Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photo overload.

haha this was an outtake, but thought it was funny how sometimes it's so hard for my bf to catch a pic of me walking :p.
 Tan H&M crochet sweater, Brown thrifted belt, Navy blue asymmetrical Sway skirt, Brown H&M fringe bag, Silver/turquoise Crossroads and Forever 21 rings, Dark brown Qupid wedge boots.

Morning Beautifuls!!  Since I haven't updated a lot this week, prepare for a big post of picturesss! :)  My outfit above just wearing everything I feel comfortable in, my essential belt, crochet sweater, comfy wedge boots, and of course, my go-to fringe bag, and to add something diff my high/low hem skirt.

Enjoy the photos below of my past weekend(s)! :)

Paul Mitchell Fashion Fantasy Show - 04/17
For last weekend, I was a model for the Paul Mitchell Fashion Show, the stylist students there had a theme of "Fashion Fantasy," where they had to interpret it their own way.  One of the students allowed me to come up with my own idea and style my own look (which I was SO excited for!).  So I chose something I've always wanted to do -- An Ice Princess theme.  I LOOVE glitterr and sparkly things! haha
Loraine Laurente, a counselor and part-time student there, did my beyond aamazing makeup.  The wildest I've ever had but the most detailed and pretty work on my eyes!
My hair was also done by another student, Claire Mayo, who is such a sweetheart.  She poofed up my hair and made is soft/wavy yet big and fierce :).
The middle one is when I was practicing a run-through for walking down the runway with my regular clothes.  First and last ones, of course were during the fashion show in my own DIY dress!! (I bought the dress from Goodwill, but glued on all the little crystals all over the bodice and flowed it down to the bottom of the skirt).  Paired the look with a vintage fur coat and grey suede Jeffrey Campbells.
And then after the show we all got to take photos with family and friends.  My boyfriend's to the left and my beautiful mommy is to the right.
Loraine Laurente for makeup! :)
Her other model was dressed as a peacock theme, Alyssa and then the lovely hairstylist to the right, Claire.
Alameda Vintage Faire - 04/16
Last Saturday, I also went out w/ one of my good girlfriends, Kaitlin (she is such a stylish girl forreals tho! check out her tumblr !) ;).  And we found aamazing pieces in that faire for such great deals, she found a vintage fur coat for only THIRTY dollars!!  Afterwards we ate our fave Cheeseboard in Berkeley :).
Blogger Meet-Up in SF - 04/23
Just yesterday, hung out with the beautiful and super sweet Nat of La Vagabond Dame.  Shopped at H&M, Sephora, Zara then ate at a local cute diner.  Was so funny and cute tho that we both, being true bloggers out in the city, had our huge cameras on hand with us.  Lets hang out around where you live girly, love ya Nat! <3

And now I'm off to a blogger meet up in SF (with lots from the bay area!).  I hope you lovelies are starting off to a wonderful weekend!!  Thank you so much again beautifuls for all your support on my blog, really now, your comments just make my day!  Tonight will be off to browse all your lovely blogs! <3
PS. I really really am going to make it a point to update my Youtube with a video this weekend!!  Stay tuned loves, including more exciting posts!!! :)
<3, Kathleen.
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Stefany said...

Sounds like you've had an exciting couple of days! I love your skirt and your blue rings. Your outfit is absolutely adorable. :)

Nicole said...

That's so awesome! I really like your first outfit - looks so comfortable!!

Nicole F

Jacquelyn said...

aww I love all the pictures! You looked amazing at the fashion show and I love your outfit as usual :) Looks like you had an awesome week!<3


Gloria Zaytsev said...

Love the look above.
The shoes, rings, and you nail color are so pretty!
Lovely <3

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Fabuolous look and such beautiful long locks you have. I especially love the combination of the colours, the boots are lovely ♥

*following your blog*

Eda ♥

Tonya said...

I LOVE this outfit! So perfect. The colors together are amazing, and I love the print from the skirt underneath. Gorgeous outfit! One of my favorites..I feel like I say that every time..but they are all so cute!!!

Julie Iliana said...

love how the fashion show turned out! you look gorgeous and your make up is really pretty! :) and omg, I love vagabonds blog so it's a pleasure to see you both hang out! :)

have a happy easter!


et après nous said...

Looks like you had great times ! Beautiful look for the show ! The make up was amazing too !
I love the blog of Nat from La vagabond dame. Hope you enjoyed your blogger meet up !
Have a happy easter day Kathleen !

It-Blogirls said...

amazingpictures you look great

Young Gucci Purse said...

MMMM LOVE the sweater and belt over a maxi dress! As soon as I can find a maxi the appropriate length for someone who's on teh short side I can't wait to pull out this look! I also think maxi's look great with crop tops over it.

Ramona said...

So great inspiration, You looked amazing!! What a busy days You have, thats fabulouse!

I so love your fringe bag and rings most of all! But I like layering as well and asymmetrical skirt is so fantastic!

Happy Easter to You and your family!

xoxo Ra

Anonymous said...

