Sunday, October 24, 2010

Suede goodness.

Gray suede Jeffrey Campbell platforms high heels, Black F21 maxi skirt, Gray Charlotte Russe Parka, Silver Nine West bag.

Hi Lovelies! I've missed you all so! Ah, first off, I really want to say sorry for the delay of the giveaway, and not updating as much.  It's just there's a lot more going on now, with my new job, as a commuter, I have to wake up every morning 5am! It's craazy, but oh wells, have to learn how to juggle a lot of things.

But onto my day, I actually took an outfit picture at night (bad time of day to take pics), but it's due to just coming back from shopping! successful shopping btw.  Bought clothes for work specifically and a few items just because :). Got two maxi skirts, one pair of slacks, and a parka (for cold weather ahead).  And off the side, got a nice knit cardi, rings, and boots. :). I'm content and happy with my purchases.

So onto the outfit, am wearing my new parka (20$ sale from Charlotte Russe, such a steal) aand my new lovely maxi skirt from F21. I love how it is figure-flattering.  And of course, my NEW JC's!! So, after asking you all your lovely opinions, I decided I really wanted to get the Foxy's. They're just so gorgeous, altho I love the Mary Roks, I felt I needed to get something other than a wedge from JC. So got my very first JC platform high heels, and to make it even lovelier, they're suede! :).

Soo onto the giveaway of celebration of 100+ followers! I wanted to put together a cluster of things to give away, and why not accessories aand my signature lipstick I always use :)! Btw, I'm going to buy the lipstick this week, so the one in the picture is just my lipstick case.  But the one i'll giveaway of course will be new hehe :p.  So here are the items I'm planning to give away to a lucky follower on here and/or a fan or friend from Chictopia :). Accessories AND my sig. lipstick just for you all :), because I seriously appreciate and am so grateful for your following and aamazing support.

From left to right: Heart Sunglasses, My signature lipstick :), aand Forever 21 flower earrings (never-used).

All you have to do is write a comment with your:
1) Name 
2) Email
3) If you are a follower on here (Google connect, Blog Lovin', or even Twitter) OR a fan or friend on Chictopia ..if haven't yet, u're welcome to follow and support on any of those to join this giveaway :).
4) Since my site is called "Inspirafashion," meaning inspiration and fashion together -- Who is the one person in your life who inspires you for fashion? Or who is your fashion idol? 
I really wanna hear what you all have to say :) bc it's always important to look back to or remind yourself of that one person or idol that truly inspires you in creating your amazing everyday outfits and looks :).

Giveaway ends a week from today..Sunday, October 31st (Halloween! haha), Midnight (12AM) PST.

Definitely feel free to spread around the word on this giveaway :).
Alrighty, and this will actually be a random winner, but hey, it's always fun to write and reminisce on who your fashion idol is :).  Kk, love you all and hope your weekends were good! aand your week to come will not be stressful, but FUN! <3.

Love, KC.

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Angie | said...

aww kc this is so sweet :)

pianistwithanaccent at gmail dot com

my fashion inspiration has to be my suitemate. she always has such adorable clothes from korea and coordinates everything so well. it's impressive because she's a super studious collegiate as well! not that many people on my campus dress well, so the few are the proud!

Lizzie said...


The one person in my life that inspires me fashion-wise is well....myself. I dress how I want and buy what I like. Sometimes I feel out of place in a town full of sneakers and pajama pants, but in the end, I dress for only one person -- and that person is myself. If my clothes make me happy then that is all that matters :)

p.s you look great. loving the shades of gray.
p.p.s you have amazingggg hair! how do you get it so straight and shiny?!

Unknown said...

Great giveaway, congrats on 100 followers :D

Follow on google connect , friend and fans on chictopia.
My Inspirashion have to be my mother, since i was a little girl i remember her in beautiful clothes, and super tall shoes, even when i was 5 years old and get into those shoes, and always fall by the way, i just want to be like her.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your followers!! =D

ciararae09 at gmail dot com
I follow you through Google Connect, Twitter ( _lepouls), & on Chictopia.

I believe the person that inspires my fashion (whenever I do dress up or think about my outfits) is my Nana. Back in the day she was very "old-hollywood" and I love that look. The box purses, t-strap shoes, dresses with collars, stockings, ect. I love that era of dress. Now, I love people watching. I love looks that are laid-back. That look like effort was put into them, but not too much effort.

Good luck to everyone entering and congrats on your followers again!

Vivienne Kongvongsa said...

Oh my!!!!
You look so fabulous in those Jeffrey Campbells, I'm actually considering in buying the same pair/colour :) You make me want them even more!!!


xxyy said...

love your skirt and top. Lovely look.xx

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

i love your shoes girl...they're tempting and sexy for a working girl...are they comfortable for walking?

and i wanna join the giveaway..

Dear Girl

Anna Dello Russo of course!

The Luxe Standard said...

killer shoes!!!

Sarah said...

I really like the maxi skirt! such a cute outfit

Anonymous said...

omg the shoes!


Whitney said...
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Whitney said...

the sunglasses are adorable!!

follower of your blog, friend&fan on chictopia :)
im inspired by many things! bloggers, random people i see, magazines, movies, mallory (my roommate) hehe

congrats on the 100 followers kathleen!

Nayantara Sam said...

I love that parka! Normally I don't like parka's but this one is a lovely color! I hope the F21 in my city stocks that skirt soon. You have an amazing blog, all of your outfits are so different and chic Please follow me :D

Rebecca Maureen said...

Yeah KC! I feel like we haven't talked in awhile :(

OK, I follow you on Google, Bloglovin and Chictopia.

My ultimate inspiration would be Olivia Palermo. I love anything that's simple and classic and she does this to perfection. She can also wear high street and make it look expensive :)

Jonessa said...

i love that you chose to buy this pair but you're right the mary roks are so pretty too! anyhoo, i wanna join the giveaway too but idk if this is open to international readers.

oh well, i'll still post an entry though. haha!


i'm a follower here and a friend&fan on chictopia as well.

i know it's cliche but my fashion inspiration is my mom. we both love fashion so much but i admire her for being more confident and more adventurous when it comes to dressing up. she used yo dress me up in girly frocks and dresses back when i was younger and i think that has influenced me in a there! hope i win! :)

Beth said...

I love this outfit! I have that skirt too in the jersey material. Those shoes are amazing.

1. Beth
3. I follow via Google.
4. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen inspire me!

Anonymous said...

omg I adore your shoes!

Anonymous said...

Hi,sweetie! I really love your lipstick, it represents you really well! This is Youko (Freyangel) from chictopia, follwer and friend on chictopia. my e-mail address is 1102ty at gmail dot com. My idol is Ralph Lauren! I love how he make casual clothes chic :) anyways thank you for being sweet and being you! Have a nice day!

Anisa said...

1) Anisa, nice to meet you! :)
3) Totally a follower here! So glad I found a fellow Berkeley fashion blog (GO BEARS!)
4) I am and have been hopelessly devoted to Nicole Richie. Girl is fierce, chic and flawless. She is never afraid to wear what she wants and she always seems to look amazing! I am a HUGE fan of roll-out-of-bed-looking-like-sex and she seems to do that effortlessly. JEALOUS!

agnes said...

tes chaussures sont MAGNIFIQUES, je ne les avaient jamais en vue en grises.