Saturday, November 27, 2010

A coat's winter warmth.

Camel Merona coat, Brown H&M wool shorts, Pink H&M floral top, Tan Bakers clog boots.

My whole outfit is practically everything I bought yesterday from Black Friday shopping!  I had a blast, if you were to ask me my most favorite sport, hm I'd probably say - Shopping! haha. Brought along my boyfriend, we ended up staying at the mall five whole hours, but sadly I got Black Friday left overs due to having work yesterday til 5pm.  Oh well, I was content :). I bought this coat actually from Target! It was an amazing price for a Zara-like coat - 60$, I loove thrifty finds.  And visited H&M, got me new high-waisted wool shorts - perfect material for winter cold days.  The floral shirt I got from H&M a long time ago, it is one of my go-to shirts.

And lastly, the clog boots! I've on a serious hunt, looking all over online, and finally found the perfect ones actually in Bakers!  And omg, guess what, they were on sale! Haha, excuse my excitement. It was 30$ and used to be 100$. I bought it immediately, especially when they still had my size.  

Wanted to give a shout out to the amazingly stylish Monica from Freesia blog who passed along the "Stylish Blogger Award." Thank you so much girly, I really appreciate it. And now, onto passing the style torch ;), aand the rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award - Thank you again Monica! :).

2. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
#1 - I am a obsessed with red velvet. I am truly addicted ever since I tried red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. :)
#2 - I used to have a Chihuahua puppy and named her "Berkeley," after my favorite city of course haha.
#3 - I am the fastest walker ever, well that's what my Dad said, he said he has to jog next to me when we walk lol.
#4 - I am the oldest with three younger brothers I love dearly. They are getting taller each year, stop growing! lol
#5 - I am a complete movie buff. My favorite genre is romantic comedies. My #1 romantic comedy movie would have to be "50 First Dates," I love Drew and Adam together, so cute.
#6 - My dream one day, hopefully in two years for study abroad, is to travel to Paris and practice my french I've learned in high school all four years but forgot haha.
#7 - My boyfriend and mine's last names rhyme - "Murillo & Carillo," and I plan to hyphenate my last name once I get married...I'd probably laugh (in my head) when someone addresses me by my last name lol.

3. Pay it forward to 7 bloggers you adore and contact them to let them know they've been chosen.

Lastly want to say, thank you so much for all new followers and visitors of my blog - you all are truly so sweet and I'm so thankful for all your support.  Keep inspiring beautifuls.

<3, Kathleen.


Angie | said...

that is such a gorgeous coat! i can't believe it's really affordable too. love love target :)

<3 angie

Jennet said...

Cute finds! Omg, have you tried red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles?? They're the best! :D

Laura Hunter-Thomas said...

Aww thank you so much Kathleen!! This made my week :) That's so sweet of you :) I will be posting/passing on the Olympic Style torch haha ASAP!

Loving all your Black Friday purchases!! That coat is sick, such a find too at that price! Loving your style, as always, I mean duh, that's why you got the Stylish Blogger award! :)

Whitney said...

i love your shoes KC! and you look gorgeous as always :)


Ramona said...

Great purchases!Gorgeous clog boots & shorts! Classy coat!

xo Ra

Monroe Steele said...

Love the trench and the boots are the perfect color. you looking stunning. the whole outfit works fantasticly!

visit me soon

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

K A T H L E E N said...

that coat is a great deal and I'm loving those shorts too! what a fabulous look! thanks for the style award ill for sure mention it on my next post!

Natalie Suarez said...

so so cute! i love this whole look! :)

Unknown said...

this outfit is super adorable <3 I am a fast walker as well haha :)


Oh,Wunder! said...

thanks for your comment!!
i love your new outfit :D

Unknown said...

you are so gorgeous. Any I love the Black friday shorts- somehow you pull off winter it's freezing, no big deal...but I really love it! darn it, I need a need vocabulary to express myself here.

Hanna said...

You look soo amazing! That coat and booties.. I'm in love!

Vere said...

great outfit! loves,

Anonymous said...

LOve your pants and your shirt! You are very sweet! :)
I'm a new follower!

Andreea said...

What a gorgeous coat!

