Saturday, May 21, 2011

MobShop Guest Curating & Berkeley Sale!

Hi Beautifuls!!  Happy Saturday!  Sooo, a lot of things have been happening this week (sorry for the absence again) but I promise, things will be back up and running on my blog this upcoming week with more posts :).  Few things that happened so far for me:  Thursday, attended the Shourouk Jewelry Designer event at La Boutique in SF!  Friday: attended my boyfriend's graduation at Cal!  aand took photos for my little brothers off to their Junior and Senior Prom (they grow up soo fast!)  And today, going to my boyfriend's graduation party.
But I also wanted to share with you some reaaally exciting news!  I was contacted by Lauren and Romy, the lovely founders of MobShop, both a webstore and a mobile high-end showcase of American-made brands and vintage at incredibly competitive prices. They find unique and unexpected locations in which they create a boutique atmosphere that is only available for one day.  
Right now they're doing an exciting trip all around California and already had one in San Francisco, will have one soon in LA and other areas of CA, and THIS WEEKEND is having one in Berkeley! :)

The exciting news!...They asked if I would like to be a guest curator for their shop and curate a vintage collection on their site.  Of course I happily said YES!  
And soo, I wanted to personally invite you my readers to this event they will be having this weekend!  They will be having a vintage/designer clothing sale at Berkeley today Saturday, and tomorrow Sunday!  It's so cute too that they're having it at a safari-tented Bohemian garden! :)

I will be at the Berkeley MobShop Sale on Sunday!!  If you want help styling by me or just want to hang out, have a fun-filled day of Vintage Shopping, come out to this event! :)  If you're in the Bay Area, I can't wait to meet you all! :) 
PS. The vintage collection I will be guest curating, will be up on their website soon after this event :).  Keep on the look out!

Enjoy a few pictures from recent MobShop's they've had around California so far! :)

Come out to the Berkeley event!  I'll be there on Sunday, hope to see you there!! :)  
Have an amazing fun and sunny weekend Beautifuls!  Keep inspiring!!  And once again, thank you so much again for all your support.  <3

<3, Kathleen.
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Emanuela said...

Nice photos love all the sunnies, have fun!!! :D

xo Emma

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thank you for your cmmnt, I'm following you as well! :)


Angie | said...

congrats to your bf! this is exciting, have fun at the sale and take lots of photos! do you edit your photos in picasa? i like the little collages you make

<3 pandaphilia

Unknown said...

Wow, this is so exciting you got invited to create an outfit for them. Congrats. that will be a lot of fun and you'll do great. Can't wait to see what you should post hehe. Have fun at the event in Berkeley.

Thanks for stopping by too

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looks fun! were i in america right now, i would definitely make a visit!

Katie x


lovely blog i'm following!

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Nice post :D
I like your blog. If you want, you follow me. I'll follow you too :)
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Lovely photos!

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Hi! Nice photos...
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Great!! interesting.. thanks for sharing!!


trixiemcgee said...

sorry this reply is super late but thank you so much for linking me to the lilac lipstick!! i ordered it i'll let you know how it pans out ;) hope all's well<3

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i wish i could be there! =)

Christine B said...

I wish I could go to all these events in the US! we Canadian blogger's don't to get out much! :) thanks for taking time out to visit and comment on my blog :) only a few popular bloggers seem to comment back to their followers! your the best, keep up all the great work Kathleen! :)

Move said...

great photoos!