Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pleated sheer.

Pink H&M floral top, Brown thrifted belt, Black thrifted sheer pleated skirt from Wasteland, Tan thrifted Goodwill bag, Brown H&M round sunnies, Gold F21 rings and gifted LUXLA bracelet, Dark brown Qupid wedges.

Today was 90 degrees and definitely decided to wear something flowy and sheer.  Finally got to wear out this sheer skirt casually, as in I've worn it plenty of times at dressy classy events ie. my brother's girlfriend's cotillion and a fashion event before.  I definitely love this skirt thrifted from Wasteland -- I changed it up a bit tho and cut the black skirt underneath so that you can peek through and see my legs lol (sounded creeperish lol). Newhoo, you get the idea ;p and it was only $15!  Such a steal.  I'm craving to thrift again!
These H&M round sunnies do not leave my face everytime I go out, they're my fave.  Along with my LUXLA bracelet, which btw, has inspired me to go out and make my own friendship bracelets.  DIY project coming up soon!! :)  Will visit my nearest Michael's craft store :p.
And have been wearing my hair up so much lately cause of the heat.  And bought myself recently lots of scrunchies, throwback to the 90's when I was little lol.

Also, these past few days I've felt so much love with my recent feature on Refinery 29!  You all are THEE sweetest ever.  Thank you so much for leaving amazing comments and messages.  <3
I hope you all are having a lovely week so far.  Tomorrow I'm going to thrift and vintage shop with my high school friends, makes me feel older saying that haha.  Going to venture around Haight St. again :).
Now off to return all your comments and be super inspired by all your amazing blogs!

♥, Kathleen.
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David Diaz said...

I love your sunglasses they're so cute! :D & The whole outfit is very pretty as usual! You're my style inspiration! :D

Msz Jelenaaa said...

I love love love this outfit! Its so gorgeous :) Hope your also having a lovely week!

InesT said...

I love, love that skirt!
I've been looking for a skirt like that one!
I really need to have it <3

Follow me, if you still aren't ;)
Have a fashionable day! <3
IT *

diana said...

lovely outfit! such a great idea cutting the skirt underneath :D looks so pretty~ and the whole look goes fantastic with the up-do. and loving all the vintage finds~ definitely makes me wanna go treasure hunt for some goodies :) hope you have fun & find some awesome stuff on your upcoming vintage hunt!
xoxo Diana

Jessica said...

awesome outfit from head to toe!!!!!!!! ;) ;)

augustalolita said...

gorgeous skirt <3

Unknown said...

you look very beautiful and classy with your hair up! lovin those sunglasses. I gotta try them out!

Unknown said...
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Carrie said...

Cute! Great look for sprint/summer!
Style in the City

Simone said...

your skirt is the best! :)


MeganRose. said...

love your hair up like that and those sunnies are so cute on you. very lovely look as always, kathleen :) hope you're keeping cool, doll!


ahoymichelle said...

I absolutely love this outfit! :)
I love the floral top! I have the same one, but I can't pull it off as well as you do!

. said...

Even though I'm not usually a fan of the partially sheer skirts, I think that this one is the nicest I've seen and you wear it very well. I love your leather belt!

Christine B said...

love your feature in Refinery 29! :) you looked great! your always have the greatest thrift finds :) love those sunnies and that great bag :)


Emma said...

this is beautiful! i love these sorts of skirts but i just dont know if i will ever have the guts to wear one :) xo

herecomesthesun said...

I just got a skirt like this but camel coloured! Love it :) Such a great look.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Wow, that thrifted sheer skirt is a dream! And the floral top perfects the look. Looking like a gorgeous bombshell as usual, girl!

♥, Jamie

Dominique said...

Love the shoes! Cute as!
The DIY for the frendship braclets is a great idea. (:
Thanks so much for following - I'm following you now!


j3nhow said...

u look sooo pretty hun! love the see through maxi skirt!!!!

xoxo jenna

Unknown said...

Beautiful skirt and the sunglasses are very jazzy :)

Jacquelyn said...

This outfit is soo pretty and elegant!! And I really like your hair up :)


The Annette Vogue said...


Emily said...

lovely outfit, i adore sheer maxi skirts!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your feature :)
I'm happy to hear that..
I adore your maxi skirt and that great glasses
Looking forward to hear from you soon <3

*hug* from your new follower

♥ sugarpuff ♥
Pinkie Anggia ☺

Lowri said...

This outfit is so beautiful!! LOVE the skirt!



Angelica said...

Love your outfit, the skirt, vintage bag, shirt, everything:)

Marcela Gmd said...

Wow, qué hermosa falda!! Fantásticas fotos.
Besos, desde España, Marcela

Zane said...

amazing look, adore every single piece

Nora Chan said...

loveeeee the maxi skirt!!