♥ kisses ♥

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! :-)
I hope you´ll check out my blog, and maybe follow me back.


Nicoline said...

Love your blog!
Hope you will visit mine:)

Elekon said...

fantastic style! I adore your boots! love your blog. I`m your new follower, hope you might follow me too:)

HeartNhandmade said...

I wish we had black friday here!
i want to run around like a crazy person too!! not fair :)
looks like you bought some beautiful things, love your outfit as usual! :)

J said...

Love the shorts.
Love your blog.
I'm following :)

Sarah said...

your photos are always so beautiful! I'm in love with this outfit- the coat, the boots and the shorts are all amazing! xxxx

The Fancy Teacup said...

Thanks darling for the award, you are such a doll. I put it on my site linking to your blog.

Love your Black Friday finds, especially those gorgeous boots. That is so funny about you being a fast "walker" and how your bf's and your last names rhyme. So adorable.

Angela Alvarez said...

love your shoes and shorts!! :D:D



Anisa said...

First off, you're black friday finds are awesome! Totally jealous of your camel coat, i want one! And those shorts are perfect for the cold-yet-not-so-cold winter days!

Ahh, I can't believe we're in the same class! I completely understand what you're feeling, that final sounds like hell :( Can't wait for winter break to come as the next 3 weeks are going to suck bleh!

P.S. Aw, thanks so much for passing on "the stylish blogger" award, you're too sweet! I'll be sure to post it in my next post, yay!


Burn the Blonde said...

Oh no! I was stopping by to let you know that I tagged you in my latest post, an 'award' but I see you've already got it!

Gorgeous look!

Burn the Blonde

Unknown said...

aw thanks so much kathleen! i will make a post about it right away.

i love amazing finds, those boots are great! definitely walkable for campus.

Rebecca Maureen said...

Can't believe it's from target KC, great find!!

Catalina said...

LOVE your style so cute, follow me :)

xx said...

love that coat on you!

Hanna C. said...

love that coat.looks so pretty on you! and wow! it's always great to find something on sale:D


Lidia De Cicco said...

Hi dear! ♥ You're so beautiful!!!!
I love your hair and your style :)
LiDì from Italy

Sarah said...

Love the coat!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh what a pretty outfit .. I love the shoes!!

Unknown said...

love the outfit!! you look pretty :)

check my blog


Cee said...

Congratulations on the award, girl, you've earned it. You look fabulous in these photos, I can't believe you got that amazing coat for only 60$. Paris is the most amazing place in the world to live, I lived there for two months a few years ago and can't stop wanting to go back... Really hope you get to live that dream, it's something every girl should experience :)
PS: I'm following :)

Anonymous said...

i adore that outfit and lip color. you're breathtakingly gorgeous!

how kind of your boyfriend to go shopping with you for five hours. mine can barely last five minutes.

Marina said...

so so cute! i love this outfit:)
great blog
I'm a new follower

xx Marina

Anonymous said...

The color in those boots and coat look awesome on you!


Anonymous said...

wow those boot clogs are so awesome.. i'll look for a pair like that once i get a pair of regular clogs for myself :)

Analisa said...

I love your coat, I would've never guessed it was from Target!
Hahaha I'm a fast walker too, sometimes people tell me to stop speed walking, but I'm not... that's my normal pace! Ha. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies too, 50 First Dates makes me cry everytime, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days :)

Brittany said...

Such a lovely outfit! I love camel and grey together :) I'm the same with #4 I love having younger brothers and being the only makes you tough!

xxyy said...

thank you dear for tagging me. So nice of you. You look lovely as always. Love the shorts.xx

Katherine said...

The color of those boots is just perfect!

Liesl said...

Looking lovely! That camel coat is FABULOUS!

Liesl :)

Marcella said...

Congrats on the award! You are absolutely stunning - love this outfit!


xC-Ax said...

love the coat :)
I so want a camel coat in my wardrobe!


JULIA said...


Unknown said...

lovely outfit!

Hi! my name's martina and I come from Italy...I love your blog and I'd like you visit my blog...if you want, follow me!!! I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ^^

Jeanelle said...

Very nice coat! Perfect for a California girl trying to keep warm over this crazy winter in Amsterdam...