Saturday, December 3, 2011


Neon pink Zara knit sweater, Black thrifted belt, Gold H&M accessories, Yellow c/o JewelMint friendship bracelets, Tan Steve Madden Grettta heels.

Whenever I see a pink highlighter, I think of my Zara neon pink sweater.  In particular, I don't own any bright colored pieces, so just had to add this to my closet -- trying to fight off this gloomy weather with neon brights.  I love how it's slouchy and laidback, but decided to add shape to it with a belt.  Cute candy colors are what reminded me of the JewelMint friendship bracelets -- rightfully so, they are super sweet to give to your Besties ;).  I'm planning on sending two of them off to my best friends.

Which brings me to an exciting part of this post, JewelMint is having a fun contest called "Thankful4You"
To enter: submit a picture of you and your best friend wearing your own or JewelMint's friendship bracelets in two image files either: one picture with you and your best friend together OR two images of you and your bestie separately in one file (I'll show you an example below of mine) :).  
You can win a free trip to LA to star in a JewelMint photoshoot! Contest runs until 12/31.  Enter HERE.

Also!  Soo very excited to let you know that JewelMint is offering Inspirafashion readers an exclusive promo code!  50% off your first purchase!!  Enter "Fashion50" at checkout, to access use this link:
P.S. Wanted to share that a photoshoot I recently was a head stylist for made it to the front cover of BARE Magazine!  If you're in Berkeley area tonight would loove to see you at the BARE issue 10 launch party!  8-11pm at Beta Lounge on Durant Ave.
Last but not least, am happy to share with you my JewelMint Thankful4You entry:
Pretending her leg was broken to get out of P.E. and going along with it, singing karaoke til our voices hurt, helping her hang ornaments on a blank Christmas tree, unexpectedly creating our hybrid alias name Kathenda and becoming sisters for life..are just a glimpse of what makes me thankful for my best friend.
Brenda has been one of my best friends since middle school.  Even though being apart in distance in college (her at UC Irvine and me at UC Berkeley), we still managed to keep in touch through not social networking or email sites, but out of all things MAIL. Our friendship makes our way and travels through California: letters, tote bags, and now friendship bracelets.  

Even until we're old wrinkly grannies laughing at each other, I know I can count on her for anything.  Kathenda sisters for life.
♥, Kathleen.
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maggie said...

That is so cute! I should get the friendship bracelets, so I can give one to my best friend/wife ♥ it's great to see your friendship is so strong!
Also, love the pink of your sweater.

xx maggie

David Diaz said...

Love the combination of the bright sweater and the grey shoes.... Very Creative!

Have a Good Day!


Yasmeen said...

Awwwww. That's so sweet :D It's actually my best friends birthday today so I'm about to go be sappy with her :P Haha

And I love the belted look. It's the only way to give big slouchy sweaters any shape.

Castle Fashion

Foxinflora said...

You really rock this neon pink color!!

mestizay said...

Lovely outfit!the neon pink is irresistible! You and youe bestfriend is so cute! You guys have a precious relationship.:D

Anonymous said...

so bright!! You loud ravishing :) And yay for best friends!!


Liana said...

that sweater is gorgeous, the color is so bright and looks amazing on you :)
Crystal Hearts Vintage

~Jeimy~ said...

I love this look the pink in stunning against the beautiful neatrals



Run With Fashion said...

Wow, that's bright pink!
But I love how the brown calms down the brightness of the pink to the viewers eye :)
The belt helps too :)
Loove your bag and shoes :)

Awww, love how you spoke of your best friend or sister :)
Love the pic of you guys :)


Unknown said...

Love love your outfit! That is such a cute Chanel.

MeganRose. said...

how sweet are the pics of you and your bf! and of course the outfit, love the sweater! still want it but they never made it in other colors for others not so brave, like myself ;) plus it's sold out, i'm sure. i'm sure i'm chromophobic. anyway, hope you're enjoying shop-til-you-drop season, seems like you are so far ;) oh, love your a wang knit from the last few posts too btw!! okay have a good one girl!

rachel s said...

that's such a gorgeous knit! love it, and i really appreciate the shout out you gave to your best friend... you're lucky to have her! x

Chyrel Gomez said...

I can't disagree! It reminds me of stabilo's highlighter. :)

Lovely shoes and sweater, Kathleen. <3

India said...

you look amazing!

Alviana Kalin said...

this look is perfect chic!


A girl named Nydia said...

Such a pretty sweater, the color is very bright and pretty! The bracelets are lovely as well!

Thank you for following my blog**



Shevah said...

i love how you look in such a bright color :)) and you and your friend are so cute. having a great best friend is wonderful. hope you're doing awesome, love !

"coy" colleen said...

seriously loving that hot pink! bright colors look even better in the winter
i love jewel mint, thanks for sharing the code!

Katie said...

loove that gold cuff with the hot pink sweater!

Katie x

Dorothy Explora said...

j'adore! ;D


Jessica said...

That color looks so pretty on you. Love this outfit!!!!

Kristin said...

i love the color of the sweater ; it looks gorgeous on you <3

Lucija said...

I am in love with your blog, particularly with the photos. Amazing!! + you are lovely!!
Follow each other? :))


yamilla said...

realy cute! that swaeter is awesome! you styled it perfectly with that beautiful bag!!


Davina said...

these shoes are amazing! love them :)
I Shop, Therefore I Am

Shera said...

I look for this sweater in this size XS/S or M/L. please announce, if him someone liked to sell to me :(