Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh mr. sun sun, mr. golden sun.

Haha, so i never really show the outtakes a lot, but thought these shots were funny cause I was trying to make my hair blow in the wind more, apparently there wasn't a lot of wind to work with :p.
White H&M (thrifted from Buffalo Exchange) crochet vest, White chiffon floral blouse thrifted from Crossroads, Burgundy red Casper&Pearl floral headband, Blue Urban Outfitters jeggings, Brown Qupid wedges, Crossroads and Forever 21 rings.

You have noo idea how much I've missed the sun, and today I finally was able to get my long-awaited dose of vitamin D.  The blue-no-clouds-in-the-sky-nothing-but-sun kind of days are those that make me truly happy.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do love snuggling up warm in a blanket or oversized sweater on a rainy day with hot cocoa in hand, but just the sight of the bright sun brings me to a whole other level of happy :).  Yea, call me little miss sunshine :P.
The weather also predicts the kind of outfit I'd like to wear, and so with spring on it's way, why not wear my new accessory I just received in the mail this past weekend!  I recently won a giveaway from Casper&Pearl! They create hand-made beautiful items, and this floral headband they sent me is beyond beautiful.  The color alone is so lovely and delicate, a unique burgundy red for a floral headband.  This beauty will be on my head this whole spring season that's for sure :).  Thank youu for sending me this! :)  Also, in addition to wearing floral headbands, I caan't wait to bring out all my sheer chiffon flowy clothing for Spring as well! lovelove this weather :).
So onto the title of this blog post -- it's a happy song from Barney I listened to when I was a kid, and reminded me of how happy it made me when the sun was out.  Yeah, I was that little girl who used to watch Barney too!! And I'm not ashamed! lol :P

Anyways, also a vlog post is coming your way girls!  Aaand a giveaway!  I hope your weeks are going well so far!  I have super great news to tell you, once the item arrives at my door-step :).  Also, this past weekend was the Trendy Rose Spring Photoshoot!  The models were impeccable, the photographer aamazing, the makeup artist beautiful, and the producer/director rocked it.  I also styled every look!!  I can't wait for you lovelies to see the final product.  I'm aiming for it to be out soon, so definitely keep a look out for it! :)  For now, here is a sneak preview shot from the photoshoot!! :)
Model: Mingi Kang, Photographer: Rose Silvestre, Stylist: myself, Makeup: Talia Cendana

And again thank you so so much lovelies to all past and new followers, and for your sweetest comments, yea as corny as it sounds, I do smile inside when reading every one of them :).  Have an amazing week and always keep inspiring beautifuls!!! :)
PS. I'll leave you with another happy "sun" song :)..by my favorite band of course, She & Him.
<3, Kathleen.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

70's flare lovin'.

Light pink H&M lace blouse, Brown thrifted belt, Dark blue H&M flare jeans, Gray Jeffrey Campbell suede Foxy's, White Goodwill vinyl bag, Brown Forever 21 feather earrings.

Hi Lovelies!!  The rest of my week has been veryy hectic for preplanning for the photoshoot I'm styling for this weekend for the fashion website called Trendy Rose!  I am soo very excited to share with you all the lookbook once it's all finalized and put together :).  I put a lot of hard work into this so I hope it turns out good!  Anyways, that is the reason of my little hiatus, sorry loves for the absence :/.  I definitely want to still create a vlog post soon for my Youtube channel, one will most likely be created soon before school starts! :)

