Friday, January 7, 2011

Cardigan Weather.

Crimson Urban Outfitters glasses, Tan F21 knit cardigan, Black Target floral dress, Brown Threadsence boots.

Not only is the title of this post true, this weather is meant for cardigans..well knit cardigans, but the title is also a song by one of my faavorite bands - Meg and Dia.  I've loved them ever since they started out, back during Warped Tour when they had a Myspace tent lol.  Just a random fact I thought I'd share with my readers :).  Along with this kind of music, I loove Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, She & Him, Feist, and all I can think of at the top of my head haha.  I love romantic, sweet, soft, and fun songs from these artists, my kind of music.

Wearing here, my fave knit cardigan, keeps me warm in this draab cold weather we're having here in Cali.  Along with this, am wearing my new Threadsence boots!  I won a giveaway from the gorgeous Natalie of Natalie Off Duty.  They're soo comfy and stylish to wear on a rainy day :).  And one of my fav floral dresses, with a lace scallop design on the bottom, is actually from Target!  I've had some great finds from Target, it will continue to be one of my fave Super Stores, besides regular retail stores, to buy inexpensive and beautiful clothing.

Don't forget to join my Blog Shop giveaway! Created to spread the love to all of you beautiful readers for supporting my blog :).  It's posted below this post as well - and open to domestic (US) & international readers! :)

I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far, and in my previous New Years Eve post, I asked what people would like to see more of on Inspirafashion.  A majority of you had said keep doing outfit posts, but a few people had said to do a post on my closet, my bargain fashion finds, and a video blog post.  Will def keep that in mind for future ones :).

<3, Kathleen.

Also! Want to give a big shoutout to the beeautiful Denj of Hello Denj Blog!! She passed on the "One Lovely Blog" Award to me, and have to say, I'm so flattered because she's so stylish herself! :)
Now onto passing the award! Have to choose 5 Blogs. These are ones I've recently discovered and find so inspiring. :)
1) Jenny of Jenny From The Block
2) La Petite Marmoset
3) Estelle of Ash & Belle Blog
4) Brittany of Itty Bitty Bomb
5) Sarah of Sarah Loves Drawing

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Styl'yn said...

Cute!!! I love your whole outfit and I think I'm going to take your boots haha
xoxo asiahlynn

Joll Burr said...

i adore these long and slouchy cardigans! looks so good on u, and ur super pretty looking totally fabulous!

Kat said...

beautiful dress!! i love those boots!!

Frozen Fashion said...

Quintessential Smart Girlie Girl !

And what a great prize. Of course I was eyeing your boots immediately when i looked at the first picture.

She & Him I can't get enough of, in fact if you dig deep in my blog I posted a video for Halloween!

Have a great weekend darling


Ciao Ciao Bella Donna

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Sharing Lots of Love n Fun!

Rebecca Maureen said...

come to the east coast and I'll give you some real cardigan weather KC, haha...actually let me come to the westcoast. it's freezing and snowing :( yuck. i think the glasses add a million points to this outfit. love it!!!

Elle said...

you look gorgeous as usual- love the lipstick color. and those shoes ... ahhh. shoe envy! :P (as usual. you have FABULOUS shoes)

Anisa said...

AH girly, this outfit is such a nice middle finger to the frigid weather that's bestowed upon norcal, i love it! especially those boots, what a nice girly version of the doc martens!

we have similar music taste! i love lily allen to pieces (saw her twice in concert in sf! she was fabulous!) she & him is so tastefully folky and quirk (saw them from afar when they were at the levis event in union square, sf too!) regina spektor reminds me of the perfection that is the 500 days of summer soundtrack, ah!

one more week until we're back in school, ready? i know i am (minus the school work :( ) maybe i'll see you around campus again!


gloomy said...

this outfit is goorgeous!
i love that dress, i saw it several times but never seemed to find it in my size. D':
those boots are amazing. just, ugh, everything in this is amazing haha.

