Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashionable events galore.

Hi Lovelies!  So this will be different from my usual posts, just wanted to share with you two fashion events I had the pleasure of attending this week!  Enjoy all the photos along with my ramblings <3.
3/01/11 - Fashion Feud 2011 Round Three @ Rickshaw Stop, SF
Enjoyed attending the Fashion Feud Round Three, a kind of live project runway event.  Loved attending it with the lovely fellow fashion blogger, Theresa Rose of
They had a few vendors there as well, with beautiful clothes, lots of sunglasses, and even free makeovers!
Loved how the boyfriend came along with me, made him wear his Ralph Lauren shirt, so we were both wearing Ralph Lauren that night <3.
Theresa Rose also brought her fiance, they're so cute :), and my boyfriend wasn't the only guy there haha.
The two designers:  Sally Marie Hahn and Lori Dawn created gorgeous and fierce outfits with Mood Fabrics (an orange/white polka dot fabric along with a black opaque fabric).  I loved the one with the hood! -- created by Sally Marie, and was the winning outfit of the night!
An exciting thing happened too!  Jeff, my bf, won me a $300 gift certificate to a high-end salon in SF, called Edo Salon!  He had to play a Scion driving game and be in 1st place, turned out he was in 2nd and 4th too lol.
Theresa Rose was so pretty in her outfit, I loved how she layered her skirt with a cardi and scarf along with the cutest oxford heels :).
Brown Ralph Lauren blouse, Black thrifted sheer pleated maxi skirt, Brown high heel clogs, Navy thrifted belt.
Finally got to wear out my newest thrift find!  A pleated sheer maxi skirt, I decided to cut the black skirt underneath to make it short -- was so happy with the result! :)  They also stuck a press sticker on me, was walking around with a huge camera lol.
3/03/11 - Neiman Marcus Fashion Rules Party @ Union Square, SF
Loved going out to the city with my stylish girlfriends, Kaylie and Mia, both also from UCB.  They were super excited to go to the event, and they looked so lovely too!  Thanks girlies for coming with me :).
We only attended the Spring Trends Fashion Show they had, but there were an array of other events happening in the department store.  These were a few detail shots of the outfits I looved.  On the left, there was a white/black coat with ruffle details.  In the middle, a beyond gorgeous red/pink gown, the fabric was amazing.  On the right, a cool and chic outfit with a motorcycle jacket and a cute ruffle dress underneath.
The girl we asked to take our picture, went the extra mile and knelt down like a professional photographer to take our pic from bottom-up.  Loved how she was so nice enough to do that!! :)
Purple Urban Outfitters chiffon cardi, Black thrifted hat, Black H&M floral denim skirt, Tan suede Forever 21 wedges.
(I'll ask my chic girlfriends where their lovely pieces were from and will place it here.) :)

Hope you girls liked the photos from the two events I attended just this past week!  I definitely recommend to attend any fashion event that is in your city.  One phrase important here: GOOGLE IT :p.  Or go by word of mouth, you're bound to find one fashion event in your area.  
I'm in the process of also owing you lovelies an outfit post, coming tomorrow!  Thank you soo much again for all your support and love on my blog, I seriously am always in day can we all please meet in person? :)
I'll be sharing some exciting news about my blog tomorrow as well!!  Hope your weeks went well! And hope you all have an aamazing weekend, TGIF BEAUTIFULS! <3

<3, Kathleen.
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Diane said...

Wow that's such an awesome thrift find! I've been looking for a long skirt too. And what you did with it was really creative. Also, I didn't realize there were so many fashion-y events happening in the bay, I think I need to start paying more attention...

MeganRose. said...

awh, how exciting for you kathleen!! those events looked fun and i looove your looks, esp the first! you look lovely and i know now why you're looking for a haircut! that's sooo awesome, i could really use a $300 gc to a salon! btw, i think you should get that look you tweeted!!

have a great weekend sweetie!


Julie Iliana said...

oh kathleen, you really find the most amazing things in thrifts :) that is a beautiful skirt! you wear it sooo well! and glad you had fun! the pictures are fantastic and you gave me a great idea! I should search for fashion events around here :)


Unknown said...

this is ssoooo fun kathleen! what cool events :) totally wish I could have gone! I LOVE that skirt, your outfits are so quirkycute! love the mixed florals, and so many different textures :) love your friend's red chain strap bag too! ADORE that white and black coat. so so much. I totally want to meet Theresa, she's adoooorable! hope you have a lovely weekend girl, can't wait to chat!


Jasmin said...

your outfit is gorgeous, that skirt is a brilliant find. very jealous! xxx

Catherine said...

love the first outfit so much. wow <3 the skirt is amazing xxx

pancakeSTACKER said...

Girl! You look so cute in both of those outfits! Looks like both events were fun :) I ALMOST went to Fashion Feud, but decided against it once the rain hit. Next time, we are going to meet up at one of these bay area events!! I think the sun is coming out soon, so we can finally have that picnic. Mochi balls will definitely be on the menu. Have a wonderful weekend, love!


Dylana Suarez said...

Looks like so much fun!


Anonymous said...

