Sunday, October 10, 2010


Black DIY Miu Miu sparrows inspired wedges, Silver/gray Ross vest & target top, Blue unknown denim shorts, White thrifted bag, Gray F21 socks.

I was completely fascinated with the way a simple picture could be so popular and beautiful on a pair of platform shoes -- the Miu Miu Sparrow-print pumps.  I always love doing "DIY" projects because I can take more pride in wearing something I actually made. So for my first DIY project to post on here, will be the Miu Miu Sparrows.  My take on these pumps are instead placing them on black wedges.  

Items you need:
- Thrifted/on-sale wedges
- Black paint or fabric paint
- White out or regular white paint
- Black calligraphy marker pen

1) Buy an inexpensive wedge preferably on sale or from a thrift store. I got mine from Wet Seal for only 8$, such a good deal.  If it's already black that's great! If not (like mine) here's what you need to do..
2) If you want a glossy color (almost leather-like), I suggest using black fabric paint.  I bought mine from Michael's, pretty cheap 3$ a bottle I believe.  If you want a matte kind of finish, use regular paint.
3) It is kind of tedious to do this but for the fabric paint in the bottle, you need to draw vertical lines all over the shoe.  Wait for it to dry about an hour or more.
4) Your result will look like this:

Now onto the sparrows:
1) Get a sparrow template online.  Here's one I got, courtesy of Sarah Jane Studios.
2) I cut inside so that it'd be like a stencil.  I used regular printer paper, but I suggest using a hard quality paper so that it's easier to apply on the shoe.

3) What I used was white-out (which means I can't wear these in harsh weather haha, but it was the only white kind of paint I had on me).  I suggest using a better kind of white paint that will stay on longer.  Use the white paint and color inside the stencil shape of the sparrow.

4) Let the stenciled sparrow dry and draw around the edges of the sparrow to make clean lines with a black calligraphy marker pen.

5)  Basically, place them around randomly on the wedges and you're done!  I suggest taking your time with each sparrow, make them unique and also create clean edges.  Enjoy your new Sparrow Miu Miu's ;).

On another note, today was my little brother’s 16th birthday, he’s growing up so fast! I’m so proud of him for what he’s accomplished so far in his high school career. He is only a junior and is the starting running back for the varsity football team. I go to his games every Friday night and hold up a big banner that says “Run NICO Run!” (underneath I crossed out the name Forrest haha). My other little brother Alec is also on the team, but sadly he got his knee injured earlier this summer :(, & its his senior year. He’ll always be a force to be reckoned with on AND off the field.
Thank you so much again lovelies for all your support! Ooh and also tomorrow I’m going to the LC book-signing i was talking about in another post ;). So excited! updates to come :).

Love, KC.

PS. thought i'd start a "what i'm listening to now" after every post I write haha. i not only love fashion but also music! :). here's one due to just today making the JGL post <3.
What I'm listening to now: "I dont want to live on the moon" by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Jennet said...

That is so cool! If I ever tried that to my shoes the end results would probably look like a hot mess XD

The Velvet Bow said...

I love those wedges! You did such a great job, I love a good DIY post.


Anonymous said...

I love how your shoes turned out! So cute and a great idea too! I kind of want to do this on a pair on converse, haha. Hope you are having a lovely day!

dadaesque said...

SO AMAZING!!! i love this!!

Hanna C. said...

omg! these shoes are soooo amazing! i fell in love with them :)

Marie said...

How creative of you, such a fun DIY project!:D Thanks for sharing.:D

Happy Monday!:D

***** Marie *****

Nicoletta said...

WOW! that's a super cute DIY project!
And I really like your blog too! I'll immediately subscribe to io!

Rosy and Angy said...

hi! I didn't imagine that you are also so creative...! I just find you on twitter (I just created my twitter account right now ;p)
see you kisses!


Kileen said...

wow, will definitely need to try this sometime. how creative! thanks so much for the inspiration!

Missariadne said...

Wow!Lovely wedges!!

Anonymous said...

You know I never would have thought to try re-fashioning shoes. Now you've got my mind working.

itigger said...

Thanks KC! :) I love your blog too. It's so cute and I'm SUPER jealous that you get to meet lauren conrad. I'm like right by laguna and I have yet to have the opportunity to meet her. I miss you too, hope all is well in berkeley. :)

Anonymous said...

Very creative, and Im following now..... figured it out.
look at mine...

Angie | said...

KC you did such an AMAZING job with these! i want to thrift a pair too cuz i love miu miu and DIY projects :)

<3 angie

Anonymous said...

That's so good! Amazing! Great idea


Anonymous said...

such a great DIY ! I love how you paired it with socks and everything else.