Netherlands, in the beginning of this week sent me an email saying they wanted to feature me as their "Fashionista of the Week"! I was so honored and happy to hear that even all the way around the world I'm acknowledged for my love of fashion. Thank you so much I Love Fashion News :). Just wanted to share with you lovelies the news :), here's the link to the page if you want to check it out <3.

So have to get to studying now -- I've got so much due next week..a paper on monday, a group assignment on thursday, AND a midterm on thursday. That's the life of a college student haha. Stressful, but you & your wonderful fashion blogs will always be my de-stresser :). Hope you're all doing well in this start of the week! Oohh and for those of you who are Gleeks (like myself haha) aren't you excited for the Glee episode tonight?? :)

Love, KC.

What i'm listening to now: "I want to hold your hand" from Glee, Kurt.

Give some lovin' :).
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Rebecca Maureen said...

beautiful, beautiful KC!! love the hair up too :)

Mimi said...

i love your shirt - the color is great! and congrats on the feature!

<3, Mimi

Anonymous said...

What kind of degree are you working on?

congrats on the INTERNATIONAL attention! That and Lauren Conrad liking your hair, all in the same week!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Your beautiful!


Monika said...

Your hair looks lovely up and the outfit is really nice.
Do you go to Berkeley college?

dadaesque said...


u look beautiful.

<3 dada

Marie said...

Congratulations on the feature!:D

Nice outfit and I like your hair like that.:D

***** Marie *****

Jess ♡ said...

This is too adorable! I love the colour palette and gosh your hair is to die for. <3

Unknown said...

Hi, I absolutely love your blog, you are also very pretty! keep up with the great work:)

can you check out my blog/or follow it at


Shelly :)

Anonymous said...

you have a great blog
very beautiful style of clothing
and i love your posts
i follow you now
and it will be cool if u follow me too

lauren carney said...

your blog is utterly splendid!
I just thought you need informing!
keehee x x

martienn said...

great pictures :**

if U want, follow me :D
new photo will be sunday :**

Martina Gallo said...

Wow! you're very pretty!
Beautiful putfit=)
Very compliment
Fantastic blog!
I hope you pass to mine and follow me!
Thanks =)