Aand along with preparation for the shoot, I have been on-and-off shopping, sigh I went to the local mall with my boyfriend just to window-shop, came out with two BIG bags from H&M and F21.  Sigh, I can't help it!  And here I am wearing one of my newest purchases from H&M, a 70's inspired flare jeans..they fit me perfectly!  And the price was aamazing for the great quality, only $40!  Definitely recommend visiting your H&M because they also have other flares for only $20!  Love that thrifty shopping right there ;).  And also, wearing my other H&M lace pink blouse.  To make the outfit even more 70's (a fashion era as you can tell I'm simply looving at the moment), decided to wear my sky-high Jeffrey Campbell foxys :).  
I recently was contacted by the lovely Mina of Even Artichokes Have Hearts Blog, who nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award!  Thank you so much girl!!  I really appreciate it :).  So I will now pass on this lovely award to 10 bloggers I feel have made a creative contribution to the blogosphere, as Mina has said in her blog post about this: "whether it be through a creative design/photo's or creative and unique posts, crafty diy pursuits, or simply some great creative personal style."  In all reality though, each of my readers, definitely deserves this, your creativity inspires me everyyy dayyy :).
Also, along with this have to list 10 things about myself:
1) I have been a pescetarian (no meat but fish) for about 6 years now and still going.
2) Which leads me to..I can't give up fish, because I love sushi WAY too much, and also for Filipino food, theres a dish called "Sinigang," really good fish soup with veggies, SO GOOD.
3) I'm a food lover, but I'm more of a sweets-lover -- all time favorite sweets: Red Velvet cupcakes and Banana Cream Pie from Nation's, YUMM.
4) In junior year of high school, I dyed my hair a burgundy red, just because I loved Hayley from Paramore THAT much haha.
5) I have three younger brothers, and I'm the oldest and only girl -- which makes it kinna annoying cause my dad is always so protective of me. sigh, yea im a daddy's little girl.
6) I was in AP Studio Art in high school for two years started in junior year.  Which is a great passion of mine -- I loove art, I love drawing though more than painting :).
7) My first year of college I was one of the models for a fashion show the theme of empowerment for women..they did a craazy hair-do on me where my head felt like it weighed 10 lbs. (yea i exaggerate) but they teased it so much I looked wild and crazy. Took me ONE HOUR to detangle all the knots in the shower.
8) One time in freshmen year of high school I found out I was in the top 10 friends on the John Tucker Must Die myspace page..I thought that was SO cool lol.
9)  I loooove nutella SO much, whenever I pass by this one crepe place in SF, they have this HUGE jar of it..I always contemplate if I should grab it really fast and run away with it. Then..I think again that would be weird running through BART with a big jar of nutella :P.
10) When I was a little girl, I practically dressed up as ALL the Disney princesses, I was even Megara from Hercules..is she a princess?  Well, I thought she was lol.
Hope you all will have an aamazing weekend!!  TGIF! And keep inspiring beautifuls, am now going to browse for some fashion eye candy from your lovely blogs :).

<3, Kathleen.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break: girl-time.

Hi Lovelies!! So this will be an informal post, just sharing with you a bunch of photos I gathered from this week so far of my spring break :), but promise to owe you lovelies an outfit post soon :).
Army green LF parka cape coat, Brown Ralph Lauren blouse, Dark blue LF jeans, Black Urban Outfitters boots, White Thrifted Goodwill vinyl bag. (photo credit to Rose)

Spent the day out shopping at Santana Row in Fremont, CA (to also visit the new Free People!)
A polaroid with a best girlfriend Rose of Embers & Roses blog, loove hanging out with this girly
(ps. note to self: going to make it a point to take polaroids more on outings!)

Enjoyed a day showing Jamie of Blogredhead around Berkeley, looked at tops in Urban Outfitters
 So funny her umbrella was huuge compared to mine, sadly the weather that day was very rainy
She was soo sweet in-person & prettyyy! :)
Spent the day with my best middle/high school girlfriend Brenda (we go wayy back since 7th grade!) at SF Union Square
 Took pics in this pretty alleyway :).
Looked like a pretty postcard for Chanel :).
I caved in.  Bought the YSL lipstick, which is now one of my faavorite items in my makeup collection.  All I need now is a YSL arty ovale ring to complete my love for YSL <3.

