Monday, November 15, 2010

My favorite trend.

Gray F21 Maxi skirt, Silver Vintage blouse, Navy blue thrifted belt, Tan F21 boots, Brown thrifted bag.

Maxi long length skirts -- my favorite trend to date.  Not only do they keep you warm, they also make me feel and look taller, esp when paired with high heels.  Got this maxi skirt from F21 and it fit me like a glove when I tried it on - it was the right length! which is rare for maxi skirts.  Along with this, bought new vintage-like boots from f21! I was in need of some brown in my shoe collection, finally got to add some from the color wheel :). Then paired everything with the infamous belt, and a vintage blouse. Wore a blazer with this earlier, but of course being unpredictable Cali weather, it got warmer!  

As you can tell if you've visited Berkeley, am in front of what is called the "Asian Ghetto," to most Cal students, but really now lets call it by its REAL name -- "Durant Food Court." lol. Surprisingly first time eating at Gypsy's, an Italian restaurant, with the boyfriend today.  It was good! Def coming back to try the Salmon Alfredo! yumm :).

Finally am done with ALL my midterms, NOW onto two papers due in two weeks, and then FINALS!! and then CHRISTMAS BREAK! Sorry for the over-use of capital letters, but only way to show my mix of emotions right now lol.

Also! Wanted to share with you, this week I am attending an event hosted by Chictopia and Crossroads!! It's called "Divas at the Diva," and it will be held in San Francisco Union Square on Wednesday, 6-8:30PM @ the Hotel Diva on Geary St.  If you are in the area, definitely recommend going!! There will be exclusive merchandise from Crossroads aand even appetizers/cocktails while you shop!  Hope you lovelies can make it to this :), would really loove to meet you all in person :).

black crossroads accessories
Also, I'm currently selling my Jeffrey Campbell Oxford wedges!  Talked about them in the previous post (under this one) with pictures too :).  If you're interested def feel free to leave a comment or email me via

Until next time lovelies, keep inspiring with your super stylish and gorgeous looks.
Love, KC.

PS. UCB Campus looked SO beautiful tonight -- Campanile was lit blue and Sather Gate was covered in blue/gold lights! Made me all sentimental about Christmas coming! can't wait :).


The Fancy Teacup said...

i'm in love with your brouges and that darling maxi skirt! perfect fall ensemble. good luck on your finals dear! :)

Anisa said...

Ohh the beloved "Asian Ghetto," it's right by where I live so we're like BFFs! I definitely just tried out Gypsys myself and got the same thing you did! It was delish! Yay for midterms being done with, I'm currently in the same situation as you as I have two papers due rather soon unfortunately.

P.S. The campus really is beautiful all decked out in blue and gold! Saturday is going to be insane!

P.P.S. You look amazing in a maxi skirt! I'm far too short to pull one off but it makes you look so chic!


Ramona said...

First of all - Good luck on your finals!!

I just got my maxi skirt. Felt in love immediately when saw in shop, but now I have problem, I'm not sure that what I'm gone put together with those skirt not gone be too crazy .

Love this look so effortless and fab put together look!!

xo Ra

Angie | said...

i have yet to find a maxi skirt to fall in love with. this is the absolute perfect length for you! i imagine teetering around like a geisha or tripping all over the place in my case xD so gorgeous and mature!

<3 angie

Claire Hart said...

thanks for dropping by dear! your blog is a dream :) great outfit, love your shoes!!! following now :) xxx

Hanna said...

Lovee your outfit! That maxiskirt is perfect!!

Unknown said...

lllooovveee your blog! your hair is gorgeous. following!


Unknown said...

i freakin love gypsy's! i always get the ravioli bolognese. i also love king pin donuts!
I SO wish i could go to the chictopia/crossroads event. too bad it's on a school night, otherwise I would be there! i hope we can meet up some other time, maybe a cal blogger meetup?

also, I have a direct view of the Campanile from my dorm room, and I have to say it's spectacular! right now it's blue with a white bear lit on it somehow.

Bella said...

Ah I hated the name "Asian Ghetto". I was in Berkeley this past weekend for the game and things have changed SO much!

K A T H L E E N said...

that long gray skirt looks fabulous on you!

the solar flare said...

beautifull outfit :D i'm new on blogger and from now i'm your new italian follower :) if you want to follow me this is the url: xoxo

Sherry Lou Studio said...

i REALLY like your outfit! you've got great style :)


Monroe Steele said...

love this look esp the skirt! visit me soon.

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! Maxi dresses are never the right length for me, but I'm glad you found one w/ the right length ;)
And I lol'd at your comment about "Asian Ghetto." Some people I know call it the Multicultural Eating Center.

And I LOVE the lights on the Campanille & Sather Gate too.

xo Sherrie

Rebecca Maureen said...

beautiful outfit, a perfect combo of chicness and comfiness :)

Fabulously Lazy said...

Love that skirt so much!

Your Only Black Swan said...

ooo i LOVE this look! the tied-up blouse gives it something different to the usual maxi skirt look!

i must try it out one day!

x Your Only Blackswan