Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shoe fever.

May I say, deep down inside, I really am a shoe-aholic. I've been craving over these shoes lately! These are probably the most must-haves on my list, mainly JC shoes :), ever since my Backstage wedges, I'm a loyal fan.

#1, The Topshop Wisteria2 Diamante Wedges.
they are beyond amazing, the wedge for comfort and the beautiful ballerina-esque chiffon to tie up. Pure bliss. <3.

#2, The Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platform from Nasty Gal Vintage.
They are probably the highest heels i've heard of so far, or am willing to buy..5.5''!! Wow, means i will be 5.9 1/2 inches tall. Heard though these are so comfy in spite of their height. Would look lovely with tights/socks. :)

#3, The JC Lita from Sole Struck.
I've always wanted lace up combat-like boots, and these are an amazing find just for that. Loove the JC platforms so much.

#4, The Jessica Simpson Tito wedge.
Another 5 inch heel, just noticed I really want 5 inch heels, I hope I don't fall in them haha, I'll practice with my current JC's (only 4.75 inches). This is a lovely wedge from Jessica Simpson, and it's a pretty good price, although expensive of course, but its too lovely for words. Love how it wraps around and is leather. 

So, as you can tell, I'm into a lot of neutral and dark colors for shoes, if you saw my starting shoe collection it is just that very color base combo.  One day I will be brave and buy a bright blue or bright red shoe, but until then, I'll be safe and feel confident in these shoes. 
How bout you lovelies? What kind of shoes are you craving for? ;).
Love, KC.


Angie | said...

the wisteria ones are so hot! i absolutely love the nude ones called blush

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

shoes = happiness
i think im going insane if i can't get my new pairs each month=(

Sabina said...

Love the shoes :))
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Hanna C. said...

love the wedges!! especially the first one :)

Anonymous said...

I also go crazy for shoes! .. They are all beautiful, but I prefer the wedges from Topshop :)

Viv said...

i've got the topshop wedges and jessica simpson danys, now i've got my eyes on the litas!

Mandy said...

You have a lovely blog ! :D <3
Love it :D <3

YOURI said...

i like the last one, great blog!

Mimi said...

aaahh, these shoes are amazing! i want them all too. ;)

p.s. i am a new follower!

<3, Mimi

Anonymous said...

so, have you had to practice walking in the new JC's? I have a couple pair of high wedges and I find that they change the way I walk across campus.

Dylana Suarez said...

These are all so amazing! I want them all!

Carly said...

your blog is beautiful.
i love the shoes.
i am now following you, hope you can follow back.


Love all the pairs of shoes, especially the third ones!=)

Paint it Black said...

Oh my you own every pair of shoes that I lust after I am glad to hear that the JC foxy shoe is comfy I have asked other bloggers but they have never replied back to me. They are my all time favorite xoxo