Friday, November 19, 2010

Studious fashion.

White thrifted floral top, Tan American Apparel pants, Gray F21 Cardigan, Black F21 Boots.

My kind of break I've been craving for a while now -- sipping on soy white mocha while reading my favorite magazines.  In particular, I was so excited to read the UK Elle magazine with Alexa Chung on it, she's such a style inspiration.  Today, ate out with the boyfriend after work at California Pizza Kitchen in Emeryville and enjoyed our nice Barnes and Noble visit.  Happy Friday lovelies!  Tomorrow, onto sitting in the rain watching the Big Game: Cal vs. Stanfurd :p, go Bears! :)

Love, KC.

PS. Also am really loving lately how cape coats look lovely on everyone.  Hope I can find the right one that suits me well.  Am on a hunt! :)


Hanna said...

I lovee your outfit! The combination is perfect!!

Laura Hunter-Thomas said...

Gorgeous outfit! You look awesome!

P.S. I'm hosting a Marc Jacobs giveaway, you can enter it here if you'd like :)

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit doll :)
I'm on the hunt for a cape coat too! So far I haven't found one that I absolutely love!

Love Sriya xx

Unknown said...

Hello, my dear!
How are you?
One of my weekend breaks also consists on having a look at the latest fashion magazines.
I love this outfit on you, so delicate and elegant!
New follower here, for sure!

Monika said...

Your outfit is lovely as always!
where do you get your UK magazines?
They sell some os the US ones here but of course they up the price.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous!!!!! lovely look!!!
have a great day!!!

Monroe Steele said...

i love everything about this outfit! great look! visit me soon

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

K A T H L E E N said...

love those AA pants

Anonymous said...

Lovely look! I think the plaid cape would look awesome on you!


Rebecca Maureen said...

that zara check one is amazing.

Unknown said...

Love that outfit. The floral top in particular looks cute. And those capes are a great idea. Not sure why we don't see more of them. :-)

Anonymous said...

UGH! The Big Game was awful. Not worth sitting thru the cold for. At least Cal didn't end up w/ 0 points in the end

Those capes are so cute! I bought some plaid fabric on sale from a store this week, and I'm actually thinking about making a cape rather than buy one! And I definitely agree - cape coats look so cute on everyone.

xo Sherrie

P.S. Love your F21 boots!

Anonymous said...

You do look very studious!

amy said...

You wear those pants so well
I love the beige color.

much love,
hope to hear from you

Marcella said...

Sounds like my idea of heaven too!

Angie | said...

nice and comfy. i love your pants! :) i absolutely love cape coats too, or at least the look of them hehe

<3 angie

Anisa said...

The Big Game was a BIG disappointment. At least we had 14, which is always better than the 0 we had when I left during the third quarter. DEPRESSING! On a brighter note, you look adorable! And reading endless magazines=perfect getaway from school work, drama, whatever! I'm totally digging the cape coats as well! It's hard to find one that doesn't make me look like batwoman though!

-Anisa, thelaughslut,

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit....!!

Kat said...

i love your outfit!! i always see you on chictopia and you always look so awesome! you have a great blog! im following you. i hope you can follow me back ^-^

The Fancy Teacup said...

i was so excited about the Elle November issue too! I was going to take an outfit photo shoot with the magazine as a prop, but didn't up doing so. and then i saw your cute photos. great minds think a like :)

i love your boots by the way, and your hair looks adorable put up!


*My Modest Mouth Blog* said...

Haha niiiiiiiice. I did a Zara post not long ago!

Their capes are so dope.

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