Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marvelous mary janes.

Navy blue polka dot Forever 21 platform mary janes, gray vintage blazer, camel thrifted top, gold forever 21 flower statement necklace, black forever 21 stockings.

These miu-miu inspired mary janes from F21 are probably my most faavorite platform high heels (but of course for wedges, they are my JC’s :p). In fact, I think these are my very first platform high heels! haha. I love them so much, they even have polka-dots! I’m wearing the trendy color – camel, paired with my gold flower statement necklace from F21.
So, just got something in the mail! My awaited chain ring/bracelet! It has two names for it: “Slave bracelet,” OR “hand flower,” I seriously prefer the hand flower. Or actually I’d call it my “hand candy” haha. It adds some new dimension to my ring collection. Can’t wait to show you it ;). Newhoo. Just wanted to say, wow, thank you sooo much for the feedback from the last outfit on here and Chictopia! I really appreciate it! I’m really thinking of buying another piece from AA, what do you think of the 3d flower mesh jumper in white?
Keep inspiring, with your amazing beautiful ensembles.
Love, KC.
Also had to share with you what I'm going to attend this coming Monday! There is actually going to be a Lauren Conrad book-signing in the Cal Student Bookstore at UC Berkeley!! And i'm sooo excited! To meet such a lovely girl like LC, have admired her ever since Laguna Beach, but mostly on the Hills. I'm praying I'll get a picture with her!
If you are in the area, definitely come out to the Cal Student Book Store this Monday (Oct 11, @5PM). Ooh, and hopefully I'll get to meet you lovely fashionistas in person! :). Here you can find details about the event via Facebook.

Hm and since I'll be attending this, why not post some of my favorite looks from her.
The three C's I feel LC embodies: Comfy, Casual, Chic.  I feel like her style is really laid back with simple basics but still results in very stylish and chic outfits. Although she is not my personal favorite style icon, I sometimes look to her for fashion inspiration.  I really love her ensembles in "The Hills," especially her work outfits! Classy and polished.
And who could forget her signature hair style, with her bangs either braided or pinned to the side.

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20 YORK STREET said...

Found your blog through Rebecca's and I'm glad I did, you got fabulous style!

Btw, are those pumps comfy?


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Anonymous said...

I love the camel--so classic paired with everything else. And yes, you better get your beauty sleep.

xxyy said...

fabulous shoes and blazer.xx

Lizelisabeth said...

WOW! i love your polka mary janes shoes!! Polka meets boyfriend-blazer?! nicely done!! and you look very pretty in this post! i like your hair ;)

Sunters said...

Very nice outfit !


noone said...

ohh I'm so going to buy LC's new book! btw love the pairing of blazer with those socks, you look fab!

manuela said...

aaw your look is amazing, such as your blog
im following you!

Analisa said...

I love your camel top and I've been meaning to get those shoes from Forever 21 but they don't have it in a size 5!

Angie | said...

i'm super jealous :) there are 3 pairs of those mary janes at my f21 but they're all in size 7. i need a 6 but better yet a 5 but i know they don't make those xD they are great statement shoes!

Hanna C. said...

i'm totally in love with this outfit. especially the jacket! really, your style is great (as always) :)