Photobooth fun on her mac :), i missed herrr super much since she left me for UC Irvine haha, but it's okay, always happy when she visits the bay area again :). seriously one of my bestfriendsforevaaa. <3
Shopping, makeup, eating or actually pigging out, non-stop laughing, hugs, and photos galore, equals a perfect, relaxing, fuun, Spring Break filled with catching up w/ my best girlfriends (and new friends too!) ;).  So far the pics above sums up my spring break, which is a relaxing one awaayy from the craziness of what is called -- SCHOOL.  Just what I needed -- a nice break.
Aand to make things more exciting!  The Trendy Rose Spring photoshoot is happening this weekend!  And so happy to be the head stylist!  Something I really love doing and happy to be a part of :).  Can't wait to show you lovelies the finished Spring Lookbook, I will keep you updated forsure :).

And as for my outfits, I've been noticing I fell in love with parkas, military jackets, anoraks etc..I guess they're just so perfect for our gloomy rainy weather lately!  Don't worry loves, I'll switch into the pretty sheer soft light neutral colors soon once the sun comes out to play.  I CAN'T WAIT for some warm spring sun!! :)

Also, check out my recent interview with Smashion.com!  Check it out here! :) Thank you Smashion for the feature and the blogger love&support :).
Hope your weeks have been good so far lovelies!  And omgoodness, I can't waait to find the perfect item for my personal giveaway coming soon for you beautifuls!! :) Until then, enjoy a big bear hug from me I'm sending  through the blogosphere to you.  Have a happy Wednesday! :)

I will end this post on a tribute.  RIP to a marvelous and most talented beauty: "I’m a survivor – a living example of what people can go through and survive." - Elizabeth Taylor.

<3, Kathleen.
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PS. a perfect happy sunny day song for you to enjoy, caan't wait for some spring sun :). <3 the strokes.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Asymmetrical lengths.

Army green LF parka cape coat, White F21 lace shirt, Navy thrifted belt, Navy Sway asymmetrical skirt & chelsea boot high heels, Crossroads rings.

Hi Lovelies!!  Soo this weekend was very eventful -- shopping-wise!  Yesterday I visited the LF Store at Union St., SF.  And woww the last weekend of their sale was extra special because they had new reduced price-points!  I came out with 2 jackets, 2 cardigans, and 1 pair of the comfiest jeans I've ever owned.  I'm so excited to share with you my new beauties added to my closet :).  Their sale was so great, the jackets were only $32, cardigans $28, and jeans $28!!  Sorry for all the exclamation points, I'm just very happy and satisfied with what I bought from there, everything was definitely my kind of style :).  I know this is late, but I hope you all were able to go to their store! :)
Soo what I'm wearing here is one of my LF purchases -- an army green parka cape coat (loove it!).  I'm also wearing my two new purchases from Sway, an asymmetrical length skirt (been trying to find the perfect one for so long, finally did!), and chelsea boot high heels.
Soo another eventful thing happened yesterday!  I got to meet up with the beautiful Jamie of Blogredhead!  We went shopping in Berkeley despite the stormy weather, I took her to Buffalo Exchange, UO, and AA, since we went out pretty late and those were the only stores open haha.  We enjoyed yogurtland too. [pictures soon-to-come of our outing :)].  She's so sweet in-person, it's crazy how when you've been reading someone's blog and finally get to meet them in-person..it's like you instantly click!  If you ever get the chance to meet up with your readers or fellow bloggers, definitely do-so! :)  It's refreshing to meet bloggers "offline" haha, as I really hope to meet each of you one day..that is really on top of my big list of "to-do's" :).

I hope you lovelies had an amazing weekend!  And it's not raining or stormy where you are.  Wow and again I just want to say thank you so much for all your support and love on my blog.  Inspirafashion has almost 600 followers!  I'm meeting up with some of my best girlfriends next week, gonna do some shopping -- will be keeping an eye out for the perfect giveaway item for you beautifuls!! :) Until then, hope your week will be off to a great start!

PS. Would loove if you could click the heart on the look I recently submitted (http://t.co/CQgkgiE) to Shoeternity.com, an online fashion community for personal style by Bakers!  Also, be sure to register for an account there too (in order to click the heart & help me win free Bakers shoes), which you can win as well by submitting your own look! :)
<3, Kathleen.
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