Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh mr. sun sun, mr. golden sun.

Haha, so i never really show the outtakes a lot, but thought these shots were funny cause I was trying to make my hair blow in the wind more, apparently there wasn't a lot of wind to work with :p.
White H&M (thrifted from Buffalo Exchange) crochet vest, White chiffon floral blouse thrifted from Crossroads, Burgundy red Casper&Pearl floral headband, Blue Urban Outfitters jeggings, Brown Qupid wedges, Crossroads and Forever 21 rings.

You have noo idea how much I've missed the sun, and today I finally was able to get my long-awaited dose of vitamin D.  The blue-no-clouds-in-the-sky-nothing-but-sun kind of days are those that make me truly happy.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do love snuggling up warm in a blanket or oversized sweater on a rainy day with hot cocoa in hand, but just the sight of the bright sun brings me to a whole other level of happy :).  Yea, call me little miss sunshine :P.
The weather also predicts the kind of outfit I'd like to wear, and so with spring on it's way, why not wear my new accessory I just received in the mail this past weekend!  I recently won a giveaway from Casper&Pearl! They create hand-made beautiful items, and this floral headband they sent me is beyond beautiful.  The color alone is so lovely and delicate, a unique burgundy red for a floral headband.  This beauty will be on my head this whole spring season that's for sure :).  Thank youu for sending me this! :)  Also, in addition to wearing floral headbands, I caan't wait to bring out all my sheer chiffon flowy clothing for Spring as well! lovelove this weather :).
So onto the title of this blog post -- it's a happy song from Barney I listened to when I was a kid, and reminded me of how happy it made me when the sun was out.  Yeah, I was that little girl who used to watch Barney too!! And I'm not ashamed! lol :P

Anyways, also a vlog post is coming your way girls!  Aaand a giveaway!  I hope your weeks are going well so far!  I have super great news to tell you, once the item arrives at my door-step :).  Also, this past weekend was the Trendy Rose Spring Photoshoot!  The models were impeccable, the photographer aamazing, the makeup artist beautiful, and the producer/director rocked it.  I also styled every look!!  I can't wait for you lovelies to see the final product.  I'm aiming for it to be out soon, so definitely keep a look out for it! :)  For now, here is a sneak preview shot from the photoshoot!! :)
Model: Mingi Kang, Photographer: Rose Silvestre, Stylist: myself, Makeup: Talia Cendana

And again thank you so so much lovelies to all past and new followers, and for your sweetest comments, yea as corny as it sounds, I do smile inside when reading every one of them :).  Have an amazing week and always keep inspiring beautifuls!!! :)
PS. I'll leave you with another happy "sun" song :)..by my favorite band of course, She & Him.
<3, Kathleen.
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Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE the layering with those tops it beautiful. You are so happy and sunny :) I adore looking at your pictures. xx

I love this song xx

Emma said...

lol to the ones of you trying to get your hair to blow in the wind, the things we do for a good photo hey? love your lacey top with the layers and gorgeous hair wreath honey, so beautiful as always

The Fancy Teacup said...

You look so beautiful and fairy like, Kathleen! That's so cute you tried to achieve the wind-blown look...I will trade you my blustery winds for mild Cali breezes anytime! :)

P.S. She & Him is awesome.

much love.

minnja said...

Stunning outfit

Natalie Suarez said...

beautiful headband! you are so gorgeous! :)


Cintia said...

lovely photos! You look beautiful as always! I love your outfit, espacially your headband, it really suits you! I love She&Him, too! (:

kot-itsa said...

u look like the spring godess with that hairband!

Simone said...

very nice outfit :) I like your hair!


Candace Shiflet said...

wow LOVE that headband. Love. And the vest and the outfit. You, miss, are lovely as well :) super cute bloggy!

enter my GIVEAWAY ay-sap!♥

Jenny Ong said...

Loove She & Him! You rock those floral headbands so well, girl. I'm jealouss <3

Kristen Bombeck said...

Whoa whoa whoa, now let's get this straight. YOUR comment just made MY day! I seriously think you are amazingly gorgeous and so style-gifted. Seriously, I will buy some flares if you think they'll work. <3

Also, GORGEOUS post. Don't you just love a day full of sun. The weather has been so gloomy here in Salt Lake. It's sad.:(

Okay this is turning into a novel. Talk soon. <3

Oh and thanks for following my blog. You are a dear. I am now going to follow yours. xoxo

Roxy Heart said...

Beautiful photos!
Thanks for following me. I am now following you :)

Dree said...

That outfit paired with the headband is incredible. Such inspiration! Cannot wait for your vlog post!

Amy Jane said...

What an amazing outfit! I'm totally in love with the headband. I'm so happy that I found your blog!!

Sarah said...

I want that headband! love the song too :)

sarah x

Erika said...

Wow, such a gorgeous spring outfit! And these photos are so lovely. I adore the floral headband, it's too perfect! You are looking absolutely stunning as always.

Catherine said...

