Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to The "Natalie" Dress: Disco Pony Giveaway!!

When I was first in contact with Zoey, super awe inspiring fashion designer and blogger, I first took notice of her amazing style -- but then to see her beyond beautiful designs come to life with her collection, Disco Pony, I was blown away.  Time passed and last summer she asked me to style in a post her gorgeous glittery number, the "Natalie" Dress, which was rightfully named after Natalie from Natalie Off Duty for her stunning beauty :).

I'm so very happy to celebrate the 1st birthday of the "Natalie" Dress!!  ..and more so, to share the festivities with you lovelies as well!  I'm teaming up with Disco Pony for this super exciting giveaway for Inspirafashion readers, get ready! ....

Two winners will receive two separate Disco Pony pieces!!
One winner will receive a custom-made Disco Pony "Natalie" Dress! Another winner will receive a custom-made jumper version!

Follow these 3 simple steps to enter:

1) Leave a comment below with your most CREATIVE response on why you should win either of these amazing pieces!  Come up with intriguing and fun answers! ;)
Leave your contact info.
In addition, state your desired size (S, M, L).

2) Be a follower of Inspirafashion on GFC.

Extra entries:
- Follow Disco Pony Blog on GFC (+1 entry)
- Follow me on Twitter, @Kathleencarla (+1 entry)
- Tweet about this giveaway with "Entered @MakeShiftModel1 Giveaway to win #DiscoPony Natalie Dress/Jumper on @Kathleencarla's blog!  Enter to win too! " (+1 entry)

This giveaway will run until April 26th, Thursday.  The two winners will be announced that week on my facebook and twitter, as well as on the Disco Pony Blog!

Thank you so much again for all your amazing support lovelies here on Inspirafashion!  Good luck, and keep inspiring Beautifuls!

♥, Kathleen.
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Queen of Hearts said...

A girl named Nydia said...

Oh Kathleen, you don't have any idea how much I love that dress, and you styled it so beautifully! I never participated on a giveaway, I’m a rookie sooo WISH me luck haha

PS: Just in case I’m a Medium and my email is: haha



Danielle V. said...

GFC and Facebook: Danielle Villano

Size: Small? Don't know the measurements... my dress size is usually a 4.

Why I should own a Disco Pony piece (in the letters of the alphabet):

Adoring, Bright, Creative Danielle Eagerly Fancies Golden - Hued Items, Justifying Kooky Little Memos Needing Orderly Presentation. Quintessentially, Receiving Said Treats Understandingly Vows Wild X-travagant Yelping Zealousness!

So in other words, I'd be really excited to own a Disco Pony piece! ;-)


Danielle V. said...

I follow the Disco Pony Blog via GFC! :)


Danielle V. said...

I happily follow you on Twitter as @daniellevillano! Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

love this :)

Mia said...

this dress is amazing. and it needs to be represented in finland as well! which is why i should win it ;)

email : mialavanti [at] gmail [dot] com

dress size is s.

gemay said...

I love the dress and would love it as a romper too! I just moved back to Montana so would looove to roam around town and go out for the night in one of these pieces :) So fun and so unique and special. You look stunning and hopefully if I won I could follow in your footsteps. I tweeted and am following you on Twitter @Morgangemay and follow Inspirafashion on GFC - and think I follow Disco Pony too... not sure! Please pick me :)

Judecen Ivy Torres said...
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The Beatniq said...

I absolutely love all of Zoey's pieces. I love sparkly things, kind of like a crow, and I would hold either one of them up on a pedestal as being better than any other piece I own. They might even be framed and hung on my wall.
And I'll take them in a M. :)

I followed you on GFC and Twitter. I already follow Disco Pony on Facebook and GFC. I'm also going to tweet about it. :)

Judecen Ivy Torres said...

I need to win that dress because my name is Ivy and I want to be like Natalie someday, so I figured I can be NATALIE just by wearing it literally haha!
2) followed :)
Followed you on twitter :) ivytorres18

Sfizi e Sfarzi Moda said...


nyúlja said...


First of all: as you will see under my answer, I'd do anything possible to win a Disco Pony dress. I fell in love with the Silver Surfer jacket almost a year ago, and that sequin love has never stopped since then! The reasons seperating me from my true disco-ponyness is strictly financial - you see? not so creative, I just give you the sad-sad truth -, but I spend a few minutes every day on the disco pony page, just to make sure, that my true pony is waiting for my somewhere far-far away... I know, it's a fact, that with a disco pony piece my life will be so much sparklier. And I can't wait for long now, because I had a pact, that I won't buy any sequin clothes from a store, I'm only gonna wear the real pony stuff! So, as all of this being said, here are all my efforts:

I did everything - already a follower of you all :D - also following DP on GFC, and you on Twitter, and I also tweeted about this. So I guess that's three more entries :]

My name is Eszter Karczag, a size M Pony-lover, on Twitter I go by the name Wardrobe Reports.

