Monday, March 26, 2012

Pree Brulee x Inspirafashion $25 and Two $10 Gift Cards Giveaway!

From top left to right: 1, 234
Morning Beautifuls!  I have a special post for you all!  Pree Brulee is teaming up with Inspirafashion to give you a sweeet giveaway, and by sweet, I mean great-jewelry-candy sweets ;) for you to wear!  They're giving one lucky Inspirafashion reader a $25 gift card to get any piece you'd like on their online store!
In addition! They're giving 2 other lucky winners a chance to win a $10 gift card each! :)
I chose a few of my faavorite beautiful pieces seen above, all $25 or under ;).
What's great about PB jewelry is every piece from their collection is so gorgeous and unique.  Hope you all enjoy this fun giveaway!

All you have to do to win either a Pree Brulee $25 gift card OR a $10 gift card is the following:
1) Be a follower of my blog on GFC:

2)  'Like' Pree Brulee on Facebook and write on their wall that you've completed all the gift card giveaway steps on Inspirafashion's blog.

3) Leave one comment below with: a) Let me know what your favorite PB piece is!

b) Provide your contact info 
c) If you've done any of the extra entries below (just so I can make sure to count it) ;).

Extra entries:
- Follow Pree Brulee on Instagram, @PreeBrulee (+1 entry)
- Follow me on Twitter, @Kathleencarla (+1 entry)

- Tweet about this giveaway with " I just entered @PreeBrulee Giveaway to win $25 and $10 Gift Cards on @Kathleencarla's blog!  Enter to win too! " (+1 entry)

**Giveaway Closed!** Check back on Inspirafashion for more exciting giveaways! <3

♥, Kathleen.
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Been following you on Twitter for awhile. -@zanyside

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Following you for awhile now (GFC). Liked Pree Brulee on Facebook. I added a comment there too. I like the Champagne Couture Necklace. -Patricia Pedro

Angie | said...

Been a GFC follower: Angie
Like PB on FB: Angela C; commented on wall
Fave PB piece: Chic in Spikes Bracelet

Your twitter follower @pandaphilia

K A T H L E E N said...

Following!! great giveaway! so many pretty pieces!

bwmarie said...

My favorite PB piece are the Cinderella Earrings. LOVE all of their giveaways! Haven't won yet, but would love to.

bwmarie said...

I've been a fan of PB's Facebook page for awhile, and also follow them on Instagram.

Shanna P. said...

Following and tweeted @socodivka and did all the other steps. My fave is the Tribeca Mint Druzy Pendant Necklace or the Sea-foam Fairy Dust Earrings! Thanks! shanna "at"

Whitney said...

My favorite piece is the Persephone Necklace! Completed all the steps and I follow Pree Brulee on Instagram too! I can be reached at Thanks!

samantha.tedesco said...

I follow you via gfc: samantha.tedesco
FB: Samantha Tedesco
I love this:

extra entries:

I follow you on twitter: @samanthatedesco
I tweeted:!/samanthatedesco/status/184325825393467394

Tippany :) said...

a.) My favorite PB piece would be the blue bow ring :) its so aodrable and it's blue! which is my favorite color! :)
b.) email:
twitter: @tipunny
c.) - I follow you on twitter! :)
- I tweeted about the giveaway :)

Hope I win! I love this giveaway, so worth entering! :)

maymaylove said...

Fav piece is the blue satin ring and The romantic chalcedony earring.

Following you on twitter
And I tweeted!

mangogirlruth said...

In love with the Natural Agate Ring! Keep posting such great outfits :)I followed on GFC and liked PB on FB.

Denisha said...

I like the boheme bangle
I follow you on twitter
I tweeted the contest

maggie said...

Northern lights necklace and Yosemite's Old Faithful ring!
Maggie Pa [at]
Also following you on Twitter! (MPastaa)
xx maggie

Minty said...

GFC Name: Minty
-My favorite piece is definitely the Yosemite's Old Faithful ring, it is stunning!
-Following on twitter: @hautelacquer

Thank you!

Cristine Arroyo said...
Cristine arroyo

Anonymous said...

- fav piece is drzuy dangle earrings
- following on twitter (username: mnamkoong) and tweeted on the giveaway

indianbabe said...

Love the blue and green bracelet.

Tina B. said...
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Tina B. said...

1) I'm following you via gfc as

2) I Like Pree Brulee on FB & wrote
on wall: Tina Renee Barker

3) My current favorite piece is the
Ankara Bracelet!

treneebarker at hotmail dot com

4) I follow you on twitter @warp65

5) tweet:!/warp65/status/186529163220488192

Rory said...

my fave:

Thanks so much!

Erin said...

1. Following via GFC.
2. Commented on the Pree Brulee page.
3. a. I really like the Alhambra Palace Necklace.
b. Email: glycine.max at

Jess said...

you're so sweet, thank you so much :) and for the event - id love to but berkeley is an hour away! :( as is SF :( so too much driving for me, but thanks for the invite :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Completed the extra entry of following you on Twitter (@Ohtobeamuse)

email: cheryl(at)ohtobeamuse(dot)com

Fave PB piece: Fox ring

mirrormera92 said...

Just one! How am I supposed to do that!

I love the Eiffel tower above!

I am gaga over their pearl cluster necklace, it gorg!

And I am loving this cameo ring with a kind of burnished vibe they have up on the FB page!

There jewelry is to die, well not literally keel over and die, but just tots awesome.


I follow (mirrormera92)
and I like PB on FB!