Monday, October 11, 2010

Chiffon love.

Beige American Apparel chiffon skirt, Gray American Apparel shirt, Black/nude American Apparel ruffle socks, Brown Target oxfords shoes.

This is the first item I own that is made of Chiffon, a beautiful silk-like kind of fabric. I was so in love with the white ruffle socks the first time, I just had to get another pair. So I bought the nude/black version, so loving it. A simple casual outfit for everyday wear, but a bit dressy with the chiffon. Always love AA <3.

And just have to tell you the biggest highlight of my day..i got to meet Lauren Conrad! at a book-signing of her new book “Style.” For those of you who may not know of her, she’s a big star of the reality TV show, “The Hills,” and before “Laguna Beach.” I was soo nervous when I was only 3 people away from her. She is soo gorgeous and pretty in person, and surprisingly she is so skinny (i guess it is true that the camera adds 10 lbs). I complimented her on her hair, and said I could never get it as wavy or pretty as hers, and she said she wished she had my hair instead. Ah, such a wonderful day, loved meeting her! Next on my list to meet: Zooey Deschanel, Mary Kate Olsen, Rachel Bilson, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga — haha, in my dreams :p.

Very long lines, waiting for 5pm to hit. I came here at 3pm to redeem my ticket, and waited 2 hours later, worth the wait though :).

Success! got an autograph. Sadly they did not allow pictures with her or of her. :(, but i'll always have that memory in my heart where she complimented my hair!! :D.

Also, should mention of course her outfit! Didn't get to see what her shoes were (but I heard they were 5 inches tall) and couldn't see what bottoms she was wearing due to her sitting at the table. But her top was a pretty flowy and loose navy blue blouse. And she wore her hair down, wavy and had a slight ombre hair color - dark blonde on top and light on the bottom. 

And her book so far is great! I love the chapter on "How to shop," she talks about how to shop online and various department stores. Pretty interesting. Definitely recommend buying it or taking a look at it on your next Barnes and Noble run ;).

And just want to say love you all so & thank you again so so much for your support – comments and new & past followers. I always read and acknowledge each with much love.

Love, KC. 

What i'm listening to now: "The Only Exception" by Paramore.

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dadaesque said...

CUTE AS ALWAYS!! i looove loove love the skirt!

Marie said...

How lucky are you?!:D I bet she's really gorgeous in person.:D

Is her new book any good? Let me know!:D

Cute outfit, I am loving the ruffle socks!:D

***** Marie *****

Anonymous said...

KCCCCC OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! Amazing!! I wish my book was signed :)

I cannot believe they didn't let you take pictures with/of her?! What the heck??!! Did they say why? And can I say that you looked KNOCK OUT gorgeous when you met her! Seriously, one of my fav outfits of yours totally capped off with those amazing socks :)

P.S. What was Lauren wearing? Haha, weird but just wondering because it is a style book of course :)

Sarah said...

that is awesome that you got that autograph. Too cool!

I love this look here. It is really airy and feminine. Very pretty.

Jennet said...

Haha, Lauren Conrad likes your style ;D

Rosy and Angy said...

I'm very happy for you...! and I like how you matched your socks with the chiffon skirt! very stylish as always... ^_^

Hanna C. said...

yeah!! another post! i'm always looking forward to them :)
and i have to agree with LC, love oyur hair,too!

p.s: thanks for the nice comment on my post "shitty day". feel much better now.

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that you got to meet Lauren!! I've been hearing about that book and I will have to check it out! I dig her style! =D

Jennifer Romero said...

She just made a hilarious video called Fashion F*ck Ups [FFU's] you can watch in my good friends blog Style Dude( ;) I LOVED it!

Laura said...

your style is so great and I really like your blog so I start following you!
Hope you'll visit my blog and follow if you like ;)

joana said...

SO LUCKY!!!! There's nothing like making new friends, and this is what I love the most here on blogger. Want to check on my blog ? I think we could follow each other, it would be so much fun, oh and perhaps if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . What do you think? I would be so glad. Love, Jo

Anonymous said...

You look adoreable. And I must say Im jealous. LC, I loooove her!!! Now DK isn't that great anymore - oh I want that book, must order it online.
Wish I could follow you. But I don't have bloglovin', I have blogger...

Anonymous said...

You look adoreable. And I must say Im jealous. LC, I loooove her!!! Now DK isn't that great anymore - oh I want that book, must order it online.
Wish I could follow you. But I don't have bloglovin', I have blogger...

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl! Will you share the tips from her book?

As your blog was loading, I had thought your skirt was looks great on you.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute outfit with soft colours! Maybe I already said that at chictopia, but you have amazing hair and that lipstick colour suits you perfectly!

xC-Ax said...

Love love love your outfit in this post! very simple and chic :)


The Queen of Hearts said...

You have beautiful hair -- I absolutely love it.

The Black Queen