Such a beautiful romantic look, wow! Once again, you did it = perfect outfit. xxx

Julie Iliana said...

these photos of you are CUTE! I love the one of your back facing the camera :) definitely reminds me of those tumblr pictures I get inspired from so much. can't wait to see the rest of the photo shoot you had! :)


It-Blogirls said...

you look great
lovely outfit and pictures!

Unknown said...

LOVe your headgeaaar <3 and thanks for the happy song! i have neverheard of'em before ^.^

Cara said...

Lovely photos! Especially love the ones of you sitting in the field. That is a beautiful headpiece and I love how you paired up the blouse with the vest-you look gorgeous!
Thank you for the uplifting song too...love She & Him!
xo Cara

Erin said...

love the outfit, the hairband really suits you x

Alyssa said...

very cute! gorgeous pics!


Unknown said...

love the flower wreath!
and these photos are lovely!

Tonya said...

Gorgeous background! I love the boho feel to them. You look so pretty, and Im in loveee with your top!!


HeartNhandmade said...

I love this outfit!!! Its simple yet so stylish!! No one ever sees the hard work you put into making this blog amazing, but i want to say that your doing such an amazing job, the pictures are beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the headband and blouse!
You look gorgeous, Kathleen :)
Also, about our meet-up, can we reschedule it to Sunday, the 17th instead? Something actually came up for the weekend that we were supposed to meet up ): Let me knoww! ps. sorry for the change again! :p

xx natalie

Roxy Heart said...

I gave you an award! Check it out!

bridget anne said...

Just discovered your blog and I'm totally swooning! I'm so happy to be following you now, and hope that you'll stop by mine too if you please -- I think you'd enjoy. Cheers & sweet hellos to you!

It-Blogirls said...

Thank you so much for saying all those nice things, you can't imagine how much it means to us comming from you, you have an amazing style

Gloria Zaytsev said...

Came across your lovely blog,
& I love it!
I'm a follower!
Adorable outfit.
Love everything about it!
& lovely pictures as well.


Ramona said...

That headband looks so amazing on You,just perfect! I so love that vest and You look so pretty.
Sun light does change my outfits as well. I love sunny days.

xoxo Ra

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

kathleen, you are so pretty girl! these photos make me smile and think of warm beautiful cali and how i miss home right now! 4th and 5th row of outfit photos from the bottom = my super fave! so artistic

the headband is perfect : )

Kileen said...

these pictures are so gorgeous and i'm loving how you added the headband! i can't wait until we have sunny days again. :)

cute & little

Unknown said...

very stunning. I love your headband. This outfit of yours gave me an idea on matching brown boots with folded jeans


Kara Endres said...

Barney!! that takes me back..
The headband is absolutely gorgeous, such a great and flattering color. I really like this look, especially your vest & top. All of these photos are so pretty (and the outtakes are too funny! Don't you hate when the wind just isn't working for you?)


Unknown said...

super love this post.im fallin love with your headband dear,

Jessica said...

Your style is so amazing.

P.S. We are having a giveaway on our blog to celebrate its first birthday. Would love for our to enter.


i really love this headpiece!

beryl said...

i love this she & him song! that headpiece is sooooo pretty and i love your layering of the white tops :)


S and O said...

I love the rose headband!
Looks like your really enjoy the sunshine :D

Love that sun ;)

Amanda said...

I love this outfit! The head wreath looks absolutely gorgeous on you and I'm so in love with your shoes.


Beverley said...

OMG i LOVE these photos, especially the one of you sitting on the grass, the sunlight is unreal! not to mention your outfit is adorable, obsessed with your rose head piece. <3

alex said...

your pictures are so pretty! you are pretty!

Unknown said...

lovely spring outfit and great scenery in the background! i miss sf!

take care, aimee

Isabel Hendrix said...

You always look so lovely, and clean.. I love your style so much! eep. And you are so beautiful..

ok. Now that I professed my love for you.. haha. This look is one of my favorites so far.. The white tops look amazing together!!


Marella said...

Amazing outfit!

Rochelle O. said...

beautiful! your headband looks stunning on you :)

- your new follower here!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

gorgeous, inspiring and ever so dreamy...I am obsessed with floral head wear its all I want to wear and cant stop myself...these images are truly beautiful and you look a bit like Daisy Lowe

GretchTM said...

Great outfit! You look so lovely in these pictures. I love your blog. I'm now following. :)

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky you have that headband! It's so cute on you!! Strangely, summer suits you, as does winter - your style transitions from winter to summer very well. I don't know if the sneakpeek photo from the Trendy Rose shoot is working - it's like.. a blank box whenever I refresh the page. But no worries. I'm sure the shoot was amazing, and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!

xo Sherrie

Coralie said...

GOSH I love the headband, the blouse and the vest, that's so romantic !


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Coralie said...

Thanks for your comment, and for following, I'm already following you ;)


www.coralieslooks.com - FRENCH FASHION BLOG

Kaleido Mind said...

very pretty--love the flowers;D!!

Rohini said...

Love the boots! Fab photos. :)

Haute-fly said...

Gorgeous style shoots and blog!

I;m now following. please feel free to have a little look at my blog.
Thank you,