Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mulberry and Harper's BAZAAR: English Mulberry Wonderland #MulberrySF Event

Last week I attended Mulberry and Harper's BAZAAR event, and had a sneakpeek into their English Mulberry Wonderland installation on the third floor of their SF Mulberry store.  I was floored by how much amazing and creative thought they put into the installation, it was like we found a secret garden.  The intricate details of the autumn trees and leaves and the green hedge (resembling so much of the London-esque scenery and vibe) really stole the show, and in the best way possible.  Scattered about too were cute little photobooths where of course we took so many photos at, a fun one even included a "tea for two" background set.  Also, from this event recap, you'll spy a few lovely familiar faces, Chanda, Kate, and Lindsey.  And including of course, the cutest of all, Biggie Griffon himself. :) The event was so successful and was such a great experience, now if only I was able to catch a british accent too..then the stars would definitely align.