Sunday, May 8, 2011

Red with a leopard.

 Dark blue Goodwill thrifted L.E.I. leopard collar jean jacket, Tan H&M crochet sweater, Brown thrifted belt, Black Topshop stud shorts, Red c/o Romwe dark red tights, Black Urban Outfitters boots.

wearing this red outfit to spread the message for the 

Japan Earthquake Wear Red Wear Hope Relief Fund

  donate here to Redcross to aid all victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

Hi Beautifuls!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!  (esp to all the super stylish mommy bloggers out there!! you're all so inspiring!) I had such a fun mother's day this year, although I celebrated it early with my mommy, I treated her out to her fave thrift store, Goodwill (we both love thrifting) -- and she definitely was the first to show me actually what "thrifting" was.  We found so many items for only $40!  Check out my very first haul video on my Youtube channel below.
I found this amazing L.E.I. jean jacket with a pretty leopard collar, so unique.  Man, I still remember wearing L.E.I. jeans back in middle school! ;P Who knew i'd wear them again? haha. And for the title of this post, I always get writer's block..I wanted to put the words "leopard" and "red" together..and came up with that sentence lol.
And this really has to be one of my most rocker-esque type outfits ever, yep I can be tough at times too!! lol
And got my new Romwe red tights, I love them!!  K, really now, I've dealt with lots and lots of diff types of tights, and their tights have like noo snagging whatsoever, which is super important for me, being a "tight connoisseur" haha jk, but i do wear tights a lot!  And i love how they're the first pair of colored tights i own! and they're my fave kind, sheer! :)
As said before, I've started an official Facebook page for my blog! :)  And just looking back at how this blog has started, really gets me all emotional (yes, this blog is like my baby).  I started out on Chictopia and moved on to here, but will save that story for later :); I just want to say a big thank you to all of you beautifuls!!
Onto a new chapter for my blog, would loove if you would give some likin' (aand lovin') to Inspirafashion's official facebook page! :)

Talk to you sooon lovelies! t-minus 3 days until I'm done with school then freeedom and SUMMAA time, fun in the sun! ;).

<3, Kathleen.
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cute blog! I’ll follow you!
I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on Bloglovin and on Facebook:-)

Unknown said...

such a fun look!! Love the shorts!

Unknown said...

oh wow, a fashionable mom and daughter duo! happy mother's day to your mom!

celeste said...

this look is wonderful! i really love that jacket with the leopard print collar.

Isabel Hendrix said...

oooh! Kathleen! This is such a great look for you! wow! your shorts, and the jacket.. and your boots.. ahh everything is perfect. Looks like you got great things at Goodwill with your mom! I love thrifting with my mom too, she has great taste :) have a good week!

Toni Tralala said...

Happy Mothers Day to your mom! It's sweet that you get to shop together! I've seen Goodwill down the street from where I live but didn't really think that they had great buys. Now, I have to take a peek! :)

Julie Iliana said...

you are SO lucky your mom loves thrifting! I wish my mom did, she actually hates it lol. whatevs! glad you had a great time with your mom in one of the best stores in the world ;)

I love your red tights! and for a great cause ♥


The Fancy Teacup said...

That's so cute that you and your mom went thrifting together. And tights that don't snag? Count me in! You look like a bombshell, and loving the edgy vibe on you, Kathleen. Yay for summer!
much love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat!
I looove that denim jacket with the leopard collar :)
You look so cuute!
And omg, I am so so green with envy that you get out of school in just a couple days! grrr, I am dreading finals... hahah
xx natalie

Stefany said...

I love your haul video! The silk blouse with the ruffles is so cute. :) Thrifting sounds like a perfect mother's day to meeee!

Unknown said...

this is so 80s! i love it!
good luck with finals!

maria. said...

That jacket is to die for

Emma said...

wow really no snagging? i agree on the importance of that, mine ALWAYS snag and get holes in them, i swear i spend more on tights than food haha. anyway, you are simply gorgeous and so very cool, im pretty sure if i saw you in the street id be like omg that girl is way too cool for me. you are working this edgy ensemble perfectly but you never come across as being over the top or appearing full of yourself which i love, cos you're just so sweet. ok rant over :) xo

Jacquelyn said...

Wow love that first picture, it looks like it should be in a hair commercial! haha you have gorgeous locks. I so need a pair of tights that do not snag..I swear all my tights are ripped somewhere. And your jacket is an awesome find!! Love your whole rocker look :) <3


sweet harvest moon said...

Love the jean jacket!

Angie | said...

you look stunning and so 90's biker chic! :) amazing fierce pose/smize too haha. gl with finals if you're not done yet. can you believe we'll be seniors in the fall!?


Evs said...

you are beautiful and you have great outfit ♥
i follow you back ;) your blog is lovely


et après nous said...

Your denim jacket is The perfect piece ! I'm so jealous you found it ! I'm searching for one like this !
Looks like you had a great thrifting day with your mom !
Thanks for sharing this video !

Daria said...

So colourful :) Great outfit, kinda modern 90'es, i love it.

Great blog you have, and...yeah, I follow you :D


Sarah said...

I'm liking the jacket, i've seen a girl diy this style collar on her blog, may have to do this myself since I love it so much!


Laura said...

Thanks for following! Really love your shorts, potential diy project I think! x

LINDHO said...

I ADORE your jacket!
it's so cool! <3
.... and you look beautiful ofc. <3

The Disco Pony Girl (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

This is completely gorgeous, amazing as EVER! I want to deck you out so bad in Disco Pony! It was made for you I swear! I have even designed a jacket with sequin leopard print collar! TADAA, made for you...right!!!
Lots of love
Zoey @ makeshiftmodel xx

Anonymous said...

