Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dusty Rose.

Dusty Rose H&M blazer, Gray Forever 21 basic top, Light gray Urban Outfitters shorts, Navy thrifted belt, Gray thrifted bow flats.

Whoever came up with the color-name of Dusty Rose -- I praise you...it is exactly what I picture whenever I see this color.  A dusty rose, I think of browns mixed with pinks.  Definitely has to be one of my favorite colors I'm anticipating for Spring!  Along with that, of course, all the soft romantic colors I'm gravitating towards.  I guess you can say, this post is a lot about how I looove love (as much as I love textures in fashion) COLOR.

And onto my day, sadly school started :(.  I have all my classes late in the day, which is great because I get to sleep in, BUT unfortunately they are right after lunch when I have a big food coma, as in I get super super sleepy/tired during lecture.  Baad decision on my part lol.  If you ever take morning classes, see it as being lucky :).

I'm sorry lovelies for the brief absence, but just want to tell you that since I'll be coming home late often from class, I have to rush and take photos so quickly haha.  BUT there is hope, once day light savings time hits, there will finally be more light! :)  I love how ever since I've created a blog, I'm now paying more attention to weather and where the sunlight is.  Makes me aware of the wonders of nature.

Until then, I hope you lovelies are doing good.  Everyday my kind of break is to sit down and browse through all your amazing inspiring blogs.

<3, Kathleen.
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Angela Alvarez said...

so cute!! :D i love the videoo!!!!



gloomy said...

i love the colors in this outfit!
dusty rose is a gorgeous and perfect name for it. (:

K A T H L E E N said...

i love blazers! and this one is so pretty, the color especially!

The Fancy Teacup said...

You look beautiful in dusty rose, and I adore your darling shorts too :)

Have a good first week of school dear!

much love.

Shevah said...

I completely adore this look. The colors are so beautiful on you and that lipstick is just perfect!

Natalie Suarez said...

such a cute post! and i love dusty rose too. good luck at school!! thinking of visiting one day, but work has kept me stuck in LA for a while! POOP! look forward to ur future posts!! :)



Unknown said...

this is the exact color of blazer I have been looking for! looks like a trip to H&M is in order ;) loove your outfit! have fun in school!


Dylana Suarez said...

Your blazer is really beautiful!



christie said...

oh my i love dusty pink! seriously if i had it my way, the entire house would be that colour!


Brittany said...

I know, I know the exact time to get perfect light before the sun goes down haha. Blogging has some perks :) and OMGSHHH, I want this blazer. Isn't dusty rose the best shade of pink ever? Its my favorite color right now, but it changes all he time haha :)

Chroma said...

Your lipstick is such a lovely shade on you(:

Louisa said...

Lovely outfit. I really like the dusty pink blazer!


Anonymous said...

Aw. Dusty rose describes your outfit perfectly!

And boo. First day of classes. I had an 8 AM gahh
xo Sherrie

Anonymous said...

This blazer is such a perfect colour. And I love your shoes as well x

pancakeSTACKER said...

Dusty rose is definitely the perfect name for that blazer. I love it! Thank you for your super sweet comment! I assure you the curls are not always that easy to tame, haha. Happy start of the new semester! I miss college :(


Jenny Ong said...

Love the shorts and the color of that blazer! You look amazingly polished girl :)

KAT KIM said...

love your shorts and the lip color!

Sandra said...

I'm in love with your blazer <3

Anonymous said...

Fantastic color of your blazer! I love dusty rose too and also beige, camel, chocolate...it will be perfect for spring you're right !!


Anonymous said...

Love the dusty rose blazer!! Just letting you know we have nominated you for a 'Stylish Blogger Award'. Further details here: http://blackinkvintage.blogspot.com/2011/01/drum-roll-please.html X

Nicola said...

I love this colour so much! Great outfit and I love the shorts too:) x

Gertrude said...

I absolutely love that colour! Great outfit :) x

Michelle said...

great outfit:)
visit my blog

Sara said...

I love that blazer paired with those shorts! Very chic and cute. Perfect for a day at school. I understand what you mean as far as classes. I have afternoon classes but I have been taking my photos in the morning! Unfortunately as you said that light is hard to catch!


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful outfit.. I love the colour combo of this one! :) xx

Ramona said...

I'm in love in that colour as well! So wonderful!You look amazing, so romantic and that blazer is stunning!!! Good luck at school!Looking forward to your new posts!

xo Ra

Wise Rabbit Says said...

such a lovely outfit ! love the way you have styled it !
i would love if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think

Rebecca Maureen said...

Haha, I never noticed that before but now I am too really into light patterns and the weather channel :) So, so cute, I love this paired with those cutie flats. Hope this will be a great semester of school for you, and I know you don't need me to wish you any luck to do good because you'll do awesome but good luck this semester KC!!

Unknown said...

this blazer is so gorgeous, simply perfect

Monroe Steele said...

Great blazer..loved how you paired it with the baby blue shorts

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Alex said...

very cute! :)


Nnenna said...

I agree, dusty rose is a beautiful color and I love your blazer! Also, in response to your question, I think I'd like to teach English abroad somewhere or maybe pursue a job in the book publishing industry...I'm not going to be super picky, I'd just be grateful to have a job really! What sort of jobs do you want to do?

Laura Hunter-Thomas said...

I gave you the Stylish Blogger award :) check it out here: http://theblogofobsessivecoolness.blogspot.com/2011/01/blog-award-no-2-way-better-than-chanel.html

Sick by Trend said...

so cute ur blazer!!!!!!! :)



Sands said...

Ohhh, that dusty rose blazer = love! And I love how you balanced out the softness with a dark colored lipstick. BAM! So stunning, you!


ValeBea said...

..sweeeeet <3

Toni Tralala said...

I know what you mean about food comas! I hate it when my classes are after lunch because I seriously doze off for a good minute without even knowing that I'm asleep already. lol.

That boyfriend blazer is fantastic! I like it a lot! <3 The lippie does look like a dusty rose ala vampiric feel.

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

That jacket really is the perfect color! I love the whole ensemble. Good luck with school :)

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t said...

Love that lipstick on you! Cute blazer too.


Heart Charlie said...

I love that dusty rose blazer, so pretty!

Cuatrojos said...

vas preciosa!me encanta!!

Estelle said...

Hi pretty girl!
Hehe I laughed when I read food coma...that exactly what it feels like doesn't it! Last semester I had a lecture at 5.30 pm....I would always have to struggle to keep my eyes open! I love the blazer and good idea to pair it with those shorts...unexpected but it looks very cute! Oh and come check out my blog....I wrote about you! x x x


Jardin de la Mode said...

Hi babe you look stunning!
Love your blog so much, therefore I want to pass my Stylish Blogger Award on to you!

Devon said...

That's a beautiful outfit - that blazer is to die for! LOVE the blog x

Thushaa said...

You are absolutely gorgeous and love your outfits! Just spent the past half hour going through your blog and admiring your posts. New follower for sure!



Stefany said...

I love the blazer!!!

Freya said...

I can't believe I didn't see this post!
You look beautiful as ever Kathleen!
I adore the colour dusty rose, such a lovely one!
Also, thank you for your sweet comment, I am also a big fan of Teen Vogue I'm always reading one whenever I can! (I have to wait for them to arrive here in England - there so needs to be a British Teen Vogue!!)
Thanks for the visit!

Bina said...

you have such a great style and wonderful hair.
you are really beautiful.
greets from germany

Karima Illustration said...

wow I lovee your blazer!



Jessy said...

LOVE the blazer.. you look really good :D

xx The Little Dust Princess