Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ruffly basics.

Beige/cream American Apparel ruffle socks, Blue navy American Apparel skirt, Brown thrifted belt, Gray Forever 21 cardigan, Black/white Urban Outfitters oxfords.

I was IN LOVE when I saw these socks at American Apparel, they're so girly and romantic. Things I've noticed about my developing style, I have this dynamic between girly and edgy I fall back to all the time. In all realness, I am still developing my style, and truly wear things I feel the most confident in.  This outfit sums up the fashion adjective "basic," all the pieces are a single color, no patterns. But, in a way it is kind of interesting? Haha. I'm really in love with these socks as I've said, planning to buy the black and white ones next ;), or maybe the black and nude colored ones?

Anyways, wanted to say thank you soo much for everyone who gave the sweetest comments, feedback, and votes in the last outfit post via Chictopia, which got me into the Chictopia style gallery again!!

Truly appreciate all of you so much. Whenever I read your comments I always get a light-hearted feeling. Also want to thank all my followers and people who just stop by on this blog for all the support.  I really love reading all of your blogs and think your styles are amaazing :).  Keep inspiring and looking tres lovely ;).
On another note, lets talk of fall trends I'm craving to try out or pieces I just want to add to my wardrobe.

1st, FUR!!
It seriously is showing up everywhere! on Chictopia, celebrities, other fashion bloggers, and much more.  I only pray when I do try this out it turns out to look not as if i'm trying too hard.  Instead I'm planning to start out small with this trend, going for a fur stole, hat, or even a bag. &, faux fur please, I am an animal lover :).
Faux Fur

2nd, Another trend I'm loving is the big vintage satchel bags. I vow whenever I visit a vintage or thrift store, I will go on a search for the perfect one, price and quality! :)

3rd, the perfect oversized cardigan or sweater. I really am loooving the over-sized trend, where everything is comfy and in a way, creates a long & slender body shape by just wearing bigger clothing.

4th, and lastly, the sheer maxi skirt! a fall must-have is of course maxi skirts, but why not make it more interesting by adding a sheer fabric ;), not to mention a hint of sexy with classy. ah tres chic.
sheer maxi skirt

Love, KC.

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous Look! xx

Karoline Kalvø said...

Such a great, inspiring blog. I think I'm in love with it.

Anyway, you look so amazing. And your style is amazing too. Now following you.


VIPXO said...

You always have the nicest pics! xo

Rosy and Angy said...

amazing outfit! ^_^

Vanessa and Jana said...

Aww wow honey that is such a cute outfit!
Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
All the best
Midnight Couture Girls

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

i love your super long cardigan :) congrats on style gallery too!

Sassi said...

gorgeous outfit! love those white socks. sooo cute!

Las Lolicas de siempre said...

wow!!!! I love your style!!!!Your outfit is great!!!!!!


Sina and Julia said...

so cute!!


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love the socks and shoes combination!


Vonny said...

love your outfit so much :D

Das What She Said said...

Hey I'm your newest follower! Great posts! I just got a vintage satchel from my mom and ironically I had been "watching" the same one on Ebay for days! Weird coincidence right?


Unknown said...

Love your hair style and this outfits.

Follow me and I would follow you back.xoxo


Baby Budget Blog said...

Great style. Your hair looks fabulous as well!


Missariadne said...

Lovely style!

Anonymous said...

It's the long sweater that makes this outfit for me. Congrats on making the Gallery...again.

Emmi said...

Oh, what gorgeous style you have!(: I luv the lipstick, looks great with the navy blue skirt!
Nice, inspiring blog, girl!:)) I'm totally gonna be a follower, please check out my blog too?(;

Best wishes,


Tom said...

Very inspirational style....love your shoes!

Dannie said...

i looove the simplicity yet intrigue of this look. it appears really comfy yet soo pulled together. those socks and oxfords are a match made in heaven, and i totally agree with you about fur and maxi skirts for fall- im suuuper feeling them too :)

Sarah said...

such a cute outfit!

Tay said...

adorable outfit!
sweet and simple :)


Percy Owl said...

Cutest socks ever!!
I find my style is bit polar too, so I've decided that a more 'grungy' style will be a nice in-between (to varying degrees).
I can't wait to make myself a maxi skirt :D
I'm thinking half sheer maybe....