I lurrrrrrve this outfit! Its so edgey. My favourite is definitely the leopard print collar on the denim jacket - makes me want to put a different material on my collar to jazz it up a bit

Little Humble Fashion Abode

Catherine said...

oh wow!! Amaziiiing. I love love LOVE your jacket, so great with the leopard collar! You have gorgeous style xx

It-Blogirls said...

Amazing outfit
you look so great!
these pictures are incredible, des bisous

Anonymous said...

jacket ♥

fashionismyh2o said...

Goooorgeous look! Those shorts are absolutely fabulous + I love the edge the red tights give!


Anonymous said...

i'm in love with your style!!

Summer said...

Such an amazing jacket! You suit it so much xox

Unknown said...

Lovely video (:

You are invited to the GIVEAWAY on my blog, anyway! Check it out (:

Anonymous said...

You're so cute to listen to and look at :)
Love the outfit and the jacket with the leopard - looks good, girl!

Cara said...

Great jacket, and I love those boots!
xo Cara

Christine B said...

thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, your so pretty and awesomely cool! :D im totally diggin this look I LOVE the pop of colour with the red stockings,your so creative with all your looks!

Joanna S. said...

beautiful photos ! :)
i love your sweater and shoes <3


Suz said...

So cute!!!! :)

K A T H L E E N said...

that thrifted jacket is such a great find! love the leopard collar!

Unknown said...

In love with those shorts! Great look!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Anonymous said...

I really like this outfit, especially the short and your shoes :)

cryskay said...

yay for another video. you are too cute! i could never film myself on camera so props to you girlie. i've seen many bloggers wear red but i have to say, your red tights triumphs all! love it. i sound like a broken record but you look amazing as usual. have a great week! xx

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Where do I start? Your shorts are perfect, your hair is amazing, those shoes? The leopard collar? AHHHH. Too much goodness in one outfit! xo

(I am having a buffalo tooth necklace give-away if you're interested!)
strawberry freckleface

Jenny Ong said...

You are seriously so cute Kathleeeen! Glad you + your mummy had fun thrifting together. My mom personally disapproves my thrifting so I could never drag her with me lol.

I was JUST looking up DIYs for the leopard-collar denim jackets and then I decided to visit your blog hahah. It looks so good... and yeah, L.E.I... oh middle school.


Lynzy said...

UHM LOVE this outfit and the deniim jacket with the fur collar-so adorable on you love! :)
xo Lynzy

Ramona said...

it's so amazing what does red tights to look. It's just perfect touch to your rocker- esque outfit.
You have got some wonderful and so stylish pieces.
Hope You soon feel better.
Take care!

xoxo Ra

beryl said...

the leopard collar is AMAZING. seriously obsessing over it. and those studded black shorts too! wowowow great outfit :)


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

The leopard collar is seriously wonderful! Also, this is a bit random, but I think you would really suit ombre hair! You are so pretty!


trixiemcgee said...

gurrll i'm so glad we were able to meet! and hell yes you mustttt hit us up when ur in LA and we will totally go all out singing im on a boat ;)) and we can hit the beach in yo new swimsuit! hopefully we can stalk mr franco as well ;) hahaha
ps. super awesome shortttss!<33

Grace said...

Love your hair and the belt :D


Unknown said...

That so cute! Love the jacket! XO Raspberry & Rouge

Lynnette Joselly said...

love those boots! i think those are the same ones you were wearing with the cut off denim shorts... i featured that outfit on my blog!



yamilla said...

whaah you look amazing again!! so cute to see you talking! you are great!:D


hannah, heart city said...

aw shoot- what a jacket! rare find.

Blake Jacobsen said...

Totally gushing over that leopard collar denim jacket (and you, for that matter!).


james said...

hello pretty lady!! omgosh that sounds like such an amazing mothers day!! youre too sweet :) and that leopard collar jacket is the! and omgosh i remember wearing L.E.I back in middle school too lol!! you look so cute and yes, TOUGH!! hehehe :) and YES you can borrow my shorts girly! you can borrow anything from my wardrobe love, seriously! i have so many items i know you'd love! just shoot me an email with your address :) the kimono robe is ALMOST done and if you like it you can totally borrow it too! and youre lucky youre done with school.. i have two more weeks :) and HELLS YES this means we get to do a SF trip, YAY!! i was thinking id rather drive us to SF rather than take the bart? that way we arent constricted to where we wanna go? idk.. we'll see?! muah! have a great time off of school! see ya later alligator! :)

Claire M. said...

Lovely outfit :)

Claire M.

Nora Chan said...

this is so cute I love it! :)


Msz Jelenaaa said...

i love that jacket! You look gorgeous :)

Christine said...

This is really beautiful ^^

Xoxo Christine

Emanuela said...

great post n video, love the jacket and awesome shorts!!! :)

xo Emma

Rene Braun said...

Lovely blog! Come to visit my blog too :))



Charity said...

I love your blog i hope that we can follow each other!

Anonymous said...

I just got some red tights and my latest post is on how I want to style them! I love how you styled yours, just found your blog and I love it! x

Sid said...

love your jacket!

Rebecca Maureen said...

KC it's finally up! here's the link:

thanks again :)

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

What a great unique collar! Adds that special something to an otherwise casual denim jacket...supercute!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Passport Smiles said...

Wow red and daring. I love to see outfits that are bold like this. I just found you blog and heart your style.

Your Only Black Swan said...

this is my first visit to your blog! thanks to a mention on Ash and Belle Blog xo

your video is too cute and your red tights and cute denim/fur collar jacket are banging! totally loving the look and your hair looks SO HEALTHY too! i will be visiting again - you got yourself a new follower :)

come stop by sometime,

x Lauren

Unknown said...


Ali said...

Love the jeans Jacket i like it...

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