Friday, July 15, 2011

City of Angels Day 2

Day #2 of my LA trip.  I visited a total of 4 places in just one-day, so was very excited and thrilled to get to see so much of LA in one day.  I hung out with blogger Deanna of A California Dreamer and she was super sweet to show me around her turf ;p.  Started off the day with some deelicious brunch at Blu Jam Cafe.  Warning: the french toast photo will make you very very hungry. :)
The cafe was on Melrose, so walked around the area to different shops, including Wasteland, Slow Vintage, Crossroads, and Urban Outfitters.  LOVED thrifting there, wish I could take Melrose with me ;p.
Afterwards, drove to Venice beach!  And I must tell you, I was SOO happy to see the beautiful beach and blue skies.  I rarely get to see these kind of beaches in the bay area, so it was a veryy nice change.
The beach houses were to-die-for.  One day, I will own one..and everyday will look out my bedroom window to beautiful beach scenery :).
Walked along Venice beach and visited diff little shops..and doing what bloggers do best, brought out our big DSLRs to take photos :).
After hanging out with Deanna, met up again w/ my roomie and her bf, for reservations at a cute gourmet french restaurant, Comme Ca in west hollywood.
Later that night, we visited the CityWalk at Universal Studios, def really cool to see at night with all the lights. 
Whew, and thaat was my entire Day 2 at LA.  Definitely had a fun time visiting all these places with great company, thx so much Deanna for showing me around!  And once again thx to my roomie for bringing me everyywhere.  This makes me miss LA, we will meet again city of angels.

Thank you so much again beautifuls for all the support on my blog, it really means a lot to have you all as aamazing inspirational readers.  Hope you had a lovely week and TGIF!! I'm going to attend on Friday the F3 art, fashion, and craftsmanship event at Oakland Cotton Mill! w/ other bay area bloggers.  
PS. Next LA trip post will be on my first LA blogger meet-up :).
♥, Kathleen.
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Unknown said...

Looks utterly amazing, I bet you had a great time. Rather jealous I must say, I've always wanted to go to LA!

ps. I adore the white lace dress :)

Unknown said...

Aww I heart LA...LOVE Wasteland! Cute pix!

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Anisa Young said...

awww I miss LA already, lets go back together? ;) there is just way too much to do there! I'm incredibly jealous! But looks like you and Deanna had an amazing time! too cute! The food looks ridiculously good yum!


Virginia Ibarra said...

awesome! you cant forget to visit the Malibu beaches and santa monica and if you can afford it Disneyland! Also recommend visiting studio city (the Ventura strip: awesome restaurant and people!) of course, its all more in the valley, but i love the valley! so chill and amazing. have a great stay in LA!


This Charming Style said...

Wow, these photos are amazing, it looks SO great out there! I am jealous but still glad that you had a wonderful day :D x

Vera said...

omg gorgeous photos! looks absolutely amazing hey! xx

The Annette Vogue said...

aww<3 i love LA!!

Unknown said...

You look adorable and so do your friends. LA is so fun to visit and I loved looking at all the pics. That is really nice Deanna showed you around and I just went to Venice beach a couple months ago. It's so cool and perfect for people watching :)


Shevah said...

I bet you had so much fun! I would love to go to L.A. or California in general. I know I would love it. Florida is kind of like Cali but just Cali just seems so much more exciting. AND You look gorgeous in all these photos of course :)

et après nous said...

Looks like you're enjoying your trip to LA ! Love your white lace dress !

Jessss said...

I really appreciate your sweet comments and think you're amazing for responding to every follower. (thats a lot of work!) Looks like you did all the good stuff when you were down here. I love people watching in Venice, such a fun place! xo

Katie said...

are your shoes from topshop? i have ones very similar <3

Fantastic photos as always! that french toast is to die for (oo, now i cant wait for brunch tomorrow), & the beach weather looks gorgeous. Also, cool photo with you guys both taking a pic! argh, i reaaaaaally want a DSLR!!

I can't waaaait to visit east coast US next summer!!

Much love!

Katie x

herecomesthesun said...

Looks like so much fun! Those palm trees are incredible.

It-Blogirls said...

such beautiful pictures

Nettie S. said...

Oh wow! The place looks amazing! <3

ahoymichelle said...

When I went to LA, it was nothing like this. I wish I had more time on my hands to go take a real trip there!

Unknown said...

your so welcome kathleen! i had a great time! the pictures you took look AMAZING!
can't wait to see you again when school starts!

Precious Henshaw said...

Gorgeous pics, looks like an amazing time!


oomph. said...

LOVE those beach houses!! sounds like you had good times and great food!


diana said...

i'm so happy you liked LA! i should give blu jam another try & get there french toast! looks BOMBBBB!!!
xoxo Diana

MannequinSF said...

All of the pics from LA are making me wanna take a trip down there ASAP! So neat, fun and colorful XXOO

Forms of Art said...

girl that feather necklace you own is like the most awesome necklace ! I want one so bad!
I just created it. I will be posting art, music, and a book I am working on! I hope you like it!