Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DAAME Facebook Likes Giveaway!

Hi Lovelies! I'm excited to share in just a few days my fellow blogger and BBFF (best blogger friend forever) Chelsea from Zipped and I will showcase how to style the newest DAAME clutch!

DAAME is an exciting new shopping space that collaborates with members who choose the design features they need and love. Every product starts with you and is thoughtfully made, literally one product at a time. The best part is that every product you purchase goes toward helping a girl in need receive an education -- DAAME collaborates with non-profits who provide programs and assistance for young women to improve their quality of life for them and their communities.

In addition to bringing you a giveaway for the styled 'bag snoop' feature next week, I've partnered with DAAME on another fun giveaway! ...
If we help DAAME receive 550 Facebook likes by this Wednesday, July 31st, DAAME will be able to activate a KATHLEENVIP10 code for all of us to get $10 toward any DAAME purchase until the end of the year - more ways to win!  
In addition, you'll be helping those in need with the great cause they support on young women in need receiving the education they deserve.

To enter, like their Facebook page here: http://facebook.com/daame or simply click the like button below.

Thanks again lovelies for your support and can't wait to bring you the giveaway with DAAME coming next week! Hope you're having a great week as well, and keep inspiring!



Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ok'd x Inspirafashion: Date-Night

Cobalt blue Lush lace dress via Nordstrom, White vintage Chanel purse, Dream bracelet and bow tie ring via Francesca's Colllections, Nude Steve Madden heels, Makeup: lashes via MAC.

Lovelies! I'm so excited to share with you a fun collaboration I did with Ok'd, an upcoming iPhone app which incorporates a simple and safe way to ask for or give money on your mobile device. I partnered with Ok'd for a fun mini shopping spree and to show you how it works! 
When using Ok’d, you can walk into a store, snap a picture of an item, and send it to a parent, employer, friend, and ask them to pay for it. I was so amazed at how easy the steps were to use the app when walking into the store -- a very user-friendly app, which I really appreciate being an avid social media user.  

Basically, the app generates a temporary prepaid credit card/barcode that can be shown to cashiers and redeemed at the point of purchase.  To see how it actually looks and works, we took some screen shots of the app along with using the app on the day.

1) Find what you want to buy. 2) Take a pic.

3) Create an ask. 4) Ask for money.

5) Get funded. 6) Tap redeem and get a temporary credit card.

7) Show cashier.

I decided it would be fun to have a theme for the items I bought for that day.  I picked "Date Night," and ended up styling this look - went for cool with the cobalt blue yet romantic with the lace.  I chose different items for this Date Night look -- including a lace dress from Lush I found at Nordstrom's, nude heels at Steve Madden, Dream bracelet and bow ring from Francesca's Collections, and makeup isn't complete without pretty lashes from MAC.

Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post!  Can't wait to hear what you guys bought with this app!  Feel free to tweet  and facebook us pictures of what you bought with Ok'd App! Happy shopping!! :)

P.S. Stay tuned for another post with Ok'd!  This time I'll be getting back into YouTube, so doing a video of how to use the app! The video will be posted next week. Can't wait to share :).  


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hobo x Inspirafashion Farrah Bag Pinterest Giveaway!

Red Tobi lace dress, Brown Isabel Marant dicker boots via Silver & Plum, Brown c/o Hobo 'Farrah' bag, Brown F21 leopard belt.

Hobo Bags really has to be one of my favorite places to get bags made for versatility and functionality -- they always have so many useful pockets and places within each purse you'd love to have especially when you're in a rush or on the go.  Something I adore about the 'Farrah' bag is it has multiple pockets for your cell phone, sunglasses, wallet, etc. And not only that, it's such a pretty bag!  The inside has this lovely orange print and the outside has a beautiful leather finish.  

I decided to style it with this pretty flirty burgundy lace dress and my new Isabel Marant dicker booties to keep it a bit casual.  

Something very exciting about this post as well, is Hobo Bags is collaborating with Inspirafashion in hosting a fun Pinterest giveaway!  You can win this gorgeous 'Farrah' bag! Good luck lovelies!! :)

Enter this giveaway by entering information in the rafflecopter below.

-  Giveaway is only open to US Residents.
- This giveaway will run until 7/16, Tuesday 12AM PST.
- Entries from the United States are only valid.