Thursday, November 18, 2010

Divas at the Diva.

The items from the goody bags! :)

Delicious aand cute appetizers.

Tons of amazing clothes on a lot of racks - all great deals.

My best friend and I, she's so sweet for coming with me :).

Glimpse of my outfit that night, wearing my faav wedges :).

After we decided to visit the Aldo shoe store haha.

Soo promised you pictures from the event I went to in SF hosted by Chictopia and Crossroads! "Divas at the Diva" :). When we arrived at the Diva Hotel and entered a private room, received goody bags filled with a Crossroads calendar, reusable shopping bag, jewelry, and candy.  There were so many good appetizers!  Wish I ate some of the cookies they had haha, but we ate a lot of Lindt chocolate lol and sipped on strawberry lemonade,  yum.  To the left was like 5 racks of clothes!  And there was such great deals! I found this nice almost tweed-like dress, a big leather bag (good for school!), and the most gorgeous fur purse! (haha, yes my love for fur continues :p).  I wish I got to meet you all -- i'm super bad with faces :(, I didn't recognize anyone really (or I may have been slow), but everyone looked stylish last night!  Ooh, but I did see Liz from Late Afternoon!  Yes, I was starstruck so I didn't have the courage to say "Hi" haha.  Also, apologize for some blurry pictures, didn't want to turn on my flash and scare everyone haha.

Anyways, had a wonderful time, never knew one could mix food and clothes together haha -- such a great idea! Def coming again next year :).  Officially my first fashion blogger event in the books! I seriously cannot wait to go to more! :). 

Onto more updates!  Just received an email few days ago about being featured in MTV Style: Top Style Blogger Looks Of The Week!  I was so speechless, thank you so much Emily! the wonderful producer of MTV Style :).

And really want to thank you all once again for the support and love everyday.  I really cherish and am grateful for it.  Keep inspiring and looking amazingly stylish.  Good night lovelies!

Love, KC.


Marie said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience, you two look cute and stylish!:D

Congratulations on the MTV feature!:D

***** Marie *****

Anonymous said...

Love your blazer! And your best friend is sweet to have accompanied you - best friends are awesome. It sounds like you really had fun. And congrats on being featured for MTV :)

xo Sherrie

Unknown said...

You look great in that event, too bad it was too far from where i live :(, but congrats on the feature :D

K A T H L E E N said...

that is awesome! i love that beige blazer

Rebecca Maureen said...

congrats, so cute.

Nac Cole said...

Bahaha! soo cute!

in other news. i love those shoes! im super busy working on a play right now, but come mid week (next week) ill be able to e=relaxe a little and get some shopping done! ill email you to see if those cutie booties are still for sale! they would look gorgeous on my feetsies!

CINDY NGO said...

darn, i totally missed the event! sounds like i'll have to make it for the next one :)

congrats on the feature!

love your style & blog, pretty girrrl. we share the same love for JC shoes. <3

i'm now following you, hope you'll do the same!

cins - [design3rd]

Anonymous said...

congrats on the continued and growing attention!