Natalie Suarez said...

aww i am so happy you got such cute boots off of threasence! you are so sweet! you look amazing here. i hope you have a fantastic semester at berkeley! my best friends go there and when i visit, we are TOTALLY going to have to meet up!!



Joellen said...

Beautiful! I love it. I haven't gotten the chance to comment lately but loving your posts! Your style reminds me a lot of mine :) (I hope you don't take it as an insult!)

Anonymous said...

Love this cardigan, and your boots are fabulous x

Unknown said...

awesome boots!!

Nicoletta said...

You're super super super cute in this outfit!
And that dress is really amazing!

Hanna said...

WOw I love your cardigan and glasses! Amazing outfit!

xC-Ax said...

ooooh love your brogue style boots!i have a pair too, i've work them to death, great for rainy London weather!


Yasemin said...

I saw you on fashion my legs and fell in love with your style! and now that I'm on your blog and clicking through the pictures, I get more and more inspired by your clothes and creativity! I've followed you, maybe you want to follow my blog too? :-)

Iina said...

I love this outfit!

The Fancy Teacup said...

You look so darling and cute with those preppy UO glasses and those boots! And the scalloped detail dress is a great find.

Stay warm and cozy dear! :)
much love.

Katherine said...

Your outfit is so comfortable looking! Love your glasses btw :)

Shope and Shore said...

Oh i love this outfit! Love the UO glasses, and the boots are to die for! The floral dress is gorgeous as well!

I hate drab weather - hurry up summer! Haha.


Chloe Mia said...

Love the dress!

ATW said...

the dress looks so pretty on you!

Sandra Leiva said...

You look so cute, your dress + boots = perfection!

Love your blog and style <3

Monika said...

Beautiful, I love it all, especially the cardi with that dress.
I actually want to steal your wardrobe.

Loveee Regina Spektor since myspace days. Meg And Dia are amazing too.

Random q, how tall are you?


Anonymous said...

First of all - lvoe your outfit. the boots are brilliant! :-)
Second - I've answered to your sweet comment on my blog.
and third the H&M answer:
It's great working there - I love it - the coworkers are so sweet and they're a team as they say. Help each other, aer sweet and just working there is perfect!
Hopefully I'll be hired for good, I'm there right now on a trial, so.. I'm nervous.
As for the interview, don't be afraid to make yourself the best you can be! Everything you're good at, how you're like, and especially focus on (if it's H&M) there how great the atmosphere is. that you think it look like a good work place. I said it, and appearently it's exactly what they wanted to hear :-)


Georgia said...

Cute outfitt! :)

Folhetim Cultural said...

Olá queria parabenizar você pelo blog e pedir que visita se o meu simples blog: será uma honra ter a visita tua lá. Espero que goste...
Ass: Magno Oliveira
Folhetim Cultural

Freya said...

First things first, your blog is AMAZING, secondly, your blog is AMAZING, thirdly...Well, I think you get the point...
But really, I adore this post, those boots are ridiculously awesome!
I NEED them!
You live in Cali? You are so lucky, you think your weather is drab, try living in England, it's even worse...
I'd like to know something, you know your Chictopia "Badge" well, what exactly is it?
I haven't been here very long, so I'm still adjusting, and I thought I could add it to my page, but want to know about it first, I'm not dumb at all... :) Hehe!
Anywayz, really great blog, I'm defs following! :)

Gertrude said...

Aww thanks for following!! Just followed your blog as well :) Love the outfit x

Anonymous said...

We should def' set up a Berkeley bloggers meet-up! That would be super fun. Hopefully it'll happen when school starts.

And I LOVE Your boots. I've been eyeing those boots from threadsence for a while - you are so lucky to have won them!!

xo Sherrie

Sands said...

Oh, well, my dear, I think your outfit overchics mine anyday! Ahhh, I don't even know where to start about this one. Love the scalloped lace hem, that supercozy cardigan and your kick-ass boots! And your hair looks gorgeous all the time! Not fair :P


Unknown said...

ooh I love all the textures/patterns in this! those boots are definitely super cute :) love all these photos!