Jacquelyn said...

Following you on GFC
Liked Disco Pony on fb
Following you on twitter
Tweeted about the giveaway
Size S

I should win this because I wouldn't need the sun to shine anymore, I can shine in these sequins day and night! - Awesomeness :)


ahoymichelle said...

Entry: 1 (Liked Disco Pony on FB, follower of your blog via GFC)

Aside from it being the most stunning dress (and romper which I also ooh'd and aww'd at) that I've seen (in a long long while), I really love the cut of the back and how it has a very classy silhouette to it. My love for fashion thrives from the inspiration that I get from other fellow fashion designers. If I were to win either of the pieces, I'd wear it often! I love to show support to fellow fashion designers. The amount of labor that is put into design (concept development, ideation sketches, patterning/draping, construction, and fit analysis) is enough for me to appreciate the work that other designers do.

Like I said, I'd wear it often and what better way to show appreciation of another person's design than to do that?

Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

Stephanie Hjelmeseth said...

ugh seriously one of the prettiest sequin dresses i've ever seen! Love how you styled it with the boots :)

xo Stephanie

paintandstyle said...

oh my gosh im in love with this dress!! mmm i wish i could wear it for my bday and i will be turning 21 so yeah it would be perfect, or i could wear it when i go to ny! i would be so happy if i get to win i would wear it any random day and walk the streets of ny in this amazing dress!! (: i would seriously wear it day and night! with some black pumps! ahhh i want it!!! (: wish me luck!!!


Yasmeen said...

I'm following, of course, and I've liked the Disco Pony page :)

I would love to win one of these pieces because I never wear sequins. I know that sounds crazy to say since I'm entering this giveaway but I can explain! Haha. In the past few months I've been trying to step outside my dressing comfort zone. This is definitely not something I would normally wear but I'd love to see where it takes my wardrobe. Two things I do love about it are the silhouette and length. Owning a piece like this (or the jumper) would force me to be more creative with my outfits. I starting brainstorming about how I'd wear it and I made this polyvore set to better illustrate the idea. I hope you like it!

If I win, I wear S! :)

Thank you x a million.

Castle Fashion

Yasmeen said...

Also following Disco Pony on GFC :)


Yasmeen said...

And following you on Twitter :)

Castle Fashion

Yasmeen said...

And I tweeted here:!/Castle_Fashion/status/190204963312500736


Phyllz said...

The Dress is absolutely stunning, and iF I win one of the pieces, then it would be more amazing. Sequined dresses are shiny (and absolutely stunning as I've said before), and living in one of the hottest (well, always hot, with the sun always shining) city in the US, the sequins would make the dress shine (reflection of the sun?), and hopefully me too! haha! And well, especially for night outs, it would definitely stand out! <3
I'm a size S.
>name: Phyllis T.
>GFC name: Phyllz
>twitter name: phyllzhime
(followed you on twitter & GFC, and tweeted about the giveaway

sashamack said...

1) "People throw rocks at things that shine" wise words from Taylor Swift... hehe Being bigger, I was always scared to shine/stand out but I want to step out of my shell and I LOVE sequins in dresses, jumpers, on dogs, on babies.. everywhere!!! Size L
2) followed on GFC (
3) Liked under Minnie Selling

extras: followed on GFC (
followed on twitter (taminlu) & i tweeted too :)

Jessie said...

This is one of my favorite dresses of all time. I have talked to Zoe multiple times about ordering it but I always end up being broke. #poorpeopleproblems. I almost think I love the romper more than the dress- that is saying A LOT.

I am already a follower. Duh. Liked DP on Facebook.

Crossing my fingers and toes.

Jessie said...

Following Disco Pony via GFC.

Jessie said...

Following you on Twitter!

preppylove said...

I'm in law school and I have to say, this dress would please the court! (when you go in front of a judge, the first thing you say is "May it please the court") :)

And my size is S!

I'm a follower of InspiraFashion and I liked Disco Pony on FB!!

preppylove said...

I am following Disco Pony Blog!!

xoxo Kasey

preppylove said...

