Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashion confessions.

Black H&M Hat, Gray Urban Outfitters shorts, Black Jeffrey Campbell oxford wedges shoes, Beige F21 socks, Navy blue thrifted belt, White thrifted bag.

Looved these shorts I found at Urban Outfitters, they have a design on them and they're light gray, on of my favorite colors :). Simple casual outfit for everyday, with a play on the color palette of black, grays, and whites.  Couldn't decide if I wanted the hat on or off, as you can tell, I'm really indecisive lol.

So the beautiful Monica from freesia blog tagged me to confess seven fashion and style secrets. Looved her blog post about it, definitely visit her lovely blog, she's so stylish ;). So onto the fun!
1) I am the messiest person ever when it comes to all my clothes. I feel bad for them sometimes, because I don't  treat them so nicely (lol i know, odd I refer to them almost as pets lol!). I have a HUGE pile of clothes in my room that accumulates as the week goes on -- it's mainly because I have no time whatsoever to even hang them nicely or maybe it's just because I'm so lazy. I vow when I get my first official place, I will have a room dedicated to my clothes, accessories, and shoes. :)

2) Right before I decide on what outfit I wear, I usually go onto various fashion blogs (yes all of your lovely blogs! <3) and Chictopia and diff fashion magazines -- to try and get a sense of what I'm loving at the moment or what stands out to me. Always love to get inspiration from a variety of places for new looks and outfits.

3) For make up, I have the exact and same routine every single day (i know boring lol). But what I do is put on my Bare Escentuals concealer, Elf gel eyeliner, MAC lipliner, and Bare Escentuals lipgloss. Pretty basic. But the funny and ironic thing is I own SO many eyeshadows, yet don't really use them.

4) I aalways always usually use belts whenever I create an outfit. I know we all have our favorite part of the body to accentuate, well for me, that is my waist. I feel belts always tie an outfit together.

5) So I have to confess, when I'm just walking around town or in school, I always "style watch." Sometimes I wish I was part of a fashion magazine and stop girls who I feel are so stylish, just to take their picture and ask them about their personal style.  But I would never do that just out of nowhere, stalkerish? lol. Yep, so my hobby I guess could be called "style watching" or "staring" or "admiring" as people walk by.

6) I am a true shoe and ring fanatic. The first things I look at whenever I see a person's outfit are their shoes! Lol.  I am just starting my shoe collection, but I tend to gravitate toward colors that are neutral.  I really don't own any fun bright colored shoes. The color palette of my shoe collection would be grays, blacks, browns. But I love to play with different textures for my shoes -- leather, suede, even crochet!

7) My last fashion/style secret would be I always find the best accessory to be hair! Haha, i know odd. But, I feel it could make or break an outfit.  I'm really into messy (but not frizzy), long, olsen-like hair. Wish mine were like that sometimes, but yes -- two things I look at mostly first in an outfit would be hair and shoes! Weird combo huh?

Would love to pass on and tag these inspiring and super gorgeous bloggers:
Alrighty lovelies. Hope you will have a lovely weekend! And am super jealous if you're having fall weather right now! :p Can't wait to let my fall wardrobe out for air. & Thank you so so much to my newest and past followers! I really appreciate you all. <3

Love, KC.

PS. I came across this designer, Kelsey Genna somewhere while browsing diff fashion blogs/sites (forgot). But her designs are SO adorable, ah I just wish I could relive my senior or junior prom again! I would've so bought one of her lovely dresses. Take a look!
Here's one I loove.
Rosette Dress, Pink

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Unknown said...

Great confessions. . . agree with the 4 one, i dont have curves at all, so a belt give more shape to any outfit, and the 7 one its so true, how your hair can change the entire outfit!!!!


Analisa said...

Your shorts are so cute! And I wholeheartedly agree with #1, I am so messy when it comes to clothes! My closet is basically piles of clothes because I'm too lazy to hang them haha, which is a really bad habit because I end up searching through a bunch of clothes whenever I want to wear a certain thing, and when I find it I have to iron it because it's all wrinkled -_- haha. #5 sounds just like me as well!

The Velvet Bow said...

I just love your style!

I think you could totally get away with taking style snaps of strangers for your blog, that's a great excuse!

Rebecca Maureen said...

I love paperbag shorts and your hair is definitely a great accessory, haha. p.s. even weirder, sometimes I on the sly (at least I think I'm being covert) will even take a picture of someone as I "style watch" so I can remember later. horrible.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I totally understand your number 5 answer.

And on number 7, your hair always stands out--shiny and thick!

Kenziefaith said...
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Kenziefaith said...

I so agree with #'s 1, 4, & 7! Haha. Love this outfit! Thanks for linking me.. You are so so sweet! I'm definitely posting this soon! x

xxyy said...

such a cute hat! Love it. And your shoes are amazing!xx

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

love the shorts! i wish i could pull off that colour

Beth said...

This outfit is 90's revival done perfectly! Those shorts are amazing. You look gorgeous.

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Everything about this is so lovely! Your outfit is great, love the socks in lace-ups look.

Unknown said...

I love your outfit.... such a gorg girl ! muah<3

SaffronHaze said...

Oh I only just saw you tag me on this post, you are the sweetest thing ever! I will have to get on that =)


Angie | said...

hehe we have really similar confessions! i am an absolute pig when it comes to my clothes. i use everything in my room as a closet except the closet hahaha. cute outfit!

<3 angie

Madeline Veenstra said...

Cute :) I think you pull off hats so so well! Funny about owning so many eyeshadows and not using them, I'm the same with lipglosses.

Unknown said...

I love that outfit! I wish it was hot here stilllll!!!! :(

Lisa said...

what a geat blog and lovely photos!

come by some time and follow my blog if you like

stacysaddleshoes said...

you look so cute in the shorts.the shoes are so cute and the white/beige socks are adorable with them on you.hope you got a lot of compliments where you wore this