I love your first outfit!
You look great as usual, Kathleen!
And it must have been so exciting
attending those events!
And answering your inquiry from before, I would love to meet up with you sometime! I haven't had a blogger meet up yet and seeing all these fellow bloggers meeting up makes me wanna meet up with a fellow blogger as well! hahah :P
I am usually busy during the week with school and such but Sundays would be my free days since those are generally my homework days. haha

xx natalie

Kileen said...

i love your pleated chiffon skirt that you wore to the Fashion Feud. you bf looks great in his Ralf Lauren too!

these fashion events look like so much fun.

cute and little

james said...

you look amazing babe! i'd totally go to a SF event! i think its so cool your guy went with you :) i will definitely be Googling for events and what-not. it never occurred to me to do so =P It looks like you all had a grand time! muah!

Unknown said...

hi kat!!

your skirt is such beautiful thrift store find!! if you're ever in LA... i totally could show you around!! you'll love It's A Wrap... they sell clothes from movies/tv shows. and the tag always tells you where the garment is from. I bought a vintage romper from Eat Pray Love and a really pretty elie tahari sheer blouse.... SOOO much good stuff! had to tell myself to leave! lol!

take care!! have an amazing weekend! :)

- aimee

Promise said...

I love t hat sheer skirt on you it looks amazing...x

Freya said...

The black and white ruffled coat was the best piece ever beyond word describable!
But that dress was waaay stunning too, loved both of your outfits!
Especially love what you did with the sheer maxi skirt - amazing!


Jacquelyn said...

Those events looked so fun! Love your maxi skirt :) It was so sweet of your bf to go with you!


Anonymous said...

great photos!

K A T H L E E N said...

looks like lots of fun! u look amazing, love that sheer skirt

el club de las manualidades said...

wow Katheleen! you look amazing! great outfit! :D

dejoiss said...

Wow! You're so tall! How I wish I can be the one, haha. :)

dejoiss ♥

Unknown said...

You look so beautiful. Love the skirt and the shoes :)

The Fancy Teacup said...

Those two fashion events looked like so much fun! Glad you had a blast, and that the BF could come and win you something :) I adore the outfit with the maxi skirt and RL blouse, very elegant and well put together.
much love.

Katherine said...

You look great at these events! And way to keep an eye out for that skirt-- Looks just as good if not better than those sheer ones that cost a bunch on Nasty Gal!
La Petite Marmoset

Rose said...

love the outfits, especially the maxi skirt!

Rebecca Maureen said...

I just love behind the scenes photos, I can feel the bustle! And that sheer skirt you have on will now be in my dreams!

Anonymous said...

You're looking great !

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I just found your blog and I really like it; love your style.
This is me
Please visit and follow if you like my blog and I will follow you back.
I wish you a sweet day. Kisses

Laura said...

the sheer maxi shirt is AMAZING. love it.


Anonymous said...

These look so fun, girl!! And I see you're wearing that skirt you bought - I love it! Next time, I'm going, for sure. I love hanging out with you <3

xo Sherrie

P.S. So sweet that your boyfriend came along! You two are adorable!

Fashion Fabrice said...

Hi there darling:)
You look gorgeous! Love the skirt!!
We're hosting a giveaway on our blog by the way:)
Come & take a chance:)


Have a FABULOUS day!

beryl said...

wait im kinda obsessed with both of these outfits. they are actually perfect! you look so pretty and i am obsessed with your hair. love your bangs!


Catita said...

great maxiskirt!

The Style Rawr said...

We adorrrrrrre your Ralph Lauren blouse!! Congrats on winning the awesome gift certificate too :D We love your style <3

T & J


katou said...

Love your maxi skirt and the pictures are perfect , you have an amazing style :)

Rachella - said...

You look so gorgeous. Love the sheer maxi skirt!

Rachella - said...

ps and please join my giveaway!

Anonymous said...

amazing blog!love your style!

xx said...

the zebra looking top is so pretty! xx

vintage chanel giveaway if you are interested:

Gertrude said...

You look gorgeous! Must have been a lot of fun to attend these events! x

Tonya said...

I love the sheer maxi skirt! THe entire outfit looks great, especially with the blue belt. I love wearing black and blue together.
Thanks so much for adding me to your side bar! :)
I'm so thrilled!

casper+pearl said...

hey sweety. you won my giveaway, im not sure if youve checked your emails, but i need your address so I can send them over :)

Mystery Bruises said...

you girls have awesome style!
looked like alot of fun!

Noortje said...

great pictures girl! looks like u had a lot of funn <3

Rachel Carina said...

looks like so much fun! i love both your outfits!!

lindsey lowe said...

love your skirt... so cute.

Styl'yn said...

Love the long skirt it was very pretty and flow... most of all I love all your outfits because you are just soo awesome!! hahah and I wish I could go to a fashion event like that because it seemed like you had alot of fun!! well keep living the life of fashion..I'll catch up with you next time

xoxo asiahlynn

Collections said...

LOVE the sheer maxi skirt.

Sherrie Cola said...

Lovely pictures and I absolutely love your hair..don't dye it or anything! Maybe just have a really good treatment for it or something so it stays super healthy looking and if you can perhaps buy some really good shampoo and conditioner with the rest?

Anonymous said...

AWWW you and your boyfriend are so adorable together! Perfect pair :):)