I follow you on Twitter!! @texaskasey

xoxo Kasey

Emily said...

Been following you on GFC for quite some time

Liked their facebook page & followed you on twitter



QandE said...

Reasons I deserve this dress/jumper...huh...or, I could tell you reasons why I don't deserve it.

1) I am not careful with my clothing. I plan on doing a lot of tunneling if I win. Underground, sea cave tunneling to harvest sea cucumbers and lost dreams.

2) I have thick knees. Not so much a problem for the jumper, but, you know...they're an acquired taste when revealed beneath a mini-dress. "Get over it," that's what my knees say to the world. "Get over it, I aid in the process of burrowing."

3) I don't have anything expensive enough to go with a dress of that magnitude. No velvet DVF belts, or nude pinata-esque Giambattista Valli's. I do own a pair of gifted tan JC wedges that I use to stand in puddles and are now "matured" and "have a charming patina to them" according to the geriatrics I teach hot yoga to.

4) I have sensitive eyes. Which you may think is irrelevant, but, I also do a fair amount of telemarking. And, much like the anti-gravity space hole tunneling I plan on doing in this dress (if I win, of course), I will be wearing it as I free that heel. Snow blindness would be a source of constant concern, I'm sure.


p.s. I did all the required entries and all of the extra entries as well: following DP, twitter following you, and tweeted

p.p.s. medium

Anna Sonata said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Vico @ rental mobil

fashion suicides said...

Please, please, let me win ! I fell in love with it the first time I saw it on Nathalie in the video!

If I win, I'll name my first born Disco Pony ! What about that ?

+ The 26th is my birthday ! You can check on my blog if you don't believe me !


fashion suicides said...

I'm following you on twitter too!


fashion suicides said...

+ I already follow Disco Pony (Make shift model) on GFC since 1 year or so !


fashion suicides said...

Forgot to say that my email is fashionsuicides @ and size M would be perrrrfect!

JennyEli said...

The golden sparkle that radiates attention, the fabric that calls to be touched, make it spin and you'll experience how innocent and provocative it makes you feel.....Yes it is a Disco Pony creation and I can't wait to show it off <3!

Best wishes,
Size M

2)Follower of Inspirafashion on GFC. Check!
3)Like Disco Pony on FB. Check!

DEMI said...

loveeeeeee your blog dear!
keep posting and go for it!!!


bednarz90 said...

Can't get enough of seeing this dress ALL OVER! How good would it be an over the top bow in your hair, red lip. lace bra showing out back, and chunky wedge!? eeep!

Size Small please :]
Erin Bednarz

tk said...

if glitter was appropriate for work, i would wear it everyday!


size S

tk said...

following you on GFC

tk said...

liked DP on FB

tk said...

followed DP on GFC

tk said...

following you on twitter @tkwan23

tk said...


Unknown said...

OH. MY. GOD. You look simply STUNNING!!! The dress=amazing, the shoes=amazing, and your hair-due= amazing. My mind is blown.


Remington said...

huge fan of your beautiful blog and lovely style. . Personally, I think this dress would make any girl sparkle and shine not only on the outside but the inside.
size: s

following disco pony blog on GFC
following you on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway! xx

Anonymous said...

a haiku for the disco pony piece ~

oh, how that dress glitters
and's love <3 did i say
my bday is close (;

(i'm a small)
i also followed disco pony on GFC ( and am following and tweeted (mnamkoong)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!
The Natalie looks stunning on you! I really love the color of your lipstick...elegant yet edgy.

I would absolutely DIE if I could win either of those fantabulisticly amazing pieces! And yes, I did just invent a new word. The words that already exist do not possess the power capable of extolling the beauties of the Natalie dress and jumper.

As I have already told Zoey, I will give up my older brothers for a Disco Pony piece. Are you willing to accept that trade? You could always use some helping hands right? ;)

Actually, if I were to win either of the Natalie pieces, I would lock myself away in a tall tower somewhere. Why you ask? Well, to be honest, some guys just aren't attracted to massive amounts of sequins and shiny amazingness. They think it's "over the top". *GASP* Well, to find my Prince Charming, someone who would APPRECIATE and LOVE the Natalie piece almost as much as me, I would hide in the tower dressed in the piece. Whenever someone would pass by the tower, I would stand in the light to show off that sparkly beauty in all its gorgeousness. I would know that the right person had come to save me if he was willing to shield his eyes from the blinding light and climb up the tower to find me :)

But since I might be waiting a long time in the tower, I would bring my best friend with me. We haven't seen each other in years so the time spent in the tower would be the perfect time to catch up! :)
I'm definitely going to tell her about this giveaway. If we both are *fingers crossed* lucky enough to be able to call these Natalie pieces ours, we could match and be total twinzies!!

