Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Video Blog Post! & Giveaway Winners!

Just a note: Since I couldn't change the default play-back settings, If you have a slow connection, I suggest changing the resolution to 360p for no lag :).
I hope you enjoyed my first ever video blog post, it was truthfully really nerve-wracking putting it together as throughout it all, you, my readers, were in the back of my mind most of the time I was filming.  I really hope you like it!  To me, as I bet with so many others, my voice sounds so strange when I hear myself talking.
Anyways :), would love to also hear your feedback if you like it, if I should continue doing these (of course in addition to my outfit posts), and any other ideas you have about future videos for me to do. :)

Onto the Shop Inspirafashion's Closet Giveaway Winners!!  The beautiful Harriet of City of Bugs won the red and silver bird chain necklace!  And the lovely Kileen of Cute & Little won the pink quilted purse!  They're on there way to both of you right now, congrats lovelies!! :)

I hope you all had an amazing weekend so far.  Sadly my one-month long winter break is coming to an end :( and school will be back in session for me next Tuesday.  Mainly that was the reason why I wanted to put up this first vlog post, since I didn't think I'd have that much time to do one during the first week of school.  

Anyways, onto happier things, I'm taking my boyfriend out to the Supernatural TV Show Convention in San Francisco tomorrow!  Which was his Christmas present from me :).  It's his all-time fave TV show, as well as mine (he got me into it lol), and so bringing him there!  I can't wait to see the stars of the show, did I mention they're really really cute? haha.

Have a wonderful night lovelies. And thank you once again for everything, if I could, I'd take all of you out for a full day of shopping and starbucks at the end :).  Until then, I'll continue to support you here on the blogosphere :), keep inspiring beautifuls :).

<3, Kathleen.
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Unknown said...

i loved the video! your warm personality really comes out.
i looove those heels! the steve madden boots i wore in my recent blog post make me tower over everyone, but i dont care if i'm 6 feet, i love high heels! haha
i'm sad and happy at the same time that a new semester is starting. i'm excited for new interesting classes, but sad about the end of relaxation. haha. hope to see you around sometime!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for replying to my question girl! I love that we have matching pieces too, I swear we would be best friends if we lived in the same state haha! I adore your video. You are so gorgeous and at first I couldn't even focus on the pieces you were showing because I was lusting after your hair haha! It is stunning and so shiny, I'm jealous, I've always wanted dark hair. Anyway you are so warm and sweet! I've been wanting to do a video post for a long time but I haven't had the time, you've inspired me to make time :) Hope you're having a great weekend dear :):)
Christina aka violetheart

Anonymous said...

I love the music you used in the vid blog post - one of my favorite songs to listen to during winter break! You seem so nervous in the beginning. You shouldn't be - you are super adorable, Kathleen! Strange to admit, but you sound exactly the way I imagined you would sound. And that's not a bad thing at all! You sound really sweet

Boo to going back to school. But this may mean that a Berkeley blogger meet up can be set up sometime in the future!

Emma said...

aww what a lovely video, you seem like such a sweetheart i really enjoyed watching it! you have amazing items in your wardrobe, i feel i need to buy some maxi skirts now :)
Scrapbook de la Emma

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your video and your clothing choices were so good ! wish you a great future in the fashion world and thanks again to share your passion with us !

xC-Ax said...

congrats on your first video post :)
My favourite pieces were your black floral blouse,lace shorts and your huuuuuge heels!!i'm 5 8" too, but i love wearing high high heels!

wishing you the best of luck in your path to a career in fashion, you're definitely heading in the right direction.

who wouldn't offer you a job!!!


Anonymous said...

heee kath,

yay your first videopost.
i think it was really good. the camera loves you. also the music in the back is really a good choice. makes it more personal i think.

how is the spring lookbook going?

x Xavie

Samantha said...

Great video! :o)

Also loved the outfit you wore in the previous post!

Thanks for the blog comment, visit again soon!


QuiteQuaint said...

the video was lovely, you come across so well on camera. definitely keep doing them :)
the supernatural convention sounds great! id love to be able to go to one x

Monika said...

Awhhh loved your video & the accent... I miss Cali!
My faves have to be the lace shorts and the pink blouse, so pretty and girly.
Would defo love more videos, maybe a live outfit of the day.

The Fancy Teacup said...

You are SO adorable and you have such a pretty voice! I adore your blouses, the H&M lace shorts, and of course the JC Foxy platforms that you showcased. Keep on doing the video posts, it was fun watching it.

Have fun at the convention tomorrow dear!
much love.

belle said...

you were so adorable...I was smiling as I was matching you. and your voice is so cute! it was a very nice first vlog!

I can't think of a video request for now...but i'll let you know when i think of one. anyways, I'd still watch anything you'd put up.

Angela Alvarez said...

really cool video!! :D

you have such a great blog!!



Nicola said...

Ah great video post! I love the items you picked, especially those shoes and blouses! x

Estelle said...

Ahhhhh Kathleen you are sooo adorable! Usually I don't watch video posts but I watched this right through and I loved how you described all your pieces. You seem so nice and friendly too! Thanks for doing this post for all your readers, it was soo good! Also, I was wondering if I could use a picture from your blog? I want to write about the award you gave me and I want to thank you and put a picture of you up....let me know if you're okay with that! x x x

Estelle said...

Ahh Kathleen you just put the biggest smile on my face, you are like my blogging hero and you want to use me! Thats so nice of you! Unfortunatley I live in Melbourne, Australia! Ahhhh if only....I would have loved too! x x x

Emma said...

i like your blog very much !
i'm your newest follower !
Check my blog out !

xx Emma

ATW said...

wow well it's your first video post and to be honest hearing and seeing you not only on pictures made you even more adorable!:)
thanks for your sweet comment btw & i wish you a bearable school-start!
love xx

Nnenna said...

I love your video post- I think you did a great job and it was so nice to hear your voice! :)

Brittany said...

oh you are so cute! Loved your vlog, and you have an adorable voice! That convention thing sounds awesome, can't wait to hear about it! Oh and I got your sweet email so I can't wait to see what you make!

Rania Kelesidou said...

Congrats for your first video,is very good indeed!You should definitely do it more often!!

Unknown said...

cute video!it's so fantastic to read your comments! i'm loving it! hope you know that k come karolina is also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) so cu soon!!!

xoxo from rome

Anonymous said...

thanks so much!
cool you like it
it was love at first sight {blazer}

Rania Kelesidou said...

Hello again,I like your blog very much darling so I'm happy to follow you back!!Kisses!!

MeganRose. said...

i loved the video! i've always thought you were so sweet but seeing the video, i see your warmth and that you're so genuine. ...and so prettyyy! i hope you're having a great start to your new year, and i wish you the best in everything you endeavor! i love that cape blouse btw, along with all your other favorites!
you're such a sweetheart! have a great weekend!


Jardin de la Mode said...

Love it! You're amazing, can't wait for the next blog post!

Isabel Hendrix said...

gosh you are amazing. I don't feel like I can make any suggestions, or real solid comments seeing as I just found your blog, but I do love your blog, and your fashion!! I am your newest follower <3

Kristin Eichenberg said...

I really enjoyed watching this! You have great taste in clothes.. And wheres that maxi skirt from!? i want it! Hope to see more vids:)
heres my blog, i hope you will visit and give me some feedback or follow:)