Jardin de la Mode said...

Great outfit darling!

Anonymous said...

Love those shoes!! ((:
wanna follow my blog?

Aissata said...

here it's more of a coat weather, but love the outfit

MeganRose. said...

pretty outfit, congrats on winning those boots! how nice! they go really well with that dress. and it looks like we have the same taste in music, i love all those artists you listed. and thank you so much for voting, you're always such a sweetie! xx,

Angela said...

Ok I am totally in love with this whole look. Amazing. I wish I could pull off military boots the way you do. And that cardigan, that dress! Wow :)
Ang xxx

Brittany said...

I'm so happy and flattered, because you are one of my favorite bloggers. I'm so inspired with your style and love all your outfits :) And this one is so great florals and combat boots are so perfect especially on you!
Thank you dear!

cathy. said...

Those boots are so gorgeous!


Monica Kosasih said...

great shots..i love your brown boots,super cool ;D

Flashes of Style said...

Oh I looove your outfit!! And your hair is sooo long and pretty <3

Freya said...

Aw, thank you following my lil' blog!
I'm trying to build up my status, so every and each follower is important!

rouli said...

so lovely outfit here dear:))


Lizelisabeth said...

Ngaw.. kath! I always love your shoes collection! and this boots is totally gorgeous!!!! Love to read your sweet comment again on my blog. Now I'm back in the game, and will post more often.. ;p Love to read some more of your style inspiration!!

hug and kiss kiss,

Rosie said...

Hi thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
I love yours too, you have great style, I always love your outfits! I'm now following.
Absolutely love your boots here too!

Shevah said...

SO, I guess you not only have great taste in style but also in music! Awesome! Haha. I love this look by the way. You look great per usual!

Wise Rabbit Says said...

love these boots !
ive just found your blog and would love for you to check out mine and tell me what you think :) it would mean alot to me if you did !

Patchwork-of-dreams said...

I love your outfits , your shoes... EVERYTHING !! omg It's so pretty :OO
You wear the kind of clothes that I LOVE !!

I'm following you !!


Ber. said...

If I ever go to California, I have to meet you!
We'll drink coffee and talk about life haha.
Take care dear :) My best wishes for you!

Christine (Fash n Chips) said...

Very cute look! Love your blog :)

x Christine @ Fanciful Vision

Anonymous said...

you are so sweet



Nnenna said...

I love cardigans so much! My friends were just teasing me about the number of cardigans I have and how every time I go shopping I get a new cardigan! haha :)

StuddedLilly said...

such cute style! your blog is filled with awesome styling!

Unknown said...

your outfit is so chic and comfy!
digging the boots!
your lipstick is stunning mind me asking what colour do you use? xx

Samantha said...

Cute outfit!


Festy said...

I like your blog! I’m following it.
Have a nice day!


Emilia said...

i actually love everything in this outfit :) you're gorgeous

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for following my blog i really appreciate it...
i love your outfit you are so lucky to be able to wear cardigans in winter and soooooooooo lucky for living in california i love california never been there but plan to visit next year or maybe this summer yeahhhh!
back to your outfit i love your long cardigan it really flatters you and it goes perfectly with the floral dress and gorgeous boots (i have similar ones-love them) for a casual girly look

Claire said...

your outfit posts are gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

love the snhoes!!!!1

Alexandra said...

I absolutely adore yout outfit : but I mostly adore your hair. I can;t say anything else : I am trying to grow my hair to reach that length so I can get bangs!

alexandra @

CINDY NGO said...

you look sooo cute with those glasses! & you know, that light pink H&M lace blouse cape? i freaken LOVE! is it a recent purchase??

hope the new year has been treating you well, kathleen!

ps. we should totally meet up sometimes if i ever visit berkeley! <3

cins - [design3rd]

Antoinette Musik said...

That whole outfit its absolutely stunning!!!!
Are you a model?? If not you should be.


blivbook said...


Cheers, B & Liv
B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