Alright, I'm going to stop rambling now. I'm quite terribly sorry that you had to read my mini novel there. I hope my wordiness doesn't disqualify me from this giveaway!

I'm a follower of Inspirashion on GFC as A and a liker of Disco Pony on Facebook as Alice Lin.

I also am following the Disco Pony Blog on GFC and following you on Twitter as @theace_ofhearts.

Thank you once again for this amazing giveaway.
Best of luck to everyone who enters it!


I think I would be a size Medium....but that might not be true depending on how the sizing of Disco Pony pieces works. I'm quite willing to take an size available though! :D

laroyal said...

1. I'd love to win so I can sparkle like a star! size small
2. I follow of Inspirafashion on GFC as Laura R
3. I now Like Disco Pony on FB as Laura Royal
I followed Disco Pony Blog
shared the giveaway on twitter!/laroyal06/status/190636656234217474

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hy sweetie! love your blog! wanna follow each other?:X

s. said...

I would love to own one of these dresses because I've been obsessed since I discovered Disco Pony a while back! I want to be a sparkly disco pony because her style is fantastic. Fingers crossed, size small :)

siilentii27 at gmail dot com

Jocelyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jocelyn said...

Sequins and metallic, need I say anymore?
Got into Cal, gonna be poor.
Lusting at these pieces,
Just a glimpse - Oh Jesus!
They'll jazz up any outfit,
A size M will fit,
Sequins and metallic - they're sure to be a hit!

♥ Jocelyn

Btw: I followed Disco Pony Blog

Marite said...

This amazing dress would make me feel like a shining star or even sun - I always loved to watch the sunset and sunrise.
Size -S
Followed through GFC and liked in FB> :)

Btw just found your blog and amazed how wonderful are posts and construction. :)

(e-mail - :)

Siq said...

I would love to wear the dress while I go watching sunrise with my dear old dog. The colours would make magic~~ I just found the blog, love it ^^ I also think that this piece of gold would inspire me to make something by myself.
Size: Small

Cristine Arroyo said...

I would love to win this dress, because it looks amazing. The dress sparkles incredibly bright and it reminds of a big ball of energy which is the perfect emotion matching the dress that i think will go well with my personality.

Im a size smal.


i hope i win :)

L.T. said...

I really want to win this dress because I want to wow others while wearing this. I'm never the one to stand out from the crowd but this dress would make me sparkle like the sun and a be a disco ball at night. It'll make me happy and feel like the girl of the night. :)
Size Small
Already a follower of Inspirafashion on GFC
Liked Disco Pony on Facebook
Followed Disco Pony Blog on GFC
Following you on Twitter @leeanna_t

You can reach me at

eileendovr said...

I want to win this dress because a) I have yet to find/own the perfect sequiny-glittery dress & b) I want to be a disco pony!
already been following you on GFC for a while (:
already had liked Disco Pony on Facebook
size small

eileendovr said...

following Disco Pony on GFC

eileendovr said...

already following you on twitter

eileendovr said...

tweeted the giveaway:!/eileenjennifer/status/191921191571828736

Rory said...

I am a small and I'm the kind of girl who usually is too scared to take risks. I'm the one standing on the sideline, but wishing she was playing. I like to take the easy route: by that, I mean blending in. Wearing things that are stylish but not too out there even though I wish that I WAS out there. I want to be out there through my style. I want to be noticed in fashion. I'm just too scared to do anything about it :) With a piece as statement and out there as the jumper or dress....I feel like I'd finally be wearing what I want to wear and getting that attention. The jumper is so amazing! I'd love to have one of Disco Pony's pieces :)
Thank you SO SO SO MUCH KATHLEEN for another fab giveaway :)
I'm a size S or M not really sure?
GFC: Wear Abouts

Rory said...

I follow Zoey on GFC as Wear Abouts :)

Rory said...

I follow you on Twitter as @wearaboutsblog

Rory said...

AAAAND I tweeted!!! :)

Suzie Q said...