Hey Kat! I had a great day with you yesterday! I'm so glad we finally met in person :) And yes, you should definitely come down to my area sometime to play! Have fun in sf today! and happy easter weekend<3

xx natalie

Katie said...

sounds like a lot of fun! i love the eye make-up & dress for the fashion show! enjoy the blogger meet-up! (ohh i can't wait to visit SF next summer!)

PS that pizza looks dee-lish.
katie x
{glass of fashion}

Catherine said...

nice outfit darling, love your sweater xxx

Unknown said...

You look stunning! Great outfit:)

TrophyBoutique said...

What a fun week! I love how the skirt is long in the back. Super cute. AND THAT EYE MAKEUP! Whoa.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen! You are SUCH a busy girl. I love your asymmetrical skirt - and your boyfriend is a great photographer. He takes better pictures than mine does, at least.

I wish I could've gone to that Paul Mitchell show! That make-up is crazy - I love it though. You are such a gorgeous model. AND Deanna was telling me on the BART ride back that you are going to be in BARE's next issue - I had no flippin' idea! But I loved hanging out w/ you today! We need to go shopping/hang out/eat/whatever soon.

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

diana said...

what a great outfit on you!
It looks so natural and yet immaculately styled :DD the makeup for the PM show be crazyyy~ and lovely photos from your outing! totes cute ;p xo Diana

The Fancy Teacup said...

That's so cool you and Natalie got to hang out. She is such a cool and stylish doll. Your make up for the Paul Mitchell shows looked so awesome, what a great experience. Have a great Easter, hun!
much love.

Jordana Lilly said...

That eye make up is FIERCE! ♥ Love your diy dress. Cute photos guuurl!xx

♥ Jordana

Isabel Hendrix said...

wow, wow, wow! what a full post! I am going to go from the top: I looove your rings, especially the turquoise one with the two stones.. and your dress is great, the shorter in the front and longer in the back is such a nice look I think. That fashion show looks like so much fun! I love how your hair was done! really fabulous! It sounds like you had a nice time with your blogger friends! None of my good friends are bloggers, so I am jealous of the connection you can have with them.. Have a fun time in San Francisco (my hometown) with the blogger meet up! And I cant wait for your next youtube video, they are always the best!

Natalie Suarez said...

u look so cute with that eye makeup! i love it! :)


wow so stunning this make up :)
By the way i adore your hair and your shoes

Anonymous said...

What an unusual skirt! Love it!

And wow you make a beautiful ice princess! LOVE the eye make up!

Emma x

Kaye said...

that makeup is intense! very twiggy-like. you looked amazing at the show, and I love your dress and your rings in your outfit pictures.

hope you're having a lovely weekend (:

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was nice meeting you at the Blogger Event yesterday. Glad your blog is on Bloglovin so I can follow you!

Chloe Chante Leenheer said...

Nice post!
Love youre blog!
I'm following now
wanna follow me?

Emily said...

I love your makeup! It's totally out there, but you still look cute!
Also, your boots are perfection.


Styl'yn said...

Very cute outfit!! I love it and I love your fphotos.. hope you had great fun!
xoxo asiahlynn

the ineffable soul said...

gorgeous outfit, love your sweater :) x said...

Wow, what cool makeup. ANd i love this look and outfit. I almost bought that purse at H&M. Fringe is so cute. You have a great blog, following now

I have a fashion blog right over the bay in SF. hehe

Tanya said...

Love your Ice Princess make-up <3 She did a really good job!!! You looked beautiful! As usual :)

Joellen said...

All your photos are beautiful! Love your runway look!

And I found her blog last week, and I noticed you in the polaroids on her blog! I was like omg it's Kat!

Krtistine and I are the same way, whenever we go out we've always got our cameras haha!


The Girl With a Feather said...

I just found your blog and I love it already! This outfit is great, I love the asymmetrical hem and your sweater! :)

cryskay said...

as always, i love all the looks you put together! i wanted to go to the alameda vintage fair but sadly i'm not in the bay area this weekend. yayy for photo overload! xx

GretchTM said...

1. Love your outfit! That brown top is adorable.

2. Love your ice princess look! The makeup is amazing. I bet you had such a wonderful time!!

Katherine said...

I just found your blog - loving it! You have such fabulous style and I adore your hair as well (I love anybody who can pull off bangs as fabulous as you!) Just followed :)

Unknown said...

i love love love your outfit at the top of this post!!!


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love your victorian-esque ankle boots, turquoise rings, fringed bag, and elegant monochromatic color scheme! =)

char said...

thanks for following! i've actually been following your blog for quite a while now :)

Elyse E said...

What a week! The runway thing must have been quite an experience, great idea the ice queen love it! :)

Chyrel Gomez said...

i love the skirt and i wanna steal the look, kathleen! :)

the photos are amazing and looks like you had a great time. :)

Happy walker said...

nice blog... visited here with a smile, take care always... feel free to visits me back at (A Growing Teenager Diary)... thanks ~~~

Blake Jacobsen said...

You have such a beautiful smile. @___@
I love your asymmetrical skirt, by the way!