Georgia White. said...

Lovely outfit, I need to invest in a skirt like this.

Lini Trinh said...

really cute, beautiful skirt :)

Christine said...

This is so cute :)

Love Christine ♥

Unknown said...


visit www.newyorkfashion-sh.blogspot.com

kisses from nyc

Lacee Swan said...

love that the skirt is thrifted, it is awesome! congrats on your feature-so cute!

Liz Chan said...

Thank you! I like your blog too....your outfits are so cute, like this one. And it's cool that the clothes you feature are affordable or thrifted.

Unknown said...

I love how you styled this skirt :) You look beautiful

xo Julia

Alyshia Turchyn said...

gorgeous outfit, you dressed the skirt perfectly


Cara said...

Loving the sheer skirt, it looks gorgeous and the floral top was the perfect choice! Great accessories too, love love love!
xo Cara

Unknown said...

This is such an adorable outfit! I love those sunglasses. You look gorgeous.


Chloe said...

This is just about the COOLEST skirt I've ever seen! Love how it's sheer, but still modestly chic. Love love love it!

chloe **flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

♥ Tanachi ♥ said...

Wooooow! This looks soooo cute! ♥ I love the shirt and the skirt... nice!!


dom.the.mom said...

Mhmm. I see that scrunchie chillin' on top of yo' bun, girrlll. LolZ. Love that skirt!!!

Rachel Carina said...


sweet harvest moon said...

Love your top!


eloiselabetise said...

Pretty outfit! I love your top and your skirt! xxx


Evs said...

lovely outfit! :)

Bronzed Humanity said...

So cute! Love the skirt!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Unknown said...

omg how cute are you! I LOVE the sheer skirt! and its been so warm but we love it!

love from San Francisco,

Jessica de Mardt said...

So In love with your blog and your style


Ramona said...

You look so lovely and so feminine beautiful in this super stylish outfit darling! So pretty flower print top and your skirt is soooo fabulous!

xoxo Ra

Unknown said...

Hi Kathleen! Im writing for a spanish online magazine.. and I just mentioned you...here you have the link.
Hope you like it.

Kisses from

et après nous said...

Love this outfit ! The sheer skirt is perfect !


Joanna S. said...

you look so cute ! love your skirt :)

Burn the Blonde said...

I saw a girl in a Cos skirt similar to this one today and I've decided that it's my new life mission to own one! Stunning as always!
Burn the Blonde

This Charming Style said...

that skirt is amazing! i adore how yo ustyled it, love the bag and your hair too!

Unknown said...

you look gorgeous!

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

this looks just like the sheer pleated maxi i have but much cheaper! love the way you styled it - super vintage : )

pandaphilia fashion

Isabel Hendrix said...

yeaay! DIY!! I am excited to see! Your skirt is so great!! Go thrifting!! you always find the best things :)

Unknown said...

love the outfit although I'm not crazy about the shoes. :)


Precious Henshaw said...

Beautiful as usual! Love the floral blouse and shades :)


Tribal Fox Vintage said...

Lovely, as always. Congratulations on being featured!

Unknown said...

kathleen love! congrats on the refinery29 feature!! that's super amazing! :) love the outfits on the feature and the one above!!! too cute girl!

take care, aimee
my diy blog: swellmayde.com

Run With Fashion said...

Love the outfit!
It kind of has a 90's feel. :)
Love everything you are wearing, and loove your rings/bracelets. :D

Ette said...

Sooo glad Chelsea showed me your blog.
I love your style.

I have a skirt just like this but lace ;o
Cant wait to debut it


♥, Ette


Anonymous said...

oh so lovely, Kat!
I miss you chica! When will you be coming back from LA? Jordana is actually going to a theater camp at UCLA this Friday and won't be coming back until July 8! So, we should meet up after that date :) Hope you're having a lovely summer, you beaut!


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Great skirt! You look amazing!

Jolijn said...

very lovely! love the long skirt ;)

allergic to vanilla said...

good idea with cutting the under part of the skirt! love your hair up- looks good!
xo Carlina

Anonymous said...

Great, look. Good call cutting the skirt, it looks so cool.

Peiji said...

very cute, love the whole outfit and your hair! :)

Elyse said...

Great skirt! I've been wanting some sheer pieces. Gorgeous outfit!

Nnenna said...

This outfit is so cute! I love your hair in a high bun like that! :) Also, how did I miss your Refinery 29 feature? Congratulations! Going to check it out right now! :D

star-crossed smile

Mal0ou said...

beautiful blog :)
check out my blog and follow if you like.

Janelle Moran said...

i love ur skirt... lovely and ur top as well.. and ur so pretty...
im goin to follow ur blog. check mine out, too and follow me if u like. http://thephotonoobie.blogspot.com/