OMG, I LOVE this dress! I love anything sparkly, and this takes the cake! I followed and liked on FB =) I think I would have followed you anyway, I just found your blog actually and I love it! You've got a great style! I'm from the bay area too =) I would love to win this dress (this may not be most "creative" answer but it's my honest answer): I'm a newbie fashion blogger but also a cancer survivor (finished treatment just a little over a year ago). Now that I gained back my physical strength and my hair is growing back out, I am now able to embrace my femininity and the fashion world again. This sequined outfit is the most perfect dress that defines sexy, feminine, and chic. Something that would be great for me! Thanks for hosting! Btw, my size is a small =)

Suzie Q
Style Cue by Suzie Q
PS. If you're interested, check out my $50 Gift card GIVEAWAY!

erica marie said...

Love this dress! I need to win it because I'm the kind of girl that doesn't save sequins to wear only for New Years, I absolutely love everything that sparkles and shines. Besides my birthday is coming up! I think I would look completely fabulous in it and a girl deserves to feel like a million bucks on her birthday right?

Hope I win! Crossing my fingers!! I would need a Medium.
Following you on GFC, Liked Disco Pony on facebook

xo erica

erica marie said...

following you on twitter

erica marie said...

tweeted about the giveaway

erica marie said...

Following Disco Pony on GFC

Denisha said...

I need this dress so I can go rock out at a rave somewhere with this dress on plus no glow stick required lol
Size L

Jessie said...

I follow Disco Pony via GFC.

Anonymous said...

I adore sparkles
I'd rock this dress anywhere
True fashion lover

Thought I'd share this little haiku!
I also follow you on twitter!
I'd like a small, i think (i'm usually size six)

Michelle said...

This dress is fantastic and amazing. It looks incredible too. Thanks for sharing this with us. Keep sharing.

wholesale mens clothing

Whitney said...

1) i would wear this dress every day if I could!
2) been following ;)
3) liked

Extra entries:
- been following disco pony via GFC
- been following inspirafashion on twitter

Thanks for doing this amazing giveaway Kathleen :D

maymaylove said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maymaylove said...

All my life, I have always wandered aimlessly, just doing what everyone else wanted me to do and never having the courage to do what I really want to.

I have always loved art and fashion, but everyone always told me it a dead end or it wont get me a job that feeds me. Then ond day, I stumbled onto fashion and art blogs and it inspired me to pursue more for my life. Life is so much more than being ok, it's about exploring and discovering new things, doing what you love.

I realized that I need to be in control of my own life and start paving my own path. I recently took my first step towards a new path in appling to art and fashion school. I don't know if I will get in yet, but I hope I will. And when I do, I hope I can wear such an amazing dress and tell the world that it was people behind the blogs like inspirafashion, natalieoffduty, and makeshiftmodel/discopony that helped me realized my dreams.

PS I wear a size medium and can be contacted at

Anonymous said...

I'm a shy person and I would often just rely on clothing to speak for myself and my personality. Don't get me wrong, I don't think (I hope) I'm not boring, I just need that little confidence boost that would make me come out of my shell and be that crazy girl only a few people know about. Also, I've always been in hot pursuit for the best dress that would make me shine and by winning this contest, the Natalie dress would literally do just that!

Fingers crossed! xx
size: L

* I follow you on GFC and on Twitter :)

Nicole said...

really love this dress, followed all the steps



Jessie said...

I tweeted about it in my final attempt to win! Now I am crossing my fingers!

amanda said...

I completed all that is required!!

Not just a dress to me, it would be my "LBD", my go-to piece when I want everyone to know just how amazing I feel-Natalie can do that and much more.
A piece of art that every girl is hoping to have her very own, but I'd like to think no one more than me.
Tailored and crafted effortlessly so that each sequin sparkles and highlights the beauty of each individual wearing a Natalie piece.
Another trend, the Natalie dress is not, for me Natalie and fashion are synonmous and with that a timeless piece it will be.
Labeled after Zoey’s muse, Natalie Suarez, who exudes the energy of authenticity, and therefore there couldn’t have been a better person chosen.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as other brands strive for Disco Pony’s level of perfection from the flawless draping in the back to high quality of fabric.
Each Natalie dress is unique and different as no two are exactly the same – each with its’ own soul, each given life by Zoey, Disco Pony’s creator.


Amanda Nguyen

amanda said...

I also following disco pony on gfc!!!

Amanda Nguyen

naenae said...

if i am awarded this beaut, i will REPRESENT DISCO PONY in NIGERIA!! <3 IT!
if i am NOT awarded this dress, i will stalk DISCO PONY till i can buy one :D
Bathsheba O.

Gerrardz said...

You are perfecto!!

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Unknown said...

Wow... Beautiful & Classy!


